Here’s a question I’ve been pondering of late…


Don’t we as American citizens have a ‘civil right’ to be protected against the insecurities of an unregulated, monopolized market…i.e. NAFTA, Walmart, Wall Street credit derivative schemes that jeopardize your pension and 401K? In other words, isn’t our Constitutional ‘Republic’ designed to protect the worker from a corporate monopoly “Democracy” that is clearly now effectively denying the majority of American workers access to the American Dream?



Just a quick Political Science 101 refresher for those who may have forgotten – Contrary to popular belief, the United States is not a ‘Democracy’. It is a ‘Constitutional Republic’. The difference is huge: A democracy is a form of government where the individual’s rights, or the minority’s rights, do not get any protection. They do not matter. There are two common forms of democracies:The Absolute Majority Rule is one. The other is just as dangerous, that being where an elected body like our congress rules, regardless of how or to what degree its decisions violate the people’s rights.  This is why a democracy is NOT necessarily repugnant to the muslim clerics in Iraq. A ‘Republic’, on the other hand, is a form of government that protect’s its citizens from civil rights abuse by either the majority of other citizens or an elite powerful ruling class and/or government body.



A ‘Republic’ is what our forefathers created with our egalitarian constitution. They did so because they wanted to ensure that no one powerful group or majority could take away the God-given, inalienable civil rights of the individual or minority, like what they experienced under the British Monarchy and House of Commons in England. They correctly understood that in order to enforce the truth that all men are created equal, they had to create a non-democratic constitution. The result was our ‘Constitutional Republic’ of the United States of America. That being said…


The current condition of our fraudulent, unregulated market (“meth” economy model) is comparable to the problems Thomas Jefferson and James Madison spoke out about in the Federalist Papers regarding the ‘despotism’ of a powerful ruling class that would seek to deny access to the American Dream for the majority…Wall Street is doing this to Main Street in America, with outsourcing of most manufacturing jobs, flooding our communities with huge corporate ‘BIG BOX’ chain stores, destroying the average American’s ability to compete as a local Mom and Pop small business, OR just to find a job that pays a fair living wage. This perversion of the intent of ‘free enterprise’ and capitalism is antithetical to our forefather’s vision of a Republic in the specific interest of the common man. Unregulated capitalism has produced so much fraud and corruption in the markets AND in government, that I feel we have reached a time where we can begin to make a powerful argument that this is a major civil rights issue for American workers.


Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge proponent of free enterprise and capitalism! But what is currently going on with Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, NAFTA and Wall Street credit schemes is not healthy capitalism…it is an abomination of monumental proportions. It destroys access to free enterprise for 95% of average Americans. 


Why do you support Walmart? They are waging a literal war against what the American Dream is all about…against everything we as Americans believe in. Or have we co-opted those beliefs just to save 50 cents on a gallon of milk? Former members of Walmart management have admitted that when they come into your community, they drive around your town and estimate how short a period it will be until the Mom and Pops near them will go under because of their price undercutting. Saving 50 bucks on your new outsourced, Chinese made lawn mower or bicycle is not worth the cost of supporting this growing economic cancer in our country that is destroying good paying jobs and small business. 



Why do you support Walmart? It is not too late to stop, and begin supporting your local Mom and Pops. Otherwise, our children will never know the American Dream…in it’s place they will inherit the American Nightmare of unregulated ‘Corporatism’.