ISISflagThere is a story in the Bible in Genesis chapter 5 that is taught to children in Sunday School. It is a story about “Enoch” who “walked with God” so faithfully that he supposedly lived 365 years, and then was able to enter heaven with God without having to experience physical death.

It is one of an endless number of such stories in the Bible, much like the Koran, that rests on the primary theme of condemnation of all other faiths. It stresses that Enoch was singled out with such a blessing from God, while pointing a judgmental finger at all others of different faiths at the time. Like the story of Noah and the ark, it condemns them all as “sinners” worthy of damnation in the eyes of God. But the true meaning of “walking with God” is not taught in this man-made falsehood.

Lately there has been a very weird tendency among some “progressive” pundits and even the President himself, to try to characterize the group ISIS as not being at all a part of Islam. More ridiculous rhetoric than that is hard to find in politics. This is dishonest political correctness gone way “off the reservation”. It is being used in an effort to try to appease many Muslim constituents, who I have to say are still remarkably quiet with respect to their outrage toward the mounting terror in the name of their religion by Al Qaeda and ISIS.

ISIS is a “next generation” of Al Qaeda…Al Qaeda 2.0 if you will. They have consistently made it abundantly clear that all Muslims need to align with them as they are creating the one and only Islamic State and worldwide Islamic caliphate that the Koran specifically calls for Muslims to do.

How can you keep from laughing when someone then tries to say that ISIS is not Islamic? That is like saying Donald Trump’s hair looks natural. One need look no further than the actual black flag of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) that is currently flying over a large portion of Iraq and parts of Syria, which bears the following Islamic creed: “There is no God but God (Allah) and Mohammed is his messenger”.

Just like most Christians and Jews who believe the story of Enoch and many other similar stories like those of Abraham, Moses and Jesus being “messengers” of their “one true God”, Muslims (including the extremist groups ISIS and Al Qaeda) believe they “walk with God” by proclaiming that all others who don’t share their “faith” are infidels and deserve God’s condemnation as “sinners”. Don’t let any Muslim try to tell you that isn’t a major teaching ever present in the scriptures of the Koran.

I want to be clear here with my point…Do not let the degree of barbarism of ISIS make you lose sight of the much bigger picture, that being its root cause: A “faith” that teaches that the believer is “walking with God” and all others are condemned if they don’t convert.

The CAUSE is much more important to recognize than the EFFECT, born out in different forms and iterations at different time frames in mankind’s history. This is a common sick trend in the man-made Big Three religions.

The Christian church often has engaged in the same barbaric kinds of genocidal terror that ISIS is currently engaged in, they just engaged in it at different times in history for societal control, and they did so under the same creed, that being that there was no God but their God.

The same is true about the Jews throughout history, who were notorious for celebrating their “Godly ordained” acts of holy genocide and terror against nations of “unbelievers” that they came across. (Read Joshua Chapter 6 for one of countless such stories rampant in the Old Testament)

NONE OF THEM WERE WALKING WITH GOD with their man-made condemnation and religious violence. Does that reflect unconditional love and forgiveness?

Walking with God is accomplished only when one finally STOPS looking on one’s fellow human brothers and sisters as “sinful”. Walking with God BEGINS when one realizes you and your DIVERSE brothers and sisters are all an extension of God, no matter what differing philosophies they all may have about things spiritual. And I mean to include even those who currently are still “asleep” spiritually, simply because they cling to a condemning monolithic “faith” that is more appropriately described as a “security blanket” like the one Linus was attached to in the Peanuts cartoons.

One begins walking with God when one looks on all their diverse brothers and sisters with unconditionally forgiving eyes. Forgiveness is the “secret”…not some gimmicky “positive thinking” mantra like in the movie “The Secret”. And those who adamantly and dogmatically cling to their condemning beliefs found in the Bible and the Koran, simply will not find their real spiritual ability to work miracles until they forsake that childish security blanket for the lie that it has always been, no matter what “messenger” or what supposedly “holy book” spouted such condemnation of God’s diverse creation.

One begins walking with God when one realizes we are co-creators with God in everything that creation is. WE CREATE HEAVEN OR HELL FOR OURSELVES RIGHT HERE AND NOW.

You do not walk with God until you realize that your hands, your feet, your eyes, your ears, your tongue…everything about you was co-created with God for one purpose: To create Heaven on earth by bringing healing miracles of love and forgiveness to everyone you meet, NO MATTER HOW DIFFERENT THEIR BELIEFS MAY BE. Try it and see for yourself. When you adopt this mindset and see your fellow man as a Holy part of what God is, totally forgiven in all things, and incapable of being condemned, you will be amazed at the miracles that begin to occur in your life and theirs.

The Bible and the Koran teach the opposite. They were written by men who were absolutely not walking with God. They are full of hateful condemnation toward all other faiths. They are full of passages that portray God ordaining “slavery” and genocide of all those who did not share their beliefs. Jesus is quoted in Matthew Chapter 10 vs. 34 as saying he did not come to bring peace, but a sword, and to turn a father against his son, etc.

