What we really need is MEDIA DISTANCING! We have no legitimate source for unbiased news, and the media only broadcasts a political narrative full of hype and BS related to Covid-19 and the upcoming election…it is really bad on BOTH sides of the aisle.

That said, I was particularly nauseated by Fox News this morning when the ‘idiot in the tank’ for Trump started saying that those who want to reform the problems in law enforcement were people who wanted to only send ‘social workers’ to a violent domestic dispute.

This is the typical, deliberate dishonest narrative model we see now on what masquerades as ‘news’…Unfortunately there are so many SHEEP on BOTH sides of the political aisle, Republican and Democrat alike, who all just ‘BAHHHHHHHH’ away and eat up all that dishonest narrative, as long as it caters to their hate for the other side.

As many of you know, I have detailed many specific reforms that are desperately needed in law enforcement, having been there on the job and seen firsthand how corrupt MOST of it is…It is not full of good people who see themselves as public servants for all citizens equally.

Those are the rare exception to the rule. If you are one of those in law enforcement, you struggle to keep your job, and often you keep your mouth shut when you see the abuse of power and the bigotry from your fellow cops. I was unwilling to keep my mouth shut and I’ve shared not even the tip of the iceberg about my personal experience in this area.

Back to the stupid dishonest comment on Fox ‘News’ I referenced above…Those of us who reasonably want to reform policing in America, and know how to do it….We obviously DO NOT want to make it weak, or replace the cops with ‘social workers’. Duhhhh! You can reform policing for the communities they serve, and keep ‘peace keeping’ strong and effective in the process. Double Duhhhhh!!

But those on the right who want to protect their long established ‘good ole boy system’ want to dishonestly spin our call for police reform in a way that misleads the viewers of these right wing BS ‘news’ channels, and makes them think they should leave things just as they are or their city will become a violent war zone, blah blah blah.

As I have recently written about in a very detailed way (check out my editorial blog at conniebryan.com), part of the long overdue reform that is needed in policing is replacing the supervision of the police with their REAL BOSS, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’…

“The citizens ARE the police”, as the ‘father of modern policing’ Sir Robert Peel is famous for saying a long time ago (he was also a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom).

When police chiefs and supervision of all cops is changed to be handled entirely by a Citizen Commission and a non-career cop ‘Citizen Police Chief’ or elected Sheriff who serves as one member of a 12 member board of citizens…

When that model replaces the current corrupt ‘US AGAINST THEM’ good ole’ boy model that has been in place for too long now, then and only then will we get the reforms our diverse citizenry needs. And this reform has nothing to do with WEAKENING the police or wanting to replace them with ‘social workers’ to respond to domestic violence calls or other such dangerous calls for service!

Those on the right who want to protect the good ole boy system that is currently commonplace in virtually every police department nationwide, they know what I am saying here, and they try to ‘bastardize’ this message to fit their agenda of scaring the sh#t out of everyone in order to avoid such changes…much like the left wing media (CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc) has shamefully HYPED the Covid-19 issue into what I like to call a “PANIC-demic” in order to scare all of their sheep into believing all of their political narrative that pretends to be ‘news’.

Do we need MORE social workers riding along on patrol with the police, and as part of the police on every shift in every community, and being there to help quell dangerous domestic disputes? OF COURSE, and I have said that in prior opeds on this topic. But that obviously doesn’t mean REPLACING the cops with them.

The police have gotten far off course and far away in their mindset, in understanding that they are there to SERVE ALL CITIZENS, and they are to understand that ALL of those citizens: black, brown, purple or white… ALL of those citizens are their boss, more so than the Chief of Police or the Sheriff on their agency.

Right now, the police are becoming very scared because they do not want their precious elite good ole boy system changed, and they see the handwriting on the wall that it is going to be changed.

Does former Vice President Joe Biden want to DISMANTLE the police? OF COURSE NOT! Does he agree that some departments may need some ‘defunding’ or ‘funding re-prioritizing’ because of their growing inappropriate use of funds to buy TANKS, AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT VEHICLES, and TACTICAL NUKES (OK, I’m exaggerating with the tactical nukes, but you get the point. They are in a ‘military mindset’ with the citizenry they are supposed to be serving, not ruling over).

And by the way, when we support these kinds of changes to bring the police ‘to heel’ using various methods to achieve needed reform, and when we support ‘Black Lives Matter’, that does not mean we are ‘MARXISTS’…Again, DUHHHH!

Reforming not just our nation’s policing model, but our government in general by replacing it with a model that PRIORITIZES the 99%, instead of the current model that PRIORITIZES and SERVES the giant corporations and the 1%, that is not ‘Marxism’.

That is the DEMOCRATIC IDEAL that our forefathers intended for this nation, that has been perverted by the uber wealthy for too long now!

And they are starting to feel the heat as we approach the next Presidential election because ‘WE the PEOPLE’ are finally beginning to wake up, and TIMES ARE CHANGING!

Remember what I said, what we really need is ‘MEDIA DISTANCING’ and we need to stop being such fear-mongering, germaphobic SHEEP.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. She is also the host and producer of “The Connie Bryan Show”, airing monthly in 15 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at conniebryan.com, or subscribe to her channel at Youtube/ConnieBryan.)