The measure of a great country, and by extension its ability to lead the world, is not its military might, or its ability to amass great wealth, or its amazing technological advancements…The measure of a great country is how it prioritizes BENEVOLENCE & EQUALITY for the human race above all pursuits.

“We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that ALL men are created equal”

It seems many Republicans have conveniently forgotten that precious axiom that our nation was founded upon. Does Trump’s “Nationalism” and its emboldened ugly white tribalism of those who have enabled him reflect that moral value that our forefathers placed in the first paragraph of our Declaration of Independence? That was of course a rhetorical question…Of course it doesn’t.

And the loud ‘hypocrisy on steroids’ with Trump and his angry white ‘Nationalist’ supporters is glaring on two fronts:

ONE, being how they shamefully create such racism and divisiveness, and then engage in the ‘blame-shifting’ lie that those of us who try to stand up and hold them accountable for it are the ones who are being divisive. Of course that would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous of a mindset, with the homicidal violence and attempts of same that we have recently seen due to Trump branding the free press as the ‘enemy of the people’.

And the second major ‘hypocrisy on steroids’ from Trump and his angry ‘Nationalist’ supporters is their ‘forked-tongue’ dishonesty as it relates to Trump’s endless mocking of ‘GLOBALISM’.

He is now shamelessly bragging about being an ‘old fashioned Nationalist’, claiming that ‘Globalists’ are destroying our culture because Globalism makes a priority of reaching out to all of humanity on this earth, and not just OUR NATION only.

The dishonesty behind this lie is that the humanitarian, planet-wide uniting efforts of Globalism – meaning that kind of Globalism that he attacks as he and his base celebrate their ‘old fashioned Nationalism’…Meaning the kind of benevolent global efforts that a great nation like ours is capable of providing to the world as an effective leader in creating planetary peace and prosperity…Meaning the kind of Globalism that many enlightened individuals, i.e. mostly Democrats, Green Party members and Independents would advocate in the interest of helping, feeding and healing humanity across the globe…

That is the ‘Globalism’ that Trump loves to mock to his cheering, screaming base of ‘Nationalist’ supporters. BUT ALL THE WHILE, he has been and continues to hypocritically invest and wholeheartedly embrace Wall Street’s financial, profit-based model that is forever entirely dependent upon…You guessed it – CORPORATE GLOBALISM.

In other words, one of Trump’s biggest CONS as the “Con Artist-in-Chief” that he so clearly is, and that the majority of Americans could see from the beginning with him, is his obvious lying to his largely uneducated base that he is such a red white and blue, ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ patriot of a business man, when the truth is just the opposite…

His personal business model is largely dependent on Wall Street’s ‘CORPORATE GLOBALISM’ and has been for a very long time – the same being the case with his daughter Ivanka’s business enterprises – continuing behind the scenes to GLOBALLY OUTSOURCE virtually all of the manufacturing of the products the Trumps sell, exploiting the labor of cheap workers in dire working conditions, in some of the very third world countries he is known to refer to as ‘shit-hole’ countries.

So to briefly summarize and combine the effect of these two major lies of the “Trump Con” as it were: Basically we who are seeking to stop this disgraceful ‘Nationalism’ divisiveness, and lead with America’s mightiest strength of benevolence for humanity as a whole in the name of diversity and equality…We are being dishonestly called ‘divisive’ and ‘hateful’ by the very ones who are actively creating ALL of the hate and divisiveness, with their ‘old fashioned Nationalism’ that is obsessed with seeking to instill fear of minorities, especially Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims. That’s the crux of it in a nutshell.

Standing up in the name of that first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that I quoted above does not make us guilty of engaging in ANY form of divisiveness. Doing so doesn’t equate to an ounce of hate on our part.

Those Trump supporters who are beating that lie of a mantra are the same as those who beat that same dishonest lie of a mantra directed at Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders in the 50’s and 60’s, calling them the cause of divisiveness at the time…calling them hateful when they were standing up to such divisiveness, hate and ‘white elitism’ that is so widely known to have become synonymous with the term ‘Nationalism’, and that was antithetical to our nation’s founding ethics and values.

Peace for this planet is going to be created by those of us who are enlightened about the fact that we are ALL brothers and sisters…all of us are ‘in this together’ and we need one another’s love and help. That is not a ‘national’ need only…It is a WORLD WIDE planetary need for all of humanity.

Those of you who are continuing to support this ‘nationalism’ that Trump is bragging about…you have a short time left to feel so emboldened in the spotlight. Soon, that spotlight won’t feel so emboldening to you…Your unAmerican, dying white tribalism and fear-mongering is the ONLY DIVISIVENESS going on.

And as such, it has no place here. It is the opposite of the shining flame of democracy and equality that our Statue of Liberty is holding up for the world to see.

The majority of Americans will be shutting you down in short order, holding you accountable for the shameful, unAmerican, immoral behavior you have tried to make our benevolent country revert to these last disgraceful 2 years.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at