connieheadshotresizeone.jpgWe could take the same approach as the school system has toward reducing teen pregnancy: They make sure all the kids HAVE CONDOMS, or quick access to them… and instead of teaching the merits of abstinence, they teach them about the Missionary Position (did Missionaries REALLY start this position), multiple orgasms, etc.

Imagine how many fathers have been so uplifted by this great approach when their 14 year old daughter came home happily exclaiming, “Daddy, Look what we learned how to use in school today…It’s called a lubricated Trojan…What does ‘ribbed’ mean? Have you ever used one of these?” “Yes Honey, that’s how you got here.” So, using a similar approach to reduce school shootings, we could make sure every child is issued, or has access to their own Glock 9mm handgun, and we could require firearms training and range instruction under the P.E. curriculum (which often is where the “Health/Sex” Education is categorized). What? It’s a better idea than metal detectors…after all, this is America and shouldn’t kids learn early about our culture’s most prized possession? What’s your idea?