tillersonexxonpicLeave it to the walking, talking definition of double-speak and fraudulent corruption, Donald Trump, to go around swearing to “drain the swamp”and then hypocritically choosing longtime EXXON MOBIL CEO REX TILLERSON for his SECRETARY OF STATE pick.

conniebrainwashmar16As I say in my standup act, we aren’t the United States of America anymore, you know that right? We are clearly the “UUUUUU Gotta be KIDDING ME States of America!”

If not already, it won’t be long before many of you who allowed yourselves to be manipulated by this ‘Con-Artist-in-Chief-Elect’ will wake up to the harsh reality, much like someone who wakes up one day with a horrible rash and discovers the recent ‘LOVE OF THEIR LIFE’ strip club pole-dancer from the “Peppermint Rhino” gave them an STD!

putintillersonRex Tillerson is not only CEO for the last TEN years of one of the most greed-obsessed, polluting and environmentally threatening oil companies on the planet, but he is widely known for being unbelievably cozy with Vladimir Putin and Russia. As CEO of Exxon, he pursued a deal together with Putin for Exxon and Russia to work together to drill for oil in the Antarctic.

But when Russia invaded Crimea and threatened to invade the Ukraine, and it became necessary for President Obama and NATO(National Atlantic Treaty Org) to implement harsh sanctions against Putin and Russia, Tillerson and Putin’s sweetheart partnership was a casualty of those sanctions.

Of course dealing with Putin’s dangerous world aggression was of no concern to Exxon’s Tillerson…He has been angered and opposed to such effective sanctions that interfered with his greed-driven, carbon-obsessed agenda, and he has only cared to resume their joint oil drilling project ever since.

But wait, it get’s much worse…How could it get worse? With Trump, it will be a perpetual worsening of the ‘rash’ I discreetly spoke of above…and those of you who were stupid enough to be ‘bed partners’ with this obvious immoral, disgrace of a human being deserve exactly what you get…

wafflehouseKinda like if you’re in the mood for pancakes and you go to “The Waffle House”… I go to the Waffle House and I get sick, I deserve what I get. I expect the waitress at The Waffle House to have Herpes, a “Trump stamp” and a tongue ring…If I don’t have the common sense to make the right choice to spend a buck or two more and go to IHOP, I GET WHAT I DESERVE!

Well, many of you Trump voters are already beginning to feel the uncomfortable onset of a worsening condition for which their may be no cure or relief until 2020, when the rest of us can repair the damage and threat not only to our nation, but to the whole planet that you have caused! Back to my description of how it gets WORSE with Tillerson’s widely known personal friendship and favor with Putin and Russia…

cialogoToday, the CIA just came out with a scathing report announcing that intelligence they have uncovered clearly indicates that our Presidential election was in fact hacked and manipulated to some degree by Russia, in order to achieve a Trump victory outcome.

So you have this blockbuster news from the CIA, followed by President Obama today immediately ordering a full federal investigation into this allegation by the Central Intelligence Agency, followed by word getting out from Trump’s ‘circus camp’ that he has asked a personal business partner of Vladimir Putin, Exxon’s Rex Tillerson, to be SECRETARY OF STATE!

As honorable Americans, are we going to let this stand? Are we going to just say, “Well, the stock market is in a ‘Trump rally’ mode, so I don’t care, it seems to be working for me…As long as I’m profiting off of this, what do I care?”

TrumpPutinHorseAs honorable Americans, are we going to allow this lying, perversion of the highest office of our land to stand? Are we going to tolerate Russia being bed-buddies with this Perversion-in-Chief? Are we going to tolerate Russia influencing this election for this outcome?

But it is already MUCH worse than just this Russia connection with Exxon’s Tillerson and his reported choice for Sec of State…The same sort of destructive and corrupt choices have been made by Trump for most of the other significant cabinet posts…

pruittcnnHis recent choice for head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency was Scott Pruitt, who is Attorney General of the oil and gas intensive state of Oklahoma. Scott Pruitt is an apparent climate change denier, and in a recent article, “The Economist” magazine not only pointed out that likelihood, but it also stated that Donald Trump would be hard pressed to find anyone more hostile to, or more determined to tear up the environmental rules currently in place under President Obama’s E.P.A.

