ConnieHdshtSmallFile1One of the primary lies that organized religion (Christianity/Islam/Judaism) teaches is that God is a separate “being” (and they ridiculously insist it is a MALE being) that is completely and totally separate from what you are – that your fate is in “his” hands and at “his” mercy regarding your eternal soul, etc.

It shouldn’t be surprising that MEN came up with this false, threatening male image of God…what really IS surprising though, is that humanity to this very day has been so easily duped into believing the hate and fear based, bigoted “fairy tales” depicting God in the Bible and the Koran in such a false manner.
Spiritual Truth is the exact opposite: You are forever a part of what God is. You ARE the HANDS of GOD.

But see, this truth takes away all fear of God, which was seen as integral and absolutely necessary by the men “crafting up” the beginnings of Judaism, or later “crafting up” the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity, and who worked together closely with Kings and political powers that be…they came up with those fraudulent stories in order to control the masses with fear of Hell, etc.

Spiritual truth is that you ARE the Hands of God…We ARE what God is in this physical, temporal plane of existence…WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, and no one is lost or separate from what God is while we are here. The eternal consciousness in us all is what God is. And we are all a part of the Divine Creation that we are all experiencing.

A few weeks back I wrote about the importance of forgiving all grievances you may have toward anyone in order to bring healing into your life as you were meant to have it. I asked if anyone would join me in making it their daily meditation to BE the love and healing of God that others need. Did anyone decide to join me in making that your daily desire?

When you make the decision to do that…when you learn and accept this precious spiritual truth that we are a holy part of what God is, it CHANGES EVERYTHING…It turns the man-made lies of organized religion inside out and upside down…At last, it begins to bring all the miracles and healing into your life that was meant to be for you in Highest Wisdom.

But the other thing it does is that it brings a renewed since of responsibility into your mind. When we realize we are the hands of God here, we realize it is up to us to be the healing and love of God that our spiritual brothers and sisters need, everywhere we go.

Don’t you wonder why you are here in this crazy place we call life on earth? Don’t you wonder what your purpose is?

Your purpose is to be part of the healing process here, as the hands of God. As you awaken to that purpose, you will receive all the healing that you need, in all the areas you desperately need it. But that healing isn’t meant to stop there.

As you realize you are a holy part of what God is, and as you begin to receive the healing and power that comes into your life upon that realization, you are meant to bless everyone in your daily path with that healing as well.
Organized religion loves to tell their “believers” that a “savior” will come some day riding a white horse, coming down on a cloud in the sky, with an army of angels to “fix everything” and to “destroy all non believers” (my, that’s real love and forgiveness, huh?).

But spiritual truth is that it is completely up to US to save each other. There is no “savior” coming in the sky to do it for us someday. There are no 72 virgins waiting for you because you blow yourself up and take out “infidels” in the name of Allah. All that is a fraudulent, psychological tragedy,and a mental addiction built upon man-made lies seeking to control the masses for centuries.

Organized religion loves to scare people into being converts by teaching the lie that God will send you to an eternal “lake of fire” in Hell if you don’t believe their belief, etc. But the truth is there is no “Devil”, and there is no location of “Hell”. Hell is of one’s OWN CREATION in one’s life here on earth.

Hell has a reality to be sure…It is the misery and sickness people bring on themselves, ironically because they have often been brainwashed by organized religion to believe they are not a holy part of what God is…

They have been lied to and led to believe that they are “sinful” beings, separate from God. So naturally, when someone is told that they are innately BAD inside, they will surely begin to think and often act that way. And as they wrongly believe that they are “sinners” by nature, they begin creating Hell on earth in their lives. THIS IS WHY ORGANIZED RELIGION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE WARS AND GENOCIDE THROUGH HISTORY!

