I realize that more than anything these days, America LOVES to be entertained…We love to pop our popcorn, sip our cheap Merlot or guzzle our Bud Light, and get excited about what shocking thing someone will say next to entertain us, or make a video go viral, etc, etc…For example, some time ago people stopped wanting to listen to comedians who were legitimately funny, and now they just want shock, obscenity and vulgarity, while still ignorantly calling that “comedy”…

That said, I realize that “wanna be comic/commander in chief” Donald Trump says a lot of things that mainstream Americans agree with, i.e. immigration reform, exposing the corruption in politics, creating jobs, making America strong again, etc…

He has learned what we want to hear from an ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT candidate, and like someone who has hired a focus group to painstakingly and meticulously research it, he uses that material relentlessly in his stump speech. But a lot of Trump’s core supporters responsible for his growing national poll numbers (you can bet the majority of whom are probably also HUGE “Duck Dynasty” and “Honey Boo Boo” fans) are easily DUPED by this, and FORGET that Trump is criticizing the very corruption he himself has been an aggressive part of. (Yes grammar Nazi, I ended that sentence with a preposition…so sue me…”NO GRAMMAR FOR YOU!!)

Trump is hypocritically criticizing the very corrupt system that he himself has absolutely depended on and continues to benefit from, playing that corrupt game adeptly in buying off politicians to get where he is as a Billionaire, and a Zebra doesn’t change his stripes…Actually a better metaphor would be, talk about a “fox” campaigning to guard the “hen house”! But we mainstream Americans are apparently just ignorant chickens who don’t have time to worry about that, we just want an “ENTERTAINER IN CHIEF”!

Jeb Bush couldn’t have characterized him better during this last Republican primary debate, when he described Trump as the “CHAOS CANDIDATE”. Jeb went on to say explain that if that is what Americans want…chaos from the most powerful office in the world,  then that’s what they’ll certainly get, not safety, security and a strong nation.

More importantly, if “TEAM DUCK DYNASTY” America agrees with the clear insanity Trump confirmed last night in the debate, that he advocates killing the FAMILY MEMBERS of terrorists, then the moral center of this country of ours is already dead beyond reviving.

He advocated for such a policy in recent weeks, of seeking out the family members of terrorist suspects (Mother, Father, brothers, sisters) and killing them as a backlash…And everyone still just continues to accept him as a serious, legitimate candidate for President of the United States? HAS THE MOVIE “IDIOCRACY” BECOME REALITY IN AMERICA TODAY?

After talking out of his orange ass like that, instead of being laughed off the political stage by the majority of self respecting moral Republicans, he remains the front-runner of the Republican Party. This can’t be happening in my country that I love so much. We can’t be this morally bankrupt.

Finally, when he was asked about this issue last night in the debate, at LEAST Jeb Bush and Rand Paul missed no opportunity to refer to how immoral of a thing it was to suggest and advocate, from someone who wants to hold the most powerful elected office in the world.

Jeb was the only person on the stage who actually called him insane for saying such a thing, and Trump’s ignorant response was to reply, ‘So they can kill us but we can’t kill them?’ …For a second or two, I thought I was watching an actual episode of “Duck Dynasty” or “Honey Boo Boo”, rather than the last Republican primary debate of the election year.

To answer Trump’s mentally challenged question, obviously we can kill terrorists if they kill us, but OBVIOUSLY WE DON’T KILL THEIR FAMILIES to send a message like an episode of “THE GODFATHER” after we catch them. The fact that he can fan the flames of insanity and bigotry with such hate-speak, advocating banning Muslims from the country as well, and not be held accountable for such mentally challenged recklessness by the press or the audience, speaks volumes about the very sick moral center of our nation at present.

Yes I agree we absolutely need an “ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT” candidate…But not a massively ego-tripping, often vulgar former reality show host, ‘WANNA-BE COMEDIAN-in-chief’ snake oil salesman who is ANTI-BASIC MORALITY.

Anti-establishment YES…Anti-basic morality and decency NO.  Is the Republican Party really going to tolerate and continue to legitimize this joke of a candidate?…If so the joke will be forever first and foremost on them!

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her editorials on her blog