Here is the ROOT of our problem: “Politics” is the OPPOSITE of “Ethics” on BOTH the Left & the Right…

It has been said that in a nutshell, ethics can be defined as ‘doing the right thing even when no one is looking’. Our current political system has become so DEVOID of ethics, and so sold out to monopoly corporations at the required expense of ethics and the interests of We the People, that it now shamelessly does the CORRUPT thing EVEN WHEN EVERYONE IS LOOKING!

You always have the academic idiot who, when they hear a reference to ethics, loves to try to attack that word and pull ‘moral relativism’ out of their ass and say, ‘Ethics are relative…who are you to define what ethics are?’

As ignorant as such an assertion is, you need to understand where this cynicism has its roots. It has its roots in the unconscionable hypocritical immorality of Judeo/Christianity and Islam, that have shamefully tried to say that their bigoted false teachings about ‘God’ are the fundamental authority on morality and ethics. (Please see my one hour special episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ entitled ‘The Truth is Found in the Middle Ground’, and also Part One of my new series ‘History of the Globalists and Their Agenda of World Control Exposed’…You can watch them both on demand on my website at

Ethics are not ‘relative’ and ‘different for everyone’. Ethics, and by extension ‘morality’ are not ‘different for everyone’. Yes, they may be different for someone like HITLER, or the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer…But for those of us who are not sociopathic narcissistic killers, ethics are the SAME for everyone, and their roots predate ALL organized religion with what is known as ‘THE GOLDEN RULE’.

There is no ‘moral relativism’ in ‘The Golden Rule’…it is in fact, ABSOLUTE…’Treat others they way YOU want to be treated.’

Do you want others to lie to you? Then don’t be dishonest.

Do you want others to condemn you for your spiritual beliefs?
Then don’t ascribe to a belief that at its fundamental core DAMNS and CONDEMNS all other beliefs than theirs!

Do you want others to respect you for who you are and for what makes you unique?
Then don’t disrespect and denigrate others for their unique personal diversity or sexual orientation, especially using your religious dogma to do so.

Do you want freedom? Then don’t support social or political agendas that threaten the freedom of those who may have different opinions than you.

Do you appreciate your freedom of speech? Then always guard that freedom even for those who you adamantly may disagree with!

I could go on and on with such examples which prove that there is no ‘moral relativism’ regarding human ethics, when we understand ethics properly as ‘doing the right thing’ based on how WE would want to be treated.

Ethics and morality DO NOT come from your Bible or the Koran. They are NOT fundamentally defined by organized religion. As a matter of fact, they are consistently and hypocritically UNDERMINED by organized religion, which was the ORIGINAL form of MASS MEDIA PROPAGANDA for the purpose of fear based control of the masses, as I have been talking a lot about on my show in recent episodes (like the ones I mentioned above).

Ethics and morality DO come from a proper, correct understanding of ‘spirituality’, that being our SHARED, HOLY ONENESS as human beings, all needing and deserving respect and love for and by one another, irrespective of religious dogmas.

Again, that is fundamentally defined by ‘The Golden Rule’, which was around for many thousands of years BEFORE Judeo/Christianity coopted and bastardized such understanding, polluting it with man made bigotry and putting ‘conditions’ on its application to others.

For just one of MANY hypocritical examples, we need look no further than the first and prime commandment of the so called ‘TEN COMMANDMENTS’ of God, being ‘Thou shalt not kill’.

Any student of the Bible becomes very familiar with the frequent episodes documented all through the Old Testament of God being portrayed by the Jewish writers as ORDAINING the mass genocide of ‘pagan’ non-Jewish cultures…proclaiming them worthy of being killed, every man, woman and child, simply determined by their different ethnicities and cultures. (For just one of countless such examples, see Joshua chapter 6)

We have TWO major problems we need to rid our world of…One being corrupt, unethical politicians, and the other being corrupt, unethical organized religions. THE TRUTH IS FOUND IN THE MIDDLE GROUND.

The answer to the massive Marxist/fascist attack on our free republic from the radical Left controlled and bankrolled by Big Tech, Big Pharma an Big Banks DOES NOT come from your ‘Christianity’ and such superstitious beliefs that they are ‘demon possessed’ and ‘Satanic’, and that ultimately a ‘savior’ must ‘ride down on a horse in the clouds’ and ‘destroy and condemn all the pagan non-believers’, etc, etc.

Not only is that not the answer, but that infantile, superstitious and bigoted belief system has been a HUGE part of what has caused the Left to become so rebellious toward it, that they have lost a correct understanding of the proper and necessary safeguarding and application of REAL ETHICS and REAL COMMUNITY MORALS, in order to protect and ensure freedom and equal justice for all humanity.