The verse before that he is quoted saying those who don’t worship his name he will reject before God in the end. Does that sound like unconditional love and forgiveness to you? These “scriptures” are all nothing but man made lies that have ironically led the world away from real spiritual truth. It is way overdue for them to be finally exposed for the ineffective, fraudulent teachings that they are.The Bible and the Koran were written by men who were seeking to create a religion to control the masses for social power and political gain at the time.

You can’t have it both ways, unless you find me a scripture verse that diagnoses God as “manic depressive”, “bi-polar” or more accurately “schizophrenic”. The Bible very often DOES NOT reflect a God of Love…On the contrary, over and over it reflects a God of vengeance (“vengeance is mine saith the Lord”) and condemnation. But “Love”…true unconditional love cannot ever condemn. It must forgive. Again, by definition, love and forgiveness CANNOT EVER CONDEMN. Also by definition, what is Holy cannot create what is sinful.

Think about it…a Holy, perfect God could not create something that was not Holy and perfect like Himself. Even the Bible admits this logic when it says we were made in God’s image. Your “free will” would be the same as God’s free will, and that free will could only be Holy if it was a product of a Holy God’s creation. Your free will is not what results in you “sinning”. It can and has resulted in all of us occasionally making mistakes, but you are not by nature “unholy”…That is to say you are not “sinful by nature” as Christians and Muslims like to believe from their Bible and Koran scriptures.

The problem we face today that is much more dangerous than isolated extremists like ISIS, is the psychological harm perpetrated on the human race as a whole over time, entirely caused by the bigoted man made lies of the Bible, the Koran and their associated organized religions. Entirely due to the continuing widespread false teachings of the Big Three religions and their condemning monotheistic fraudulent “holy books”, religious bigotry in the name of God or Allah is not only encouraged, it is commanded by their “holy scriptures”.

As a result, both the Bible and the Koran have underpinned and inevitably led to violent extremism and genocide by all three major “faiths” in the name of “God’s Love” century after century for thousands of years. As I’ve written about before, Christians may not currently be engaging in such violence, but not only did they engage in it on a broad scale in past centuries, an overwhelming vast majority of Christians today are actively hoping and praying for an Armageddon defined by just such a genocidal violent “Holy Jihad” of their own, that they believe is prophesied from their Bibles.

This “End of Days” belief they embrace like Linus’ security blanket includes the return of Jesus from the sky, riding on a white horse or cloud, coming down to earth to deal out WORLDWIDE genocide and damnation on all “unbelievers”. They actively teach their children today that Jesus will do so out of “righteous vengeance”, entirely on their behalf for being “faithful followers”.

Of course their end of days belief includes Jesus taking only them to heaven, and all others not only massacred by his army of angels, but then sent to burn in Hell for all eternity. I ask you again, does that sound like a God of Love and forgiveness to you? Are you beginning to notice a pattern with these Big Three religions? Most Muslims have a similar Armageddon belief with the result being all other faiths are to be wiped out by Allah.

When you realize many Christians’ and Muslims’ currently hold such beliefs rooted in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Koran, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist – why don’t we say a nuclear rocket scientist for added effect – to put two and two together and come up with the realization that “self fulfilled prophecy” of such “end times” is a valid concern. It is a concern just as big if not larger than ISIS and Al Qaeda are currently presenting. ISIS is a symptom of the disease, which is not contained to only Islam, as I have described.

We find our true spiritual power to work miracles and we begin “walking with God” when we wake up and realize those condemning teachings and man made lies rampant all over the Bible and the Koran do not reflect God’s unconditional love, and they are the absolute cause of that disease. They reflect man trying to make God in his image, and not the other way around. We begin walking with God when we realize we are here to SAVE ONE ANOTHER with unconditional forgiveness.

Here is the bottom line that is critical to understand: There is no external “savior” coming on a white horse or a cloud in the sky to finally fix everything for us, and kill all those we’ve decided are our enemies and not our brothers and sisters, while saving only us. We begin walking with God when we wake up and realize that it is no different than racism to look on our fellow man and think they are beneath us, and that consequently they deserve damnation solely because they are of a different faith.That is a huge red flag that you are not walking with God, and your religion is a powerless man made lie.

One of the biggest lies of both the Bible and the Koran is their fundamentally flawed teaching that God is EXTERNAL to you, and that you are SEPARATE from what God is. However, the real spiritual truth is in fact the opposite: You and all your brothers and sisters are an active, eternal part of the Divine Creator, and never could you be separate from what God is.

As such, when we walk among our diverse brothers and sisters, we are literally walking with God, because all of us are a part of the Divine. And walking with God means we see one another not as “sinful”, but as simply capable of making mistakes from which we are meant to learn Divine lessons.

Walking with God means you realize your ONLY purpose as a spirit in this material world, is to help bring unconditional forgiveness, healing and love to your fellow man, no matter how diverse they are. Your only purpose is to do so with no condemnation whatsoever for any reason, because you recognize their sinlessness, and that they are a Holy part of what God is, trying to learn their life’s lessons, just like you. This is the true source of “salvation” for all mankind, that being the final understanding that there is no condemnation, only forgiveness. This is how we SAVE ONE ANOTHER and finally begin to create lasting peace and Heaven on earth.

Connie Bryan