ConnieHdshtSmallFile1There’s so much wrong going on all around us today…What is the problem? The problem is what people choose to care about, that is unhealthy, opposite and counter-productive to what has real value, and what is really important in life.

As many of you know, I write mostly about philosophy and politics. Politics is about people…It is about ordering and governing society, ostensibly in a healthy, non-corrupt, equally just and benevolent manner. But you can never have equally just and benevolent politics without the right PHILOSOPHY. Politics and philosophy are inseparable and dependent upon one another, yet they have been used in a perverted way by man-made institutions of power for thousands of years.

There’s so much wrong going on all around us today…What is the problem? The problem is what people choose to care about, that is unhealthy, opposite and counter-productive to what has real value, and what is really important in life.

Do you really care about bringing the PEACE of “GOD” to the pain you see in the world around you? It doesn’t come from getting high and using drugs for “recreation” whether they be alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, heroin, etc… Nor does the PEACE of “GOD” come from advocating “abortion on demand” of a heart beating child in the womb in the name of “women’s rights”… NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY TO RATIONALIZE EITHER OF THOSE TOPICS, such behavior is the result of a total LACK of the peace of God…

Furthermore, the PEACE of “GOD” doesn’t come from harboring disdain for “undocumented immigrants” coming to our country seeking any way they can to provide for their families, or Syrian refugees desperate for safe shelter for their families from certain death (regardless of the possibility that terrorists could try to exploit that to their advantage).

“God’s” love reaches out to help unconditionally and ALWAYS OVERCOMES fear. Besides, what is always oddly left out of that angry national conversation is that we can certainly at a minimum make it TEMPORARY controlled shelter, and help until they can be RETURNED to their homeland when things stabilize…They don’t have to be permanently relocated.

And most importantly, the PEACE of “GOD” does not come from believing that others are “lost to God” if they don’t share your specific religious belief (i.e. the Bible or the Koran).

More and more, all I see when I look around me is mass hypocrisy…a world full of people who are selfishly fighting AGAINST their true purpose and their true nature…people who are like sheep, and who would just rather conform to what is “popular”, fed to them by power-mongering institutions like organized religion, the media and political parties just to name a few, rather than waking up to the fake, pretentious scene they are helping to sustain by doing so.

This all began with the lies that early Jews fabricated in their fictional “Creation Story” at the beginning of the Old Testament, in their man-made creation of the Jewish religion. At a minimum it is obviously betrayed from the start by the fact that it buries its head in the sand with respect to science, in insisting that the earth began only approx. 5000 years ago.

Of course we know that scientists, anthropologists and history scholars have discovered and proven that there were MANY great and small societies, civilizations and cultures in existence many thousands of years BEFORE the admitted timeline from which the Jewish race began supposedly in their “Garden of Eden”, as we trace the generations carefully listed there, of who begat who all the way back to Adam and Eve.

So clearly, the Bible is lying from the beginning with its dogmatic insistence that the Jews are “God’s chosen people,” and that God began human creation with them. That is too big of a lie to just overlook, and to blindly teach your children to overlook. At some point, if you have a healthy head on your shoulders, you would have to wake up and realize that to just overlook such a fraudulent teaching would have to mean you were strongly brainwashed with such religious lies.

Accordingly, another huge lie from the jump is that they would DEMAND that everyone believe such a story was not man-made myth and fiction. Yet more importantly, the BIGGEST lie they created that has caused the most damage for humanity (since the BIG THREE organized religions all originate from this fiction) is the false teaching that you are “SINFUL BY NATURE”.

If you really care about bringing the PEACE of “GOD” to the world around you, you have to wake up to the spiritual truth that YOU ARE A HOLY PART OF WHAT GOD IS.

Who is ANYONE to call you “sinful”, unless they are just trying to control and manipulate you, by seeking to define you that way? What is it about you that is so innately “bad”?

If you stop and meditate on this “in the moment”, you will realize that your nature is beautiful…there is nothing bad or evil in your thoughts. There is only the here and now, and if you meditate on what your thoughts are in the here and now, you will find NO SIN present. Now, that is not to say you don’t make mistakes… But is it SIN to make mistakes? Do we not learn from our mistakes and find a great deal of growth from them? OF COURSE WE DO! So who is ANYONE to try to define you as evil by nature?

Man-made organized religion, that’s WHO…Crafted by early Jews for the Old Testament, and then the spin off by later “Messianic Jews” who crafted Christianity with the New Testament are ENTIRELY dependent on this lie to control the masses by using such intense guilt…by creating this false concept of “God”…by teaching that you are totally SEPARATE from what “God” is, and so sinful that you should be condemned to an eternity of torture in Hell. This is all a monstrous man-made lie, and completely upside down from spiritual truth. But it has been incredibly effective as a power tool for eons, to scare and control entire cultures.