The ANSWER is a return to that correct understanding of universal ethics, which comes from an understanding of universal love UNCONDITIONALLY for all diverse humanity.

That means we must create a NEW SYSTEM based on that universal fundamental ethical and moral truth.

First, to create such a new system, we have to hold this current one accountable for its mind-blowing degree of corruption in both politics and organized religion, BOTH being the fundamental source of PSY-OPS and fear based ‘mass media propaganda’…BOTH being the source of keeping humanity DIVIDED, not united in true love and peace, recognizing our SHARED ONENESS.

How do we hold this current corrupt system accountable?

We need to SEPARATE FROM THE HYPOCRISY, and we need to create an ALTERNATE SYSTEM on the local and state level, based on the concepts of freedom, justice and equality that our forefathers decreed, THOUGH THEY NEVER LIVED UP TO, in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, meaning the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

We need to separate from and STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH these corrupt monopoly corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, etc, and Big Pharma to name but a few, and we need to PRIORITIZE SMALL BUSINESSES in a new system of ‘WE THE PEOPLE SANCTUARY COUNTIES & STATES’.

We also need to recruit ethical I.T. individuals who know how to create an ‘ALTERNATE INTERNET’…

I’m sure you have heard of the ‘Dark Net.’ Well we need to create ‘THE GOOD NET’ that goes back to what all of us originally thought was going to be the case with the internet when it first came out…

We thought it would ‘level the playing field’ at least, in the interest of ‘We the People’. Instead, with the fundamental guidance of people like Google’s Eric Schmidt and Apple’s Tim Cook and others, the result has been the opposite to our shock and dismay, that of exploiting We the People by empowering the BIG BRANDS and monopolies at our expense.

We have to separate from ALL of this, and we have to do it NOW.

We have to stop supporting and patronizing those monopoly corporations that have bought off ALL of the politicians and the mainstream media.

We have to stop watching CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, PBS (Public Broadcasting for Sheep) and thinking in doing so, that we are watching the news…YOU ARE WATCHING ‘REALITY TV’, not news of any kind!

I would say you are watching ‘STATE TELEVISON’, but in reality it has become ‘CORPORATE TELEVISION’ because the monopoly Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Banks in partnership together have bought it off entirely, and THEY, not the government, dictate the narrative and the propaganda of the ‘scripted content’ of the so called ‘news’.

There is NO REASON for people to feel coerced by this corrupt system to take such a risky dangerous ‘experimental shot’ for Covid-19, when the CDC has admitted from the beginning of this ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ created by mainstream media, that the vast majority of us would not even know we had it if we caught it, and that it was only a danger to a very small ‘at risk’ group.

That being the case, if anyone should need to consider any new experimental treatment, COMMON SENSE would dictate it would be who?? THAT SMALL ‘AT RISK GROUP’, not the majority of us who have an expected 99.95% survivability rate, and NOT OUR CHILDREN FOR GOD’S SAKE, who face even less of a risk from the virus than that…virtually NO RISK!!

The reason this experimental shot is being pushed on the masses by the mass media and Big Pharma, is because there is an AGENDA OF CONTROL at the root of it.

There is no reason for our children to be made to wear masks all day in school, which we know is very harmful to their development in both physical and psychological ways…

More and more we are seeing parents making their children wear masks outside in the fresh air. In some cases, we find that the parent will say, ‘I’m not making them wear it, it has become a sort of security blanket thing, and they don’t want to take it off’.

This is part of the intended ‘programming’ and the agenda of control behind all of this…

The fear based propaganda narrative is designed to target not just the adults, but more importantly our children, and get them trained to become germaphobes for the rest of their lives, so that gradually, like the proverbial ‘frog in the slow boiling pot’, we don’t realize we are being enslaved and our freedom and independence is being destroyed by a corporate globalist agenda until it is too late to stand up to it and stop it.

We can’t wait any longer. We need to begin separating from this corrupt system of ‘CORPORATISM’ that is trying to destroy free enterprise, our independent means of production and our personal sovereignty, and everything that our free republic was founded upon.

The answer is not your Bible with superstitious concepts of ‘Satanism’ and ‘demons’ etc. The answer is UNIVERSAL HUMAN ETHICS for all…

UNIVERSAL HUMAN ETHICS free from corporate, political or religious control, as our Statue of Liberty proudly exemplifies as a shining example for the rest of the world to follow.

We have yet as a nation to LIVE UP TO THAT CONCEPT. It is now up to We the People to finally separate from this unethical and grossly immoral corruption, and finally live up to those universal ethical principles of EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS that our founding mothers and fathers CLAIMED to be about!

Connie Bryan

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(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, now airing in 16 markets nationwide incl Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website on demand at