What is ‘Normal’? When we insist on going ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW!’ (My ‘We the People’ outreach Facebook group I invite you to join where I post op-eds and clips from ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/backtonormalnow), what do we mean by ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW!’?

Well let’s first talk a little bit about what ‘normal’ is NOT…

Normal is NOT Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Central Banks and transnational monopoly corporations controlling our government and our news media.

Normal is NOT Google/YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Twitter and other Big Tech monopolies CENSORING and BANNING Americans simply because their comments and posts were in DISSENT with the ‘mainstream narrative’ being controlled & pushed by those Big Tech social media monopolies.

The test of the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of ‘free speech and expression’ is that we protect it EVEN WHEN WE ABSOLUTELY HATE what the person says…We still protect their right to say it if it doesn’t advocate violence or harm to others…It’s about ensuring that social media is a ‘marketplace of ideas’ for EVERYONE, not a ‘marketplace of CONTROLLED IDEOLOGY!’ by an elite few!

Normal is not PayPal recently announcing they were going to begin FINING their customers $2500 and removing that money directly from their account for any social media speech that PayPal deemed ‘MISINFORMATION'(an obvious and deliberately vague term)…They had to withdraw this ‘Marxist’ policy when they began bleeding out financially, losing customers in droves as a result.

Normal is NOT Big Pharma shills like BOTH TRUMP AND BIDEN, dutifully following the ‘Covid’ script over the last 2 years, telling Americans they should take such a dangerous experimental, still largely untested MRNA ‘gene therapy’ injection, ostensibly over a virus that even the WHO and the CDC told us repeatedly that the vast majority of the population would not even know they had it if they caught it!

Normal is not BOTH TRUMP AND BIDEN enforcing TRUMP’S initial Presidential Emergency Health Executive Order, that he allowed to remain ‘law’ for an entire year before Biden took office, in order to justify coercing & pushing those experimental, largely untested MRNA shots not only on adults, but now targeting babies, toddlers and children in order to GO TO SCHOOL!

Normal is not Gavin Newsom & his aunt Nancy Pelosi BOTH hypocritically engaging in telling Americans they couldn’t have a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday celebration with more than THREE people during the ‘panic-demic’, while they were BOTH caught flagrantly doing the opposite…

Both holding a huge party in Napa wine country, completely unmasked! In Newsom’s case, it was with at least 12 sitting around a dinner table unmasked at the posh ‘French Laundry’ restaurant…

Then only a few months later, despite Newsom’s barely avoiding being removed from his office in the subsequent RECALL attempt, Pelosi continues her family’s hypocritical tradition and holds a giant fundraiser at another posh restaurant in Napa, photographed with 50 to 100 or more DONORS in the audience, with she and virtually all of the donors unmasked except for WHO??

The restaurant STAFF! Of course the lowly restaurant servants of Pelosi royalty must wear masks, not she or her DONORS!

All this happening DURING the ‘panic-demic’ when they were guilt tripping all Americans to wear masks everywhere they go, forcing kids to where masks all day at school, forcing many including children into dire states of suicidal depression with needless lockdowns, destroying Americans’ small businesses and independent livelihoods, all while teaming up with huge monopolies like Amazon, who were raking in RECORD PROFITS!…

This was entirely BY DESIGN, while carefully colluding, we are now finding out, with Big Tech(Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter) to CENSOR AND BAN any Americans who tried to speak the truth AS I DID on my show regularly, about life saving effective early treatments like hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin…

Colluding with Big Tech to CENSOR AND BAN anyone who tried to share, AS I DID on my show, the FDA’s own admission, in their own October 2020 report (announcing the VAERS system) just as the ‘shots’ were about to be rolled out, that they were EXPECTING very dangerous and potentially fatal side effects from the experimental, not fully tested MRNA ‘gene editing’ shot, and actually listing in that October 2020 FDA report, all the severe and deadly side effects (including death, heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, Bells Palsy, blood clots, etc) that we have now seen and heard happening from untold numbers of Americans.

Normal is not hospitals and doctors reporting a mind blowing, NEVER BEFORE SEEN INCREASE in sudden unexplained deaths in adults under 40, that the Big Pharma controlled media is now coining ‘SADS’ (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). Notice the similarity to ‘SIDS’ in infants, that more and more correlations are being found to indicate SIDS is most likely vaccine related!

Normal is not, coincidentally at the same time as the huge ‘SADS’ phenomenon, a growing number of life insurance company CEO’s now reporting a shocking, never before seen 20 to 40% increase in ALL CAUSE MORTALITY across the board, AFTER the ‘panic-demic’ has passed, but coincidentally growing IN TANDEM with the growth in pushing these experimental MRNA shots that also have never been used on the public before!

Normal is not the New England Journal of Medicine, in partnership with the CDC and Fauci’s National Institute of Health, reporting in a shocking 2021 study that was BURIED by the Big Pharma controlled news media, (but that I covered in depth on my show as well) admitting that in their study of pregnant women receiving the experimental Covid shot, a stunning 84% of the pregnant women who got the shot PRIOR to the end of their 2nd trimester, LOST their baby with a ‘spontaneous abortion’!

