Trump’s horse sh#t ‘call for unity’…Just who is he talking to, the OTHER FIVE CRIME FAMILIES?? Law abiding, ethical and patriotic Americans don’t seek ‘UNITY’ with a corrupt fraudulent criminal who conned his way into the White House. CRIMINALS seek unity with other criminals, and they do so when it suits their colluding, corrupt criminal interests.

The shame on those Republicans responsible for creating this sh#t-show, and who are continuing to try to ‘normalize’ this Republican party insanity is beyond description, it is so disgusting and hypocritical. NONE of this is normal.

Trump is exactly the opposite of the role models we teach our children to look up to. Last night’s ‘Sh#t of the Union’…I mean ‘State of the Union’ Address was theater of the absurd, and globally embarassing – Like the movie “IDIOCRACY” come to life…

Who would have thought Etan Cohen, the screenwriter of the movie ‘Idiocracy’ was actually writing a prophetic documentary instead of an absurd dark comedy…Who would ever have thought that he was a modern day Nostradamus, accurately predicting America’s future.

Our nation is in deep peril, and it is really unconscionable that Trump has been able to remain in the White House this long with the mind blowing level of lies and criminal corruption we’ve witnessed over the last couple of years. If former President OBama had engaged in any fraction of the behavior and dishonesty that this horrible excuse for a human being has on a daily basis, Trump supporters would have been foaming at the mouth for his indictment, regardless of his being a sitting president.

Unity? Oh yes, unity will come to our country soon, but only after JUSTICE brought from the ethical majority of our nation…Only after we have purged the White House from this unfit, corrupt “Mc Donalds Dumpster Fire In Chief”.

Shame on those of you who have been part of the cause of this national disgrace, and who have looked the other way so hypocritically, like those who went along with the emperor in the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (Google it if you are unaware of that story, well worth getting familiar with it).

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at