First of all, if God is perfect and holy, how could God create something that was not also perfect and holy?  REGARDLESS of the “free will” factor…The free will factor just means you will have independent freedom to make your own ‘mistakes’, and learn from those mistakes. But those mistakes would not be “sin”, because God is holy and a holy God could not EVER create something that isn’t holy as well. That is undeniable, and it is hypocrisy to teach otherwise…To believe otherwise is akin to what I already described above, insisting that humans and the earth are only several thousand years old…It is a logical fallacy to say the least.

That is why such a teaching is evident of man-made bigotry…It is far from teaching that God created man in God’s image…It is the opposite…an attempt to “create God in MAN’S FALSE image” in order to practice man-made elitism, manipulation and control over others. We see this pattern constantly and repeatedly demonstrated in the Old and New Testaments, and we see it demonstrated equally as much in the Koran embraced by Muslims.

The immense damage caused by this lie is mainly due to how such a false, “sinful” self-image results in people not realizing that it is UP TO US TO CREATE THE PEACE OF “GOD”…not realizing that IT IS UP TO US TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH! What such a false teaching does is that it makes the Jew, Muslim or Christian think that the only “salvation” or “healing” must come from an external source or”savior” that will come down on a cloud from the sky to fix everything for them someday.

As a matter of fact, if you study the “end times” scriptures of both the Bible and the Koran, this sick ‘savior fixing everything for them’ belief of Christians and Muslims absolutely and always includes the DESTRUCTION of all others in the name of God at the ‘end times’. And the very real ‘self-fulfilling’ prophecy factor of this intense religious belief is a serious problem facing us today. So make no mistake…Anyone who tries to tell you that Christianity and/or Islam are religions of PEACE is a boldfaced liar.

And if we really care about bringing the PEACE of “GOD” to the pain we see in the world around us, it is imperative that this lie be exposed on a consistent basis. And we need to do so regardless of how UNPOPULAR it is, or who might get offended, or how many Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Presbyterians or Kardashians get their underpants in a wad. (OK maybe that last one was a ‘stretch’, pun intended)

Lastly, let me explain the healing result of waking up to the spiritual truth that YOU ARE an eternal HOLY PART of what “God” is…

It means that you wake up to the humbling realization that it is YOU who have the responsibility to BE the unconditional accepting LOVE, HEALING AND PEACE of God to everyone in the world around you. This means you wake up to the realization of the things I began with above…That you have the responsibility to live your life in a healthy responsible way, that sets the right healthy and holy example for others…ESPECIALLY for young people.

It means you wake up to the common sense realization, in setting that right example, that it isn’t healthy to use drugs for “recreation”, or to run around having promiscuous sexual relations like your body is some kind of “tilt-a-whirl” ride at the county fair, setting such an example for young people.

So many who live their lives in such an unhealthy, irresponsible fashion risk not only serious health issues with S.T.D.’s, but also lasting psychological trauma from such MISTAKES (not “sins”), not to mention the emotional and psychological pain of realizing they might have to abort a pregnancy that wouldn’t have happened had they been living responsibly with a healthy understanding of the serious responsibility that comes with sex.

A person who wakes up to the spiritual truth and humbling responsibility that they are a HOLY PART OF WHAT GOD IS…that person does not engage in such hypocrisy. If they do, it is a brief MISTAKE period, NOT A DAMNING SINFUL NATURE, that they learn from and grow from in their experience here.

The reason there is so much pain, hate, violence and war in the world around us is because of the man-made lies embraced by Islam, Judaism and Christianity(Catholicism) that have done nothing but distract from true unifying spirituality, and have created DIVISIVENESS and condemnation throughout the ages continuing to this present day.

Such false teachings over time have prevented much of mankind from realizing that we are ALL TOGETHER a HOLY PART of God”…not divided and separate, with any one religion being the “CHOSEN ONES” or the “CHOSEN RACE”, as is the common theme in the Old Testament for but one example.

As I have said before, and I will most assuredly say it many more times to come, this is the next RENAISSANCE for mankind…

Do you really care about bringing the PEACE of “GOD” to the pain you see in the world around you? If you do, then much like the Civil Rights Movement that made great strides in overcoming the bigotry of racism, our next renaissance must be this spiritual awakening to overcome the institutional bigotry of organized religion.

In other words, it is an inexcusably large lie to say that people’s religious beliefs are harmless…

On the contrary, they are the one thing standing in the way of bringing the PEACE and HEALING of “God” to mankind. They are the one thing impeding mankind’s understanding that we are ALL SPIRITUAL BROTHERS and SISTERS in all our diversity…All of us together being an equal part of what “God” is…all of us equally responsible to love, forgive and heal one another.

There comes a time when it’s ENOUGH with CONFORMITY to the problem…Here and now is that time…Time to stop hitting the snooze alarm.

Connie Bryan

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