"United States of Corruption"

“United States of Corruption”

What do you think is the BIGGEST threat to America today?

If your knee-jerk reaction to this question is to say “terrorism”, unfortunately you’ve been effectively brainwashed by that excessive propaganda message in the news media. The same is true for anyone who would say “gun violence” is the biggest threat we face. The media has excessively hyped such coverage making you think gun crime is way up, when in fact the most recent polls and studies from the FBI and Pew research, etc., are showing gun crime is unbelievably DOWN BY HALF what it was 20 years ago! 

So why doesn’t the media excessively cover the REAL biggest threat to America today?: The growing threat of what I refer to as “Corporatism” – Big Corporations’ corrupting and co-opting our democratic process, and our government serving and representing ONLY THEM and no longer “We the People of the United States of America”. 

There is a very practical reason for the media not covering that real and present threat, and that is that if they did, they’d be biting the very unAmerican corrupt hand that feeds them, and gives them their ‘talking points’ to distract you the viewer so that you don’t ever rise up to take your country back! If you don’t see this major corrupt corporate threat to your ability to achieve the American Dream, you are a mouth-breathing moron, plain and simple. And I mean that in a totally bi-partisan way. 

It is nothing short of treasonous for corporations to move their money to offshore accounts to avoid American taxes as most of them do now. It is nothing short of an effort to destroy the American Dream for the working class to fire American workers and build factories overseas using third world slave labor instead, as Apple and most other corporations are doing now. THIS IS THE REASON FOR OUR HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE! I cannot stress that enough. 

It isn’t the struggling economy that is the cause of unemployment. Under the circumstances of the damage caused to your ability to find good paying work due to such unAmerican practices, the unemployment rate is surprisingly LOW! That is to say I’m surprised it isn’t much worse.

But the jobs many have had to settle for don’t hold a candle to the much better paying jobs that were robbed from American workers by “corporatism” and Big Business, motivated by excessive greed at the expense of American workers, that regular “capitalism” was annoyingly preventing them from achieving. So they motivated politicians (BOUGHT THEM) and then received long sought government incentives to move their operations and bank accounts off shore and to the Third World at the absolute detriment to the American worker. 

The American worker who slaved for many years for those same corporations, trusted and assumed those American corporations were red, white and blue, patriotic, ‘all American’ and would show them loyalty – that trusting patriotic American worker woke up one day to the harsh reality that this country betrayed him on an UNCONSTITUTIONAL level. He woke up to find the corporation he gave his heart and soul to had done a 180 degree turn from “We the People” to “We the Corporations”. 

Why? Because corrupt levels of greed between lobbyists, politicians, corporations and shareholders OCCUPIED our forefather’s vision of a MORAL, VALUES-DRIVEN Democratic Republic ‘Of the People, By the People and For the People’. That vision of the American Dream for the common man is literally and hysterically LAUGHED at by Wall Street every day now, all the way to the “OFF SHORE” BANK!

Which reminds me…What ever happened to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? It appears as though ‘Occupy’ was occupied by hippie-dippies and too many homeless looking to take advantage of the attention and free handouts. This combination that ‘occupied’ the Occupy Movement really made it impossible for them to stay on an important critical and simple message for the American people. Occupy’s message needed to be simply what I have stated above. 

Instead, tens of thousands of doper neo-liberal, pro-socialism or communism whack jobs came out of their medical pot dispensaries and leached off of the Occupy Movement with their legalize drugs petitions, stop global warming distractions (though we do need to stop global warming, but Occupy was not the place for that message)…”Save the (insert endangered species here)” etc…instead of staying on the message of “Saving Government by WE THE PEOPLE”. 

Whales and elephants and the spotted owl are important (and so is medical pot for the 20 or 30 legitimate people with a terminal illness who really need it to hold down food) but that’s EXACTLY the distraction Wall Street and Super Corporations wanted to happen to the Occupy Movement, to keep it from galvanizing the American people. 

Walmart, Exxon and Home Depot probably hired global warming and save the whale activists to help build that distraction. They already had the cable news media in their pocket to take every opportunity they could to shine the camera’s spotlight on whatever they could show that would make the Occupy Movement look stupid and unorganized. Sadly, the movement made that way too easy for them.

In the meantime, Wall Street knows the joke is on us…Because the real effective OCCUPY MOVEMENT has been CORPORATISM kicking democratically regulated Capitalism to the curb…Corporations ‘occupying’ our democracy at the expense of the American Dream for “We The People”.