ConnieHdshtSmallFile1As some of you know, this is a topic I have frequently written about, and I wanted to take a moment to add a little more detail that may help some readers better understand this critical truth about what you are. I want to go into a little more detail about the reason why your thoughts have the power to create EVERYTHING you experience.

In short, EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT. ‘Thought’ is what we ARE at our essence. Thought is synonymous with our eternal consciousness. ‘Thought’ is eternal because it is where all creation comes from. That is to say, all of what we consider ‘creation’ comes from the ‘art’ and design of our collective ‘thought’.

Everything IS by design, but not by design of some exterior judgmental entity who is separate from us. On the contrary, you and I are a PART of the universal thought that designs and creates…As such, we are ‘eternal artists’ in a never ending beautiful and holy adventure, the universe and cosmos being our canvas, so to speak.

Recently out of left field I had the painful experience of having someone I thought was a good, albeit new friend, angrily lash out and call me a “narcissist”. That is the risk you take when you are not a conformist to the status quo of everything around you.

Understand this…Not just some, but MOST people absolutely resist doing the things that will bring health, healing and happiness into their lives, and they lash out at those who are non-conformists, and who are not afraid to write, speak and represent that needed change in their lives.

Many people misuse the word “judgmental” when they wish to attack the things I write about, that expose the unhealthy fraudulent practices of organized religion. We “judge” things in a healthy way every day, in deciding what is a healthy way to live our lives…for example, we “judge” that smoking cigarettes is horribly detrimental to our health. That doesn’t mean we “CONDEMN” smokers because we understand and “judge” that it is an unhealthy practice that leads to devastating suffering.

But on the contrary, those who embrace beliefs as taught by the Bible and the Koran are embracing the CONDEMNING form of “judging”, whether they admit it or not. One can’t deny this because that IS the man-made teaching found all throughout the scriptures of both of those fraudulent teachings.

It is not the “condemning” form of the word “judging” that we use to address this, while we are attacked by those who adhere to such beliefs as “judging” them. For one more example, are you “condemning” a skin head or a Ku Klux Klansman when you judge that their beliefs are hateful, divisive and elitist? Of course not.

To bring correction to such unhealthy thinking is not to condemn them or “damn” them to Hell, etc. But when you speak out against such beliefs, they often misuse that word to try to twist the truth you speak, and say you are “judging” them, and they twist the context to falsely characterize it as “condemning” them.

No, there is no condemnation in discerning truth and recognizing unhealthy, divisive, elitist man-made beliefs. That was what the Civil Rights Movement was all about. Yes, it made people feel extremely uncomfortable when they were forced by people, sometimes people who were their friends and family, to face the truth about the way they thought and what they were creating with those thoughts.

But love is NOT A DOORMAT, my friends. Love brings CORRECTION by daily example. Love is not silent, and love is not a conforming “sheep” to the egregiously sick and unhealthy culture all around it. Put in a nutshell, love and truth do not have an obligation to be “politically correct” or to avoid “offending” others with its light. As a matter of fact, if you are living your life obsessed with trying to only speak the things that you think WON’T offend anyone, you are part of the sickness here in this world that many of the rest of us are working overtime to heal.

Mass social conformity is a huge part of the way that man-made organized religion depends on keeping its followers under its control. That is why organized religion has ALWAYS used the false, fear-based approach, fraudulently teaching their followers the complete OPPOSITE understanding of who and what we are, as being totally separate from who and what “GOD” is. That has been the man-made lie throughout history that has caused, and continues to be at the root cause of all the man-made division, hate and violence on our planet.

There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT right now than waking humanity up to this holy truth and CORRECTION OF THOUGHT! Yes it will make people angry and uncomfortable, but that is to be expected when trying to move our brothers and sisters from wrong, divisive thinking to correct unifying thinking.

What you must begin to understand is that the men who founded the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all taught the same basic LIE that “God” is SEPARATE from you…In absolute cooperation with political rulers along the way, and completely in the interest of power and control of their culture, they concocted the effective but dishonest fearful myth of an entity totally separate and OUTSIDE of you…

A frightful, often vengeful and angry entity that is ready and waiting to CONDEMN you if you don’t constantly perform certain rituals, and believe a certain highly specific dogma, etc. The teachings of the Bible and Koran are rampant with scriptures that describe the vengeful, angry nature of this “God”, along with the eternal damnation and torture for all those who do not adhere to those rituals and specific beliefs.

Then the hypocrisy goes off the chart when they try to portray this condemning, often angry and vengeful God as “Love”.

That should be the point at which you ring the bell to get off that bus so to speak. But you don’t, because to some degree you are overcome with the pressure of feeling you must conform to what you see so many others believing. And as a direct result, we have all the hate, division, genocide and war by men in the NAME OF GOD that we’ve seen over the last two thousand years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with such sick, divisive, unhealthy conformity to a false teaching of “God”!

I know many of you periodically read what I’ve written and shared with you from my WordPress blog and here on Facebook. As always, I encourage you to add your voices to the effort to bring healing change to this sick world we are witnessing…A world in so much pain because of such unhealthy thinking and belief.

The truth, as I have shared before, is that you are NOT and have never been SEPARATE from what “GOD” is. The truth that the false man-made institutions of organized religion don’t want you to learn is that you are a PART of what “God” is. You are a part of the spirit of God, currently inhabiting a temporary shell called a body, here on this material earthly plane of existence.

That is not an egotistical, narcissistic statement…It is an overwhelmingly healing and humbling spiritual truth. Once one realizes this, one realizes the overwhelming and humbling obligation one has toward all their diverse brothers and sisters on this planet.