Normal is not Trump still to this day CELEBRATING both his ‘WARP SPEED’ pushing of these deadly harmful experimental shots on the American public, and his actions overall in enabling ALL of the utterly corrupt and unnecessarily harmful ways that were used to destroy Americans’ civil liberties and personal livelihoods with needless lockdowns, and corporations (and the military of all things) often telling their employees they would be fired or discharged if they didn’t take the shot!

NORMAL IS NOT THINKING WE NEED TO RE-ELECT SUCH A GLOBALIST SHILL, who fooled half the country with his ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ con artistry, making you think he was not what he was…Just another Globalist front man there to make sure that deadly destructive ‘panic-demic’ script was enacted. I am not saying there wasn’t a virus…

I am obviously saying it was dishonestly HYPED by the mainstream media, dutifully following an unnecessary ‘fear porn’ propaganda narrative ‘script’ they were given by Big Pharma (Pfizer being their biggest advertiser for some time now) all over a virus comparable only to a harsh flu season as admitted by Dr. Fauci and Robert Redfield (Director of the CDC) in their co-authored article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in March of 2020. Funny how the mainstream media didn’t report a word about that article!

Trump’s Presidential Health Emergency Executive Order is the primary catalyst that enabled all of this fear porn hype and propaganda, and in so doing, funneled TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars to motivate all the governors of all the states to implement those lockdowns and mask mandates, etc…

A lot of Americans still don’t know how that Presidential Health Emergency Executive Order required RENEWAL authorization EVERY 90 DAYS!

Trump had a full year to reverse course on behalf of We the People, after his Presidential Health Emergency Executive Order made ALL of this happen. And did he take any opportunity at the multiple 90 day points he had, to STOP IT? No.

And as I said, he not only didn’t stop it when he could clearly see, as the rest of us did early on, that it was mass Big Pharma propaganda and a fraudulent, deadly agenda, but he has not stopped celebrating his decisions ever since! He has done nothing but continue to push this deadly ‘clot shot’ that he originally gave the ‘WARP SPEED’ green light to push on the American public.

Normal is NOT thinking that voting Republican or Democrat is a solution. What do they say the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over that you know keeps causing you and others terrible harm or heartache, but you keep repeating that act over and over expecting a different result.

Normal is not our elected officials allowing our corporations to be monopolies, DECIMATING middle class and lower class ‘mom and pop’ small businesses, when there are strong antitrust laws on the books precisely meant to STOP that very predatory business practice! But our Democrat and Republican elected reps are bought off by Amazon, Google, Pfizer & Monsanto to mention only a tiny fraction.

Our elected representatives represent ‘We the Corporations’, not ‘We the People’.

Normal is not the ‘Citizens United’ ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, also bought off by those monopolies, rendering such a corrupt, HORSE SH#T ruling that ‘CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE’ and ‘MONEY IS THEIR FREE SPEECH’!

Understand something very important: That ruling was nothing short of its own attempt at enabling a ‘CORPORATISM COUP’ over We the People and our Democratic Republic, and over what ETHICAL FREE ENTERPRISE was intended to be by our foremothers and forefathers!

Now let’s talk about what ‘normal’ IS…

Normal IS We the People SEPARATING from this corrupt ‘TWO PARTY SYSTEM’…Democrats and Republicans being just TWO SIDES of the same ‘CORPORATISM COIN’ as it were.

How do We the People get ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW’? (https://www.facebook.com/groups/backtonormalnow)

We create a careful deliberate plan going forward that involves ‘writing in’ NON CORPORATE, NON DEMOCRAT, NON REPUBLICAN names for top government office, that WE carefully select…

And we ensure that this plan does NOT result in another President who is either a Harvard lawyer/former corrupt governor, or another Bush or Clinton FAMILY DYNASTY, or for God’s sake, not another rich master con artist corporate globalist shill like Donald Trump…

Back to normal means CHANGING this system and ENDING this ‘CORPORATISM COUP’ against not just the American people, but a coup waged against the personal sovereignty of all humanity, with their World Economic Forum stated agenda of a one world government, seeking to once and for all end elected governments of nation states (especially democratic nation states), and replace them with a global technocracy of total control and 24/7 surveillance of everything you do and say, dictated by CORPORATE MONOPOLY ‘STAKEHOLDERS’ and CENTRAL BANKS.

Their admitted one world global government agenda being praised and pushed by the likes of Klaus Schwab (Executive Director of the World Economic Forum) in his book ‘Covid-19 and The Great Reset’, is to replace personal and national sovereignty and democracy with a centralized government of global corporatism, deliberately and primarily intended to make all of humanity entirely CONTROLLED & DEPENDENT on a select few monopoly corporation ‘stakeholders’.

How do We the People take our rightful control and our American Dream back that our foremothers and forefathers intended?

NOT BY VOTING DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN, but by creating an ethical constitutional party for We the People…A party that first and foremost ENDS CORPORATE CONTROL, as it should have been ended by our Supreme Court and our corrupt Democrat and Republican elected reps LONG AGO!

But as I said, BOTH parties are permanently captured and compromised, and the only hope We the People have to restore our precious shining light of democracy, freedom and personal sovereignty that the Statue of Liberty represents, is by creating a NEW PARTY…


Connie Bryan