The ANSWER to this question…specifically, humanity AWAKENING to the answer to this question, is what the corrupt leaders of world institutions of power, albeit religious, economic or political in nature, lose sleep and have bad dreams about at night.

For many millennium, corrupt elites and imperial world control-minded power brokers and the world’s wealthiest families/monarchies have been shockingly effective in perfecting the process of using fear and bigotry in varying forms, DELIBERATELY DESIGNED to weaken and control the masses by keeping them divided and in a ‘tribal’ war-prone mindset.

The primary reason they have had such a long track pattern of success with such propaganda and lies, is the surprising degree to which thus far they have been effective in PREVENTING the masses from learning the answer to this question, which involves finally understanding the true nature of what we really are.

I hope you will open your mind, listen carefully and fully absorb the gravity of what I am sharing with you here right now, because it is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of wisdom you can ever learn here in this physical dimension we call ‘life on earth’…

The reason why we are here is to BE the love and the healing of ‘God’ that others need.

You were meant to awaken to your true spiritual nature while you are temporarily passing through this physical dimension. And awakening to that spiritual nature has been BLOCKED by the ignorant lies of those who have sought to use such lies to oppress and control the masses here. This has been the fundamental reason mankind has been so needlessly divided and at war with one another, due to bigoted (religious, racial & cultural) ‘tribal’ mindsets.

You, and ALL of humanity are OVERDUE to awaken to understand the following, in order to finally create ‘heaven’ and ‘peace on earth’, instead of ignorantly continuing to needlessly create the ‘hell’ and ‘war on earth’ that we have been creating for the last several thousand years or more…

You are here to awaken to your ONENESS with all others.

And not only that, but to your ONENESS with what is ‘Divine’, meaning that you were meant to awaken to your true spiritual nature here in the physical…that being that you and all your fellow brothers and sisters here of all diversity, each and every one of you are an ETERNAL HOLY PART of what ‘God’ is, with NO EXCEPTIONS or CONDITIONS that result in ‘damnation’ or ‘condemnation’ for not ‘believing’ in God the right way, etc., etc. Those conditions are part of the propaganda and lies about what and who you are.

But it doesn’ t stop there…In awakening to this spiritual truth about your ONENESS, you were meant to accomplish a specific PURPOSE, and that purpose is that you are here to BE the love and the healing that others need.

In other words, as collective Holy parts of what ‘God’ is, we are here to accept and ‘save’ one another not by proselytizing others with a dogmatic condemning organized religion that says they are condemned if they don’t convert, but to accept and ‘save’ them by allowing them to have the personal freedom be the diverse PART of God that they genuinely need to be…

Obviously it should go without saying that diverse, universal spiritual understanding and freedom ALWAYS fundamentally operates within the responsible, moral boundaries of ‘The Golden Rule’ and ‘doing no harm’ to others.

Which leads me to the next part of our purpose…

As we awaken to our obligation to BE the love and the healing of God that others need, this requires that we be dogmatic, but not about ‘condemnation’…It requires that we be unwavering dogmatic champions for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY!

In order for all of humanity to come together and love each other for the diverse parts of God that they genuinely need to be and express themselves as, THIS MUST REQUIRE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM,LIBERTY, EQUALIY AND PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

But it doesn’t stop there…Freedom and equality require something else as well…And that is RESPONSIBILITY. Never forget that freedom requires responsibility, and with that responsibility comes the unavoidable acceptance of a certain degree of ‘risk’.

We are seeing too many right now, especially on the radical Left, who want to view humans as ‘parasites’ on the earth, and who are foolishly aligning themselves with free enterprise-destroying MONOPOLY CORPORATIONS like Amazon, Big Pharma and Big Tech(Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) all because these monopoly corporations are promising them that if they SURRENDER their sovereignty, freedom and liberty, do exactly what they are told and allow themselves to be controlled and under surveillance 24/7, that these corporate monopoly rulers will provide them with complete ‘protection’ and ‘safety’ from often entirely CONCOCTED, if not GROSSLY EXAGGERATED threats, deliberately designed yet again to keep them paralyzed and under control using misplaced fear and propaganda through the mass media, which is OWNED by those same monopoly corporations and uber wealthy elite families.

