It is blowing my mind, the LACK of vetting of Donald Trump’s background by the media so far. But because Donald Trump has been proven to be such a big ratings boost for the media, they seem to be predisposed to avoid telling it like it is…As though any kind of holding him accountable for his questionably unethical and shady background might take away their “golden goose”, or maybe I should say “orange goose”, but I’m still not sure of the color of whatever that is on his head.

All one has to do is Google “Donald Trump and the Mafia”, or “Donald Trump and Organized Crime” to find a litany of facts and examples that he needs to be held accountable for, and that immediately show he has no business being considered for such a high trusted office as our Commander-in-Chief. Here’s but one of many such examples from none other than The Federalist. Here is a short excerpt from this story:

“Trump was building his eponymous empire of hotels, casinos, and high rises in the early 1980s in New York City and Atlantic City. In both places, the construction industry was firmly under the thumb of the mafia. And in both places there are literally concrete connections between La Cosa Nostra and Trump’s lavish projects.”

Below is the link to the whole story from The Federalist, but don’t forget to come back and finish my post:)…/how-close-was-donald-trump-to-t…/

Back to my post…This evening, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked a commentator on his show if Trump would be guided by strong ‘core beliefs’ in his ‘deal making’ as President, to which the apparent “Trumpkin” commentator replied that yes he would, because “that’s the way he built his business”. PLEASE!! CNN really needs to install some kind of BULLSH%T meter! Or at least have an NFL referee present to throw a yellow flag and enforce some kind of penalty on these fact distorting hacks.

If you do just a tiny amount of research as I suggested, you QUICKLY discover the exact OPPOSITE is the case. It has been widely reported that Trump literally, and I do mean LITERALLY, built his casino using a concrete company that was known to be owned and operated by the head of the mafia in New York CIty. His close proximity and ‘friendliness’ with the mob in New York and New Jersey, with respect to his real estate dealings in the past is no secret. Why is the media now avoiding those critical questions?

TrumpMafPicFurthermore, even in Trump’s own book, when discussing his building of his casino, he not only admits but BRAGS about engaging in the dishonest deception of having his construction crews repeatedly dig holes and fill them in over and over again, so he could often make it look like work was being done, when he was having difficulty with approval to move forward.

He writes about how he had to lie and make up a story for a board member who came to him asking about why it appeared his crews were doing so. Is this the kind of person who deserves to be considered with respect and trust for the highest office in our nation? No need to answer, that’s a rhetorical question, and the answer should be obvious.

When you Google “Trump and the Mafia” you will find many facts, articles and reports discussing questions about Donald Trump’s close business involvement with organized crime families in New York while he was building his “brand”. That said, DID YOU KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU READ IT HERE ON MY BLOG POST? IF NOT, WHY NOT?

Answer: Because this whole “campaign” for President by Trump is gladly being handled by the media entirely as an entertaining “reality show” INSTEAD of real journalism and real news. This is in the self-interest of a huge ratings boost for them, which does a horrendous disservice to our country, and more specifically to you the American viewer who still largely depends on the mainstream media for such information and vetting of your Presidential candidates.

Do you think for a second that if that were the case with any of the other front runners on either side of the partisan aisle, that the media would be so reticent to hold them accountable for it?

Back to the CNN interview this evening…Another commentator chimed in basically that ‘we all know Trump is a very successful business man’. No, we DON’T all know that…As a matter of fact, many of us who are paying attention know otherwise. Once again, where’s the BULLSH%T meter when you need it? Or at least where’s Anderson Cooper to channel his inner “Peter Jennings” or “Sam Donaldson” and point out that the exact opposite is in fact the case.

TrumpPicNBCTrump used a corrupt system that allowed him to play a grossly unethical sort of “shell game”, filing for BANKRUPTCY with his LOSING casino. Does that sound like a “very successful businessman?” But wait, he didn’t do this just once like you might think. If so, even I could be convinced to give him a pass…

No, the unethical games he played using the system he now likes to act like he is “above”, involved him filing for bankruptcy not once…not twice…not three times…BUT HE PLAYED THAT CORRUPT GAME FOUR TIMES using taxpayer dollars to bail him out. FOUR BANKRUPTCIES! And we all know he is a “successful business man??” That is not the definition of a “winner” or an effective, ethical leader.

His huge wealth is predominantly inherited from his father, supplemented by those bankruptcy games and then becoming successful as a reality show personality. He likes to spout off all the time that his life has been “all about winning”, but the real truth again is the exact opposite…His life has been ALL ABOUT “SPINNING”.

When is the media going to stop assisting him with that “spin” and start VETTING him like they would any other candidate for President, if they had the same disturbing facts in their backgrounds? Now would be a good time, don’t you think?

Some other talented folks have even put together a nice helpful starting list of vetting questions, like this list by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston, who has spent a lot of time covering Donald Trump over the years:

Connie Bryan
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