JerrySpringerRecently at a Donald Trump rally, something occurred that was very revealing. As Trump was boastfully listing the demographic groups that helped him win one state’s primary, he claimed, “We won with the old, we won with the young, we won with the highly educated”…(then his voice increased with glee as he continued much louder)…”WE WON WITH THE POORLY EDUCATED!”…To which he then added with even more passion in his voice, “I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED!”. And the poorly educated in the crowd hooted uncontrollably just like every Jerry Springer audience you ever heard.

Since that revealing slip on his part that belied where he clearly knows his support base is at, Trump has avoided any repeat of that narrative. But there is no denying that his overall popular base is absolutely and primarily the white, poorly educated of America, which is why he went out of his way to single them out with his glee on that occasion.

And that is the very reason why Trump doesn’t have to give ANY specifics at all about his “plans” during the reality shows…I’m sorry, I mean during the “debates”. You constantly hear political pundits pointing out that he just keeps repeating the same hyperbolic narrative with no details whatsoever.

But what you need to understand is, this is calculated on Trump’s part. He knows that his general ‘Alabama Antique Nose Pickers/Honey Boo Boo/Swamp Pawn Stars/Duck Dynasty’ loving, poorly educated base have ZERO interest and ZERO attention span for such important details.

TrumpPicNBCTrump: “I’m going to build a wall around Hillary Clinton and make Bill pay for it!”

Reporter: “Excuse me Mr. Trump, just how are you going to make Bill pay for it?”

Trump: “No, EXCUSE ME! What organization are you with?”

Reporter: “I’m with NPR, National Public Radio.”

Trump: “NPR??…Give me a break, how did you get in here? How did you ever get a press pass? So basically you had a face too ugly for television reporting, is that it? Actually, you look a lot like Carly Fiorina…you have a face too ugly for even radio!”

To which his poorly educated, Jerry Springer style base scream with glee, because THAT is entirely what they are interested in, not any facts or details of how he would ever implement the things he says.

Trump: “We will begin using water-boarding and much more than that on anyone we think might even know a terrorist, and we will begin KILLING the family members of terrorists!”

Reporter: “Excuse me Mr. Trump, torture and specifically the killing of the families of someone is traditionally a Mafia and organized crime terror tactic…As commander-in-chief, just how do you plan to get the military to carry out such orders that violate the U.S. Constitution, international law and the Geneva Convention?”

Trump: “Haven’t you been paying attention? Just like on my hugely successful show ‘The Apprentice’…I’m sure you heard of it right? It was amazingly successful! It was one of the most successful reality shows in television history…So BELIEVE ME! The military will do whatever I tell them to do or THEY’RE FIRED! And I’ll bring in the poorly educated ‘scabs’ who love me and who will torture and shoot whoever I tell them to shoot!”

To which his beloved poorly educated base scream with even more angry, ignorant glee.

Recently I was listening to this wannabe “Liar-in-Chief” giving his reality show…sorry, I mean “press conference” after Romney’s speech. He was remarking about former Mexican President Vicente Fox use of the F-word when Fox recently criticized Trump in the news…And Trump said, “Did you hear Vicente Fox use the F-word? MAN, I would NEVER use that word!”  This is the THIRD time overall that I’ve heard him flat out lie about this with impunity.

On one occasion I witnessed him lie to a reporter during an actual debate, when they asked him about his frequent use of vulgarity in his campaign speeches. He dishonestly replied that he has NEVER actually used the F-word…Yet, there’s a wealth of sound bites documenting his regular use of varied forms of the F-word on an consistent basis.

Why the reporter didn’t push back is beyond my understanding, just as the media overall has not held him accountable on a whole host of corrupt issues, including his reported close proximity and business involvement with organized crime while building his casinos in New Jersey. How are people such ignorant sheep that they have their OWN WOOL pulled over their eyes so easily with this lying con man?

As the expression goes, they say “we get the government we deserve.” But it’s REALLY going to suck if America ends up getting the government that ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI and FLORIDA deserve!

HONESTY and VIRTUE are prerequisites for the office of President of the United States.

TrumpMafPicDonald Trump’s extensive track record of abusive and vulgar attacks toward minorities and women, and his lying about his use of vulgar expletives on a regular basis, his reported past questionable business association with mob owned companies in building his casino empire(Google ‘Trump and organized crime’ for many articles on this), his hateful referring to most Mexican immigrants migrating to our country as being “mostly rapists and violent felons”, his questionably predatory practices with his ‘Trump University’ that currently are being addressed with a class action lawsuit from approx. 5000 individuals, his calling for killing family members of suspected terrorists, his belittling of Senator John McCain as not being a hero because he was ‘caught’ as a prisoner of war, on and on and on just to name a few things, clearly is the opposite of the honest and virtuous character that the office of President of the United states requires.

Yes, I AGREE and have written for a long time that we need to end the corruption in our elected government that only represents lobbyists and corporations, at the expense of “we the people”. But you don’t do so at the expense of damaging the country and perverting the office of President with a corrupt, side show snake-oil salesman like Donald Trump.

And those ignorant, angry supporters that Trump dearly loves…those Jerry Springer style “hooting masses” at his “MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN” rallies who can’t plainly see that fact…They are nothing but a sad, ignorant embarrassment for our country. They are the biggest example, even more than Trump himself, that our country is going in a very dangerous and immoral direction…a direction that is just as bad as the corrupt crony-capitalism in government that the rest of us are trying to change.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of her material on her blog and website at