How do we determine bad character? Character, good or bad, is determined by what one is seeking – what one is primarily motivated by, and consequentially, what one creates in their lives by their thoughts and actions.

Do those thoughts and actions have UNIVERSAL love and blessing intended for ALL, just like one wants for oneself? Or do those thoughts and actions have ‘tribal’ and ‘conditional’ blessing, only toward a select group, most often motivated by greed and/or religion, accompanied by some form/degree of elitism, bigotry or racism?

What are you seeking every day? What motivates your actions? Good character is defined by and is a result of one being solely motivated by a desire for goodness, love, equality, honesty and healing for ALL of humanity.

Question: Do you see those responsible for, and who continue to support this national Trump disgrace, as exhibiting any of those qualities?

I am deeply saddened by not just the reality of a significant portion of America still so full of hate and white tribalism that they would elect such an obvious disgrace for a human being to the highest office of our land…but just as saddened by the number of spineless jellyfish type individuals I run into in the middle of all of this disgrace, who have helped to ‘normalize’ this national disgrace by taking the position “I don’t get involved in politics”.

Simply put: Shame on those of you who are going around saying that weak-minded excuse to those who ARE standing up to this national immoral ugliness.

There has never been more of an urgency to stand up and hold others accountable in our country than right now as we approach the November mid term elections. One might argue that it was more critical during the Civil Rights Movement, but I’d argue that now is JUST AS CRITICAL of a time.

Right now, this ugly white tribalism behavior from what has sadly become of much of the Conservative party in America is sounding all the alarm bells, warning us that what our ancestors accomplished during that powerful Civil Rights movement is in a certain degree of peril, and can only be mitigated by good character Americans who are WILLING to take up Dr. Martin Luther King’s torch and – metaphorically of course – light a fire under the ass of these shameful individuals in our country who are responsible for electing such a ‘white tribalist-minded’ corrupt racist to the highest office of our land.

Standing up to this corruption and this white tribalism is BEYOND ‘politics’…It has everything to do with the goodness, equality, ethics and human values that our nation is supposed to be founded upon. If you are keeping silent in the face of this national disgrace, then you are just as much a PART OF the disgrace. Good character does not remain silent in the face of such immorality and corruption.

Like the famous expression goes, “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”.

It is mind numbing, the degree of lies we have heard and documented, coming from the mouth of this con artist in chief. The hateful things he has said toward others, his sexually charged comments directed toward and about his own daughter Ivanka, documented on not just one, but TWO television interviews…

His disdain for all of his own national intelligence agencies that exposed Vladamir Putin for carrying out massive human rights violations toward tens of thousands of innocent people, including Putin’s killing of many journalists who tried to expose the same…

And Trump’s similar ignoring of those same intel agencies and their documentation that Putin was responsible for the poisoning and attempted assassination of the former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain recently…

And of course Trump’s disdain for those same intel agencies’ documentation that there is no doubt that Russia did in fact hack and influence the last Presidential election with the strong intention to help Trump get elected…It goes on and on as we have seen…And all of it doesn’t just point to – but it SCREAMS loudly with warning alarms that Trump is not just corrupt, but he is to some degree an “ASSET” of the Russian government, elected to the highest office of our land.

Someone who doesn’t just make excuses for such a human rights monster like Vladimir Putin, but who has consistently lied for him while in office and who has even PRAISED him for being a ‘good leader’ on more than one occasion…is obviously under Putin’s influence. And we are not ‘playing politics’ when we speak out, stand up, grab our pitchforks and our torches…or at least our Bic lighters and our smart phones…and hold those bad character Americans responsible for enabling all of this in the first place!

And now, if all of that weren’t already enough evidence of the shameful corruption of Donald Trump, we have this barbaric murder by the Saudi Arabian government of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi…

Due to Trump’s coziness with the Saudi royal family, and his history of profiting from the tens of millions of dollars he has admittedly received from them over the years that helped him when he was deeply in debt, you could set your watch by the fact that Trump was going to obfuscate and try to cloud the issue of Saudi Arabia’s responsibility for this barbaric murder.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did when the news broke. And the White House is continuing at this moment as I am writing this, to try to buy the Saudi’s time to come up with a ‘scapegoat’ for the murder.

It’s time to remind everyone of the ’28 pages’. How many of you are even aware of ‘The 28 pages’? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t…Though it should have been HUGE monumental news, it was virtually swept under the rug, with hardly any effective coverage by the mainstream media when the ’28 pages’ were declassified two years ago.

The ’28 pages’ refer to the number of pages that were redacted in the joint Congressional investigation into the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. 28 pages of their final report were made classified, redacted and deliberately kept from public knowledge, at a time when the American public was desperately craving answers regarding who was responsible for one of the worst national tragedies and acts of war in our country’s history.

Let me just say this right up front before I continue…This is not ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff that I am sharing with you here…this is documented fact. For the longest time, the families of the victims of 9/11 begged for the declassification of those pages.

Finally, in 2016, toward the end of President Obama’s presidency, he helped to declassify them and you can now go and read for yourself what I am about to synopsize here for you…So don’t go saying, “She’s just a conspiracy nut”, as that would be a giant lie to yourself… It’s time for us all to get real, grow a spine as it were, and wake up to these truths…

The reason the 28 pages were initially redacted was due to the graphic nature of how they clearly exposed members of the Saudi royal family as having been largely behind not just the financing, but the planning and intention of the 9/11 attacks on our country.

