Let me begin by FACT CHECKING a giant religious misnomer…

The message of Gandhi was NOT the message of Jesus…it was in fact the OPPOSITE of the message of Jesus and the Bible… If you think otherwise, you obviously have not read your Bible, and as a result you clearly are not aware of the fundamental teachings of JudeoChristianity.

The message of Gandhi was not just for the liberation of the Hindu people, but it was for the liberation of ALL of humanity from the divisive, programmed psychological enslavement of the Abrahamic organized religions of JudeoChristianity that were then, and remain today at the core ‘world view’ and psychology of Western nations.

Gandhi was assassinated because the fundamental reason he stood against the British empire was due to the fact that he so effectively shined a spotlight of undeniable truth on the hypocritical fraud of their JudeoChristian/Catholic beliefs…And Gandhi did so not just as a Hindu, but more importantly just as a HUMAN BEING!

I cut my teeth on the Bible…Most of you reading this probably did not. Most of you reading this likely at best have a very limited exposure to the actual overall content of the Bible.

Most of those who call themselves ‘Christians’ have engaged in what is called ‘selective memory’ of only certain passages that you and/or your church leaders routinely ‘cherry pick’ in order to appease your desired belief that Jesus’ message was synonymous with Gandhi’s message of ONENESS and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

However, if you are the exception to the above, and if like me, you DID cut your teeth on the Bible growing up as a child, or have studied it backward and forward since then, well then you are WELL AWARE of the fact that Gandhi’s message of humanity’s spiritual ONENESS, and the EXCLUSIVE message of Jesus and the Bible’s teachings COULD NOT BE MORE OPPOSITE.

As I write this, we are at the 28th day of Israel’s self-proclaimed war against the Palestinians after the terrorist organization of Hamas committed an unconscionable act of terror against Israel, killing some 1400 Israelis and taking approximately 200 as hostages.

In the subsequent 28 days, it is now estimated by human rights organizations that Israel’s non-stop bombardment of the small area of Gaza (about the size of New Jersey) has resulted in the deaths of almost 10,000 innocent Palestinians, with roughly half of those deaths being CHILDREN!

If one needed any more evidence than this to show that this ongoing genocidal bombardment is NOT just about trying to rid Gaza of ‘Hamas’, we were witness to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only days ago during a live news briefing, in which he proudly invoked a scripture passage in the Old Testament book of Isaiah, that he claimed portrays the God of the Jews ordaining and calling for genocide against those who are now the Palestinians, not just ‘Hamas’…

Netanyahu shamefully proceeded to quote the verse, which portrays Israel’s fictional God ordering them to not only entirely wipe out a non-Jewish culture (with Netanyahu applying this ‘scripture’ to the people of Palestine) but to also kill all of their farm animals/pets, etc. Netanyahu did not just quote the verse, he doubled down and said that was exactly what Israel was going to do.

I came across a video podcast today entitled “Israel’s genocidal bombardment of Palestine SHOCKS THE CONSCIENCE”

Yes, OF COURSE it does, but why should this violent ‘HOLY WAR’ behavior in the name of God be ‘news’ to anyone who has read the Bible??

The content of the Bible SHOCKS THE CONSCIENCE!

The constant theme and rampant ‘scripture’ verses of God ordaining not only GENOCIDAL DESTRUCTION of all other cultures & beliefs other than both Judaism and Christianity, but ordaining their DAMNATION and torment in ‘Hell’ for eternity…That too should SHOCK YOUR CONSCIENCE!

And let me remind anyone who might have been misled by their ‘pastor’ to think that Jesus was somehow different than the alleged ‘God’ of the Old Testament…In the New Testament of the Bible, in the very FIRST verse of the very FIRST chapter of the so-called ‘Gospel of John’, the writer goes out of his way to make it very clear that FROM THE BEGINNING of time, Jesus who he calls ‘The Word’ was what??

He says Jesus WAS GOD FROM THE BEGINNING…The same God as the Old Testament!

THAT SHOULD SHOCK YOUR CONSCIENCE if you are familiar with the actual contents of the Old & New Testaments of the Bible.

And let me repeat…As I stated above, the so-called ‘holy scriptures’ in the Bible that portray God & Jesus ordaining the genocide and eternal damnation and torment of either all NON-JEWS or all NON-CHRISTIANS…As I detail in my new book ‘HOLY LIBEL’, they are rampant all throughout the Bible in BOTH the Old and the New Testament.

THAT SHOULD SHOCK YOUR CONSCIENCE. As publicly proclaimed for all to hear by Prime Minister Netanyahu as I descried above, it is precisely those sick & fraudulent man-made teachings in the name of ‘God’ that are at the core of the ‘world view’ of the Jewish nation of Israel.

But to be fair, as I stated above, they are at the core of the ‘world view’ of all Muslim nations via the same sick teachings in the Koran…

And also to be equally fair, as I already stated at the beginning of this article, they are at the core ‘world view’ of much of the West, especially Britain & United States i.e. ‘Christendom’…

You should recall this fact being BOLDLY DECREED even to this day, by those Western empirical world powers, commonly used to justify the empirical horrors they committed in the name of ‘progress’, such as black slavery and Native American genocide, all as being the fulfillment of their Godly ordained ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’.


My book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ picks up where Gandhi’s healing message left off…

Gandhi is known to have brought his ministry of ONENESS to the world largely through the healing spiritual understanding found in the teachings of Hinduism.