And lastly, as we recognize that freedom requires responsibility, we must understand what ‘responsibility’ means…

Simply put, responsibility means that we live virtuously and ETHICALLY, recognizing the basic COMMUNITY and UNIVERSAL VALUES of ‘The Golden Rule’.

It means we practice what I like to call the ‘SILVER RULE’ as well, which is that we SET THE RIGHT EXAMPLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. I define what I call the ‘SILVER RULE’ as living our lives by example and in the manner that we would want our own children or grandchildren to live…showing them by example, the healthy RESPONSIBLE BOUNDARIES within which to live a healthy and meaningful life of freedom and personal sovereignty.

Humanity was not meant to be so divided with such an UPSIDE DOWN concept of spirituality, deliberately kept unaware of its ONENESS with each other here on this planet.

Humanity was also not meant to be so selfish, immoral and decadent, using our bodies like they are some sort of amusement park, and thinking that drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, are forms of so called ‘recreation’. REMEMBER THE SILVER RULE. We were meant to be free, but freedom is not ‘free’, and it requires that we be diligently responsible with it. It requires a degree of risk yes, but not IRRESPONSIBLE, RECKLESS & DECADENT RISK!

America and humanity in the free world has dropped the ball in this area, and it is time for us to make some BIG overdue changes.

We need to find our moral compass yes, but again, that has ZERO to do with ‘superstitious’ organized religion such as JudeoChristianity or Islam, that include beliefs in ‘Satan’ and ‘demons’, and that ostensibly are about ‘morals’ while they advocate the violent destruction and condemnation of all ‘non believers’ upon the imagined return someday of their ‘savior’ coming down riding a horse on a cloud, with countless scriptures throughout the Bible portraying God as ordaining such mass genocide of ‘non believers’, etc.

Enough with such superstitious infantile concepts of ‘God’ that have kept us divided and at war with one another for too long. This fraudulent definition of ‘God’ has been a deliberate lie and we are overdue to recognize this ancient form of ‘mass media’ corruption intended to hide from us the power of our awakening to the REAL DIVINE SPIRITUAL NATURE that we all share! That is where REAL FREEDOM and REAL PEACE AND HEALING are found!

I remember seeing the following powerful message on a sign on the side of a building in Golden, Colorado years ago when I was visiting there for the first time, and it read:

“When the LOVE OF POWER is overcome by the POWER OF LOVE, there will be PEACE!”

“Love” cannot condemn, it can only forgive…”Love” is not ONE CORRECT BELIEF with all others damned and condemned to eternal torture in some imagined Hell or ‘lake of fire’, etc, etc. That is all nothing but man-made superstitious propaganda, again deliberately designed to control the masses with fear of such a bigoted, man-made concept of ‘God’.

It is time now for a mass awakening to our true spiritual nature, that we are all ONE, and all a PART of what ‘God’ is. And as such, we have a responsibility to love and heal one another, not divide off into our ‘religious and political tribes’ claiming such ‘tribes’ are sacrosanct at the EXPENSE of all others.

By the way, just on a side note, please notice I haven’t made any reference to your spiritual nature having anything to do with ‘Luciferians’ or ‘shape shifting REPTILIANS’. When you hear others trying to get you to buy their books with such equally superstitious nonsense, make sure you don’t get fleeced by their con, while it may seem to be benevolent and well meaning.

The corrupt elite powers that be have always sought to remain in power over the masses by using such false religion and propaganda. Understand this…Generally over the past few thousand years, any political power seeking to be a world empire has had to have an equally powerful organized religion component as a partner, whether it was a ‘silent partner’ or active partner.

It is critical that we recognize and separate from the corruption of the current system. And as we recognize it, we must not stop at recognizing it in monopoly corporations, or the media and the government those monopolies have bought off, but we must also awaken to and finally recognize the lies and the corruption of ORGANIZED RELIGION…

In closing, JudeoChristianity and Islam were the very FIRST forms of MASS MEDIA and ‘psy ops’ propaganda, fraudulently in the name of ‘God’, and that have lied to you for much, much longer than corporate monopolies.
They have done so deliberately, in order to keep you divided and unaware of the unlimited power within you, when all of humanity begins to awaken to our SHARED ONENESS with what is ‘DIVINE’.

That is when we finally begin to create FREEDOM, EQUALITY, PEACE and ‘HEAVEN ON EARTH’ as we were meant to do, free from division, bigotry, war and condemnation of any kind.

Connie Bryan

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