Christianity, Islam and Judaism are three of the BIGGEST LIES perpetrated on mankind for all time. They have been ironically the REASON why mankind has NOT made progress spiritually. We’ve made progress materially, industrially, economically, technologically, etc…all mostly benefiting the governments and powers that be whose goal it is to control the masses, allowing for them to remain in power…

Wars after wars after wars, genocide after holocaust after genocide, on and on, all in the NAME of GOD! What a sick reality, and yet too many still today remain brainwashed and duped by these “Big Three” fraudulent religions, all crafted by men with a core foundation that preaches condemnation toward all others – not love and unconditional forgiveness. Love and forgiveness by nature can have nothing to do with any form of condemnation. Love and forgiveness can only love and forgive, they can never condemn. That is how you can know immediately that your religion is a fraud.

Similar to “Hell” being a creation of mankind’s own making, as the Hands of God, it is up to US to begin going about the process of CREATING HEAVEN here and now. The good news is, Heaven is our eternal home already, it is just waiting for us to learn that we really never left, and wake up to it.

It will require effort as we go through what I can only best describe as a “waking up process”. But the good news is, everyone will make it…it is just a slower process for some more so than others, in learning the lessons they need to learn in this current experience we call life on earth. You aren’t a “sinner”…you just occasionally make mistakes. Some make more than others, and some take much longer to learn their lessons. Some may not learn until they pass on.

In addition to our purpose being the Hands of God to bring the love and healing of God to others, one of our other purposes is to learn and grow from our mistakes. You aren’t an “evil sinner” because you make mistakes. But you do make your life exceedingly painful and difficult when you refuse to learn from them…i.e. you hold any grievances/grudges or refuse to forgive someone who may have hurt you, etc. And forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to continue to associate with them…forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be a “welcome mat” for more of the same.

But when you refuse to forgive anyone, you are refusing to forgive a part of yourself, because they too are a holy part of God, they too are the hands of God, they too make mistakes just like you, and they too are here to learn from their mistakes, NOT be condemned for them. (And forgiveness is never conditional on their having to change and believe like you. That is the man-made lie that organized religion has fraudulently taught for thousands of years.)

When you refuse to forgive anyone, you are condemning them, and since they are a part of what you are in the consciousness of God, you in effect condemn yourself.
This is how and where the darkness in your life is created. But that darkness changes and begins healing the instant you learn to forgive.

There is a current commercial by the beer company Dos Equis that features “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. They love to refer to him with funny descriptive lines similar to: “He can slam a revolving door”, and “the police often question him just because they find him fascinating to talk to”. But their most current edition is way off base and in need of exposure and correction…It has the most interesting man in the world seated between two very young females dressed seductively, young enough to easily be his granddaughters, and his line is: “Even the brightest full moon has a dark side…Your job is to FIND IT.”

No, your function here isn’t to go about seeking out the dark side. I assume most of my readers no better than to take their life advice from a beer company. By now, you should have learned that you have no problem seeking out and creating darkness and problems in your life. It takes ZERO character and ZERO values to go looking to find darkness or your dark side. Such efforts bless no one in the process. But the mass media is the master, second only to organized religion, in making unhealthy lies like that look desirable and appealing to the viewer.

Certainly go ahead and have a Dos Equis in moderation if you choose, but understand this: You do no one, especially yourself, any favors by seeking the dark side in life. The healing and happiness you were meant to have and share with othes is never found there. Your function here is to seek out the light, not the darkness…

As much as Dos Equis and their bearded spokesman may try to make it alluring, seeking the dark side NEVER results in anything close to a fulfilled life…
On the contrary, a fulfilled life is found in seeking out the light of spiritual truth, in forgiving all things, in setting a healthy example for young people with your daily actions, in learning from the mistakes you make, and in recognizing that you ARE the hands of God here and now, and being willing to BE the healing and love of God that others need in this experience we call life on earth.

That is how we stop wasting further precious time creating the Hell we’ve been creating here for thousands of years with organized religion’s lies, and begin the WAKING UP process of creating Heaven here and now.

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of Connie’s material on her blog at