The powers that be decided that due to our cozy little ‘ally’ arrangement with the Saudi royal family that must be protected at all costs due to how mutually profitable it is for a select elite few in both countries…that they must help protect the Saudi’s at all costs from the American people finding out about their responsibility and primary complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

It’s not hard to connect the dots…The Saudi’s were motivated to give the U.S. a “Pearl Harbor” type reason that President Bush at the time could use to justify another invasion of Iraq.

Why were they motivated? What was that motivation you ask? Well, at a minimum, they were extremely fearful of Saddam Hussein’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait, and recognized that as an expansionist threat that put their future and their continued’ royal reign’ in peril.

Don’t forget that part of our cozy ally arrangement with the Saudi’s from the beginning, is that they expect us to come to their aid militarily when needed. So the Saudi’s were demanding that we stop Saddam Hussein once and for all. And, the Bush administration was at the time actually known to have been saying on many occasions, that any invading of Iraq and the Middle East would require some sort of ‘Pearl Harbor’ catalyst…In other words, short of a ‘Pearl Harbor’ type event, public support for a new invasion into the Middle East would not happen by a long shot.

So, such a ‘Pearl Harbor’ type event was masterminded and financed by the Saudi’s…If you will recall, 17 of the 19 hijackers on the planes were SAUDI ARABIAN…but that somehow got translated into the need to attack and invade IRAQ? There were no Iraqis on the planes. It was hidden from the American people, the facts that supported why there were 17 Saudi Arabian hijackers out of the 19 total…The reason being that Saudi Arabia, our ‘protected ally’, orchestrated the attacks.

That better outrage you and be a call to action now…If it doesn’t, you need to get the hell out of this country and make way for a poor immigrant with the right human values, to come here from Mexico or Central America and take your place!

Back to the facts of what the 28 pages revealed…There were CIA and FBI reports that had been drafted, compiled from actual field agent intelligence that had been developed BEFORE the 9/11 attacks, indicating that identified potential terrorists were receiving financing and coordination from the Saudi’s, and those reports were, for lack of a better word, ‘ignored’ and buried.

Suffice it to say, plenty of evidence has since come out that there was knowledge by members of our intelligence agencies about the pending attacks, and those reports and efforts to sound the alarm were not heeded, to put it mildly.

I would just like to add a related side note here to remind my readers of yet another example of Donald Trump’s character…It is a well known fact from an interview Trump gave immediately after the 9/11 attacks, in which he went out of his way to take the opportunity to boast that while it was sad that the twin towers came down, now HIS BUILDING WAS THE TALLEST in New York.

Back to my main point…The similarities in how Trump has sought to protect such a human rights monster as Vladimir Putin after Putin has been exposed for seeking to help him get elected, echoed by the same kind of behavior we are seeing from Trump in trying to give cover to this horrendous murder of an American journalist by the Saudis…Such similarities are both glaringly obvious and staggering to Americans with an ounce of good character.

I recently heard a shameful Trump supporter type, hosting a program on a local AM radio station in Sacramento, try to help Trump in such excuse-making for this barbaric murder of the Washington Post reporter by trying to use the excuse, “Well it’s not like Jamal Khashoggi was always an advocate for human rights…In the past he was a puppet reporter for the Saudi royal family, and had often written what they wanted him to write’, etc.

This is another example of the ‘white tribalism’ we are seeing from Trump supporters. If it isn’t a human rights violation, an immoral act or a barbaric crime that has occurred to ‘ONE OF THEIR KIND’…If it happened to a Mexican, as in the case of the horrendous recent policy by the Trump administration of taking thousands of little children away from their immigrant parents and placing them in caged facilities (approx. 50 to 60 of which have STILL not been reunited with their parents)…

Or if it happened to a Muslim reporter, such as a fellow Saudi Arabian as in this recent murder by the Saudis, well then who the hell cares? All that is cared about is what serves the interest of our ‘Trump Tribe’. And that, my friends, is antithetical to the human values that our country is founded upon.

And just on one more side note, as a former Air Force security police sergeant myself…Who the hell are you veterans who heard what Trump said about Vietnam prisoner of war Senator John McCain, about his not being a war hero because he ‘got caught’?…You heard such shameful comments from such a draft dodger as Trump himself, and STILL you still couldn’t get to the polls fast enough to vote for him?

What in the world is wrong with you hypocrites? That should have been GAME OVER for you as a veteran, or the family member of a veteran, as soon as you heard that come out of Trump’s sick mouth.

Once again I refer back to my initial question above…Do you see those responsible for, and who continue to support this national Trump disgrace, as exhibiting any of the good character qualities of goodness, love, equality, honesty and healing?

If you, like me, have made those qualities the primary motivation in your life that you seek to create every day for others, you have an obligation to let your voice be HEARD every day, or whenever possible, speaking out and holding those accountable who have been complicit in creating this national disgrace.

Soon, we will be removing this corrupt individual from office. The monumental crimes and corruption Special Prosecutor Mueller is going to be revealing soon, as he wraps up his investigation probably by December or early 2019, is going to be ground shaking and catastrophic for Donald Trump and those who have supported his corruption simply because it served their low character selfish desires.

The question is, looking back on it all down the road, will your legacy be that you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren how you stood up and were not cowardly silent… and how you let your voice be heard, and were PART OF the moral resistance against this embarrassing period of corruption and racism in our nation’s history?

Or, will you forever be ashamed to admit for the rest of your life, as many of Trump’s supporters will eventually be, to have been RESPONSIBLE for supporting and electing such an unAmerican disgrace to our nation’s highest office?

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at