But for many who are so conditioned and deeply programmed with the opposite, weaponized and divisive false teachings of JudeoChristianity and Islam, that message wasn’t quite enough to wake them up…And we are LONG OVERDUE to wake those up who are still teaching such false ‘WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES’ beliefs about God to their children.

As I said, my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ picks up the mantle where Gandhi was fatally interrupted, by not just continuing to teach his correct spiritual understanding that we are ALL WHO AND WHAT ‘GOD’ IS here in the physical…That is to say we are ALL Divine parts of what God is in ALL of our beautiful human diversities and ethnicities…

But with ‘HOLY LIBEL’, I pick this healing message up in the most critically needed area where Gandhi left off, by using the readers’ own King James Bible to once and for all definitively and effectively showcase and fully detail the UNDENIABLE LIES & FRAUD , that run rampant throughout the Bible, and that are deliberately hidden and avoided by the ‘priests’, ‘pastors’, ‘rabbis’, ‘clerics’ and ‘imams’ of those man-made weaponized beliefs, falsely in the name of God.

Those false, weaponized and bigoted ‘FAITHS’ fraudulently taught in the name of God, are the primary thing that is standing in the way of PEACE & HEALING for humanity.

It’s time now to put down the marijuana, and turn off the ‘TIK TOK’ and stop being distracted by unhealthy addictions, distracting us from what is critically important for healing on this planet…We have to stop conforming to popular ‘group think’ and being more obsessed with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS than TRUTH…

It’s time now to at last call out these ‘FALSE FAITHS’…these ‘ABRAHAMIC BELIEFS’ that are at the core foundation of all of the division and warmongering today and throughout history!

And that is what my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ accomplishes…It cannot help but SHOCK THE CONSCIENCE as it powerfully and definitively shows the reader the roots and the primary source of all bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, racism, slavery, genocide and cultural imperialism (Manifest Destiny) that are the main teachings found all throughout the Bible (and again to be fair, the Koran as well).

The reason these ‘false faiths’ of the Bible and the Koran (which I refer to often as ‘The Big Three’) are the primary thing standing in the way of healing and peace for humanity is not simply due to their respective different beliefs…

This is SO important and critical to understand…The MAIN REASON is because of the fundamental false teaching about ‘God’ being SEPARATE from what you are, which is the COMMON DENOMINATOR IN ALL THREE of the ‘Abrahamic’ beliefs!

That deliberately fraudulent false teaching that you and I and all of humanity are ‘evil’ and ‘sinful’ by nature, and that we are entirely SEPARATE from what ‘GOD’ is, is the OPPOSITE of what REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH is!

And this was the fundamental core message of the Hindu teachings brought by Gandhi before he was assassinated.

When we finally EXPOSE such ‘FALSE FAITH’ for the fraudulent, bigoted, divisive & weaponized, OPPOSITE of unconditional love teaching that it is, THAT IS WHEN HEALING CAN FINALLY BEGIN FOR HUMANITY!

That is when humanity will finally heal as we at last begin to learn WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE…

As we finally learn WHY we are here in the first place, which is to BE THE LOVE OF GOD THAT OTHERS NEED! Not to see our respective ethnicity/culture as ‘CHOSEN’ or ‘PREFERRED’ or ‘SAVED’ by God over all others!

Understand this: To the extent that there is any ‘HEAVEN’ or ‘HELL’, it is up to ALL of us to CREATE IT TOGETHER in our beautifully diverse ONENESS!

But as long as such weaponized ‘false faiths’ are not called out for the fraud and lies that they are in the name of God, we are continually just creating ‘HELL’ as we have for the last few thousand years, ever since those sick man-made lies about God began to be deliberately programmed into the minds of the masses in order to divide, conquer and control.

Help me now, with this calling…We were meant to already have learned this truth, and to collectively be CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH TOGETHER as brothers and sisters, not bombing untold numbers of innocent men, women & children, and killing their farm animals & pets in acts of vengeance in the name of ‘God’.

Help me carry this unfinished message of Gandhi. There is very little more time to waste against the serious global threat of such dangerous JudeoChristian and Islamic ‘false faiths’. You need to understand that just because you do not live in Israel or Palestine…Just because you live in a nice neighborhood in ANYTOWN, U.S.A. or some similar Western industrialized nation of modern day ‘Christendom’, you are NOT insulated or safe from that threat…

Every day that passes, your safety and that of your loved ones are more and more placed at risk due to the potentially self-fulfilling superstitious ‘end times’ false beliefs of the Big Three Abrahamic ‘faiths’ that teach at their core that a HOLY WAR, and more specifically a ‘holocaust’ degree of violence between Israel (backed by the U.S.) against all of the Muslim world is the ‘WILL OF GOD’.

If you call yourself a ‘Christian’ and you are not aware of that fact, as I said above, you have not read your Bible.

In closing, those ‘false faiths’ are the OPPOSITE of the unfinished healing message of Gandhi, and they HAVE to be exposed now. We cannot continue to be more concerned with being ‘politically correct’ and pretending that it is OK for people to hold such weaponized faiths.

They must be exposed not only for the global risk they pose, and for the myriad forms of bigotry that those Abrahamic beliefs are the origin and root of, but they must be finally exposed now for how long such shameful divisive beliefs have BLOCKED humanity from learning real spiritual truth about who and what we are as a collective part of what ‘God’ is here on our SHARED HOME we call EARTH.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is the author of ‘HOLY LIBEL’…She is also the producer & host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ celebrating 20 years of ‘truth to power’ broadcasting, and now airing in 21 cable markets nationwide. Watch all episodes ON DEMAND and check out Connie’s in depth blog on her website at www.ConnieBryan.com.)