trumpmouthIf you didn’t see the bizarre spectacle of Trump’s latest press conference yesterday (Thursday, February 16th), watch it on Youtube at the risk of losing some of your own brain cells simply trying to follow his fequent ‘alzheimer-style’ inappropriate rambling.

Among other ‘down the rabbit hole’ comments, Trump characterized his White House as operating like a “fine tuned machine”. Then immediately after he had announced his big press conference news that he had a fantastic replacement for General Flynn, his new NSA pick said ‘no thanks’.

Reporters seemed afraid to hold Trump on topic as he interrupted them constantly, and rambled in frequently irrelevant directions, which was really annoying. Journalists cannot continue to let Trump get away with intimidating them into acting passive.

They seemed afraid to hold him to the flame (which is what they are there to do on our behalf) as Trump was repeatedly bullying and abusive to reporters who tried to ask the relevant and serious questions that he didn’t like, most of which were on the topic of his alleged collusion and frequent communication with Russian intelligence officials largely BEFORE his election.

trumpflynnAfter repeatedly blaming all of this latest White House ‘Russia’ scandal on the MEDIA, and not taking any responsibility, but calling all the accusations of Russian connections entirely ‘fake’, Trump was himself soon caught in another of his growing list of lies as he launched into a rambling, ego tripping boast-fest, going on and on about how the election showed how popular he is.

During this self-adoration tirade (the furthest thing from any kind of professional PRESS CONFERENCE) he went to the extent of actually claiming that his number of electoral college votes was such a landslide that it was the LARGEST number since President Reagan was elected. This was of course absolute B.S., and he was called on it by one of the NBC reporters in the room apparently not intimidated by him.

When that reporter immediately asked him how could American’s trust him when he says this entire scandal is fake news, and then he himself brings forth such a false and fake claim as that, Trump was stunned and had no answer. He stumbled and said, ‘Well that is the information that was given to me’…and he added, ‘I’ve heard that information was out there’.

studentgovtUnbelievable! I would compare Trump to some “junior high student government” president, if not for the serious corruption and danger he is placing us in. (Also, I’d hate to insult junior high students in government with such a comparison.)

Most notably, during this bizarre appearance we are loosely calling a press conference, he was forced to go on record saying he did not have ANY contact with Russia prior to the election, and did not direct Flynn to speak to them about sanctions. Now that he has gone on record saying this, we need the intelligence community to release the transcripts.

Just as importantly, we need Flynn under oath answering those same questions ASAP, and if either of those outlets of info show the opposite, then that strongly points to evidence of colluding with Russia during Trump’s campaign, as Putin and the Russian’s were seeking to interfere on his behalf for a Trump win. Such evidence could conceivably result in either an impeachment proceeding in Congress, or more appropriately an election invalidation ruling from the Supreme Court.

But we absolutely need the transcripts from the tapped phone calls that the intelligence community has been leaking to be made public as evidence, now that Trump has officially denied it. If that can’t be done, he can likely continue to successfully call it B.S. and ‘fake news’, short of any proof.

airplanemovieoneLastly, if the Trump White House can compare itself to any ‘finely tuned machine’, it would have to be a 747 jetliner, with only one ‘finely tuned’ engine remaining, the rest on fire and losing altitude like in the movie “AIRPLANE”…

airplanerepublicans(Here’s a pic of the Republicans on board)…As they are going down, maybe the only thing that will FINALLY get their attention is if Trump announces over the plane’s intercom that “We are also OUT OF COFFEE!!” (‘Airplane’ scene reference)

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at