As such, and as I’ve written before, YOU AND I ARE THE HANDS OF GOD. OUR THOUGHTS CREATE HEAVEN OR HELL…It is up to us to wake up to this truth, as unpopular as it may be to those around you who are still caught up in the conformity of the status quo of organized religion, which is the root cause of all the major division we see in this world.

This is not “pie in the sky”, unicorn believing silliness that I am periodically sharing with you. This is the most critical and important issue of our time that very few are consistently speaking out about. You wouldn’t believe the healing and happiness I’ve found, and the overwhelming destructive things I have overcome in my life as a direct result of awakening to this spiritual truth that I am a part of what God is, and my thoughts bring healing or pain…Heaven or Hell.

And you wouldn’t believe the hate and attack I’ve experienced from those I love and care about beyond what words could describe, and from whom I would have least expected it from, solely because I have lived this truth by example in my daily life. Which brings me back to my original question…

WHERE is the FOCUS of your THOUGHTS and ENERGY? The clarity and detail I wanted to add to this topic is that as a holy part of God…As the hands and voice of God in this physical world, you have a responsibility to help others awaken to the same truth. It isn’t just you, as a result of being “born again” or some other similar “chosen people” dogma that you or your church believes.

That “dogma” is the problem…That elitist or “set apart” belief is the destructive thought we must change, whether it is the dogma that makes you think of yourself somehow set apart because you are a Christian, or because you are a Jew, or because you are a Mormon or a Muslim, or because you are a Scientologist, on and on…

It is up to you and I to speak out and awaken others, like some relentless “alarm clock” that has no snooze button, to the fact that there is NO CONDEMNATION. And the reason there is no condemnation is because we are ALL holy brothers and sisters, EQUAL parts of God, experiencing this physical plane of existence, learning the lessons we are meant to learn together with the same purpose.

It is up to each of us to create healing and peace with how we FOCUS OUR THOUGHTS. It is our purpose to expose the often destructive nature of “conformity”, and awaken others to the damage that organized religion is doing to our world here, PREVENTING us from creating HEAVEN, and causing us to constantly repeat the process of creating a sort of Hell, for lack of a better term.

Notice that I’ve used the term “focus” a few times in referring to the process of creating healthy change. I don’t mean that you have to sit around driving yourself crazy, wiggling your nose, trying to forcefully “think” a certain miracle into existence like you are “Samantha” on the classic TV show “Bewitched”.

I just mean that in the same way you would work out at a gym if you wanted to lose weight or get in better shape, or in the same way you would apply yourself if you were taking a college course, you have to maintain a similar pattern of commitment to meditating on this truth, This just means on a regular basis, you simply remind yourself that you are an actual part of what God is, and as such your thoughts have the power to create.

It just means that first and foremost you desire more than anything to be in harmony with “Divine Will”, and to be shown what that is for you here. It means you daily focus first and foremost on your sincere desire to BE THE LOVE AND HEALING OF GOD THAT OTHERS NEED.

Then you need to get ready for some amazing healing miracles and changes to begin coming into your life…often times they are major changes you may never have expected but that will begin taking you in the proper healing and happy direction that was meant for your life here. Initially it may be jarring and somewhat scary, but you will recognize it as the healing you’ve needed if you are sincere.

This happens as a result of getting your mind “in line” with your purpose here. The healing you need is provided from beyond this physical realm, from the source of your spirit that is simply waiting for you to be willing to be guided, and to stop swimming “against the current” with unhealthy thinking and unhealthy, opposing desires as it were.

When you are meditating daily on this goal described above, meaning from the point when you arise in the morning, a little throughout your day, and again reminding yourself of this goal when you lay your head down to sleep at night, then you are “focusing” your thoughts and energy where it needs to be to bring healing to you and everyone around you, according to what I refer to as Highest Wisdom.

There is one other key factor in “thinking in the right, healing direction”, and that is making sure that you don’t hold any GRIEVANCE or GRUDGE toward anyone for any perceived harm they may have caused to you. This is one of the biggest causes of a lack of healing and happiness in one’s life. You must forgive everyone equally, because when you don’t forgive another, you are not forgiving yourself. Put another way, a lack of forgiveness IS ABSOLUTELY A FORM OF CONDEMNATION.

That is what not forgiving someone means…you are using the condemning form of the word ‘judge’ like we discussed above. When your thoughts are “focused” on such lack of forgiveness toward anyone for any reason, your thoughts will be creating a lack of healing and happiness in your life until you learn to forgive.

Again, we learn to forgive all things when we learn that all of our diverse brothers and sisters here are NO DIFFERENT than us…they are all an equally holy part of what God is, and are here just like us to learn these lessons. The mistakes they make are not indicating that they are “sinners”…That is the fear based guilt trip that organized religion depends on. They are just mistakes for you to learn and grow from.

And guess what? When others make mistakes that may have hurt you in the process, they learn their lessons as a result of the love and forgiveness of God they feel from YOU…And conversely, you learn your lessons you were meant to learn from the love and forgiveness you experience from THEM. In other words, WE are one another’s “salvation” when we learn that WE are all a powerful healing part of what “GOD” is.

But we have to make the commitment and daily choice to meditate and regularly focus those thoughts in unconditional love and forgiveness…We have to be willing to be the corrective, loving voice of God in a world that has been severely misguided with divisive man-made ignorance in the name of God and organized religion for way too long.

Connie Bryan
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