In an article in the New York Times yesterday, a Harvard professor of environmental economics explained that this particular choice for head of the E.P.A. will certainly ensure that the effective progress achieved under Obama’s administration (and his E.P.A. leadership) in beginning to reverse the devastating environmental effects of world carbon emissions will be completely reversed and wiped out.

andrewpuzderAnd Trump’s choice for Secretary of Labor is equally as unfriendly to the working class voter as his choice for E.P.A. is unfriendly to the environment…He chose Andrew Puzder, CEO of the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr fast food chains.

Just for a couple of brief high notes (or probably should say ‘low notes’)… Puzder is in many ways a twin of Donald Trump’s, especially in the area of sexually objectifying women…And in Puzder’s case, he chose as CEO to make this sexual objectification of women the primary theme of Carl’s Jr’s national advertising campaign. As you will no doubt recall, this included commercials with scantily clad Paris Hilton giving a muscle car a car wash, while pausing to seductively consume a large cheeseburger…

kateuptoncarlsjrOr the one with Kate Upton in a bikini, basically using hamburger juice as ‘personal lubricant’, while engaging in the same “soft porn” sexually graphic behavior. These commercials air regularly during prime time for all ages to see. What kind of responsible example does this set for young boys and girls?

hamburglerWe’ve fallen a long way from the innocent “Ronald McDonald” and “Hamburgler” ads, to the point that millions of really stupid, low character Americans have elected a perverted “BOZO THE CLOWN” as President, DESPITE his being caught on tape for us all to hear, bragging how much he routinely ‘grabs women by their p**sy’ when he first meets them if he thinks they are ‘hot’ because his star status allows him to get away with it.

parishiltoncarlsjrIf Andrew Puzder’s decisions to run such national commercial campaigns for Carl’s Jr weren’t evidence enough of his Trump-esque ‘womanizing’ similarities…We have his personal quote from “Entrepreneur Magazine” in 2015: “I like our ads. I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis. I think it’s very American,”… “I used to hear, brands take on the personality of the CEO. And I rarely thought that was true, but I think this one, in this case, it kind of did take on my personality.”

Andrew Puzder is reportedly also known not only for 50% of his stores being in violation of labor laws, but also for being against increasing the minimum wage, being against worker overtime pay protections, and very outspoken and strongly in favor of machines replacing humans for increased production.

One of his quotes specifically on this topic of machines replacing people included a sharply bigoted component, in which he states that having machines operating in place of human employees is so much nicer because you don’t have to deal with claims of ‘racial, ethnic or sex discrimination’.

TrumpAngerClspAfter Trump’s well known, widely reported lifelong legacy in business of screwing the contractors and working class folks who did work for him, ADMITTEDLY refusing to pay many who did extensive work for him on his casino and hotel empire, forcing them to file suit against him, and most always resulting in his getting them to settle out of court for much less than he had contracted to pay…after this well known Trump legacy of corrupt and fraudulent business practice toward the working and middle class, WHY SHOULD THIS SURPRISE YOU?

Don’t tell me about the stupid “Carrier” jobs…Because I’ll show you what you are purposely ignoring…Carrier was paid off by 7 MILLION DOLLARS in state tax incentives paid for by the tax payers of Indiana to Carrier by Trump’s Vice President, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. And CARRIER IS STILL SENDING 700 JOBS TO MEXICO…They are still doing exactly what Trump is saying he supposedly ‘forced’ them not to do…it is a con-artist lie.

trumpcarrierHe used just one plant of Carrier’s as a photo op, then he used that to lie and fraudulently announce that he has STOPPED Carrier from sending jobs to Mexico…But he did not tell you they were BRIBED with 7 MILLION DOLLARS of state tax incentives…


How’s that rash doing?…Yeah that’s what I thought, already getting a bit worse
isn’t it?

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com )