TrumpKimJongI’m sure most of you have seen “Dumb and Dumber”…If not, don’t worry, because you are witnessing an EVEN DUMBER sequel in living color on the world stage presently with Trump and Kim Jong of North Korea starring in “NUKE AND NUKER!”…

While the concept may make for a funny buddy movie, obviously there’s nothing funny about it in real life, and it is not the approach that is needed in such a nuclear powderkeg situation threatening over a million lives in that region, including the South Koreans and our American troops/families there, as well as our American bases in Guam.

This ‘dumb and dumber’ NUKE RATTLING as it were is not projecting strength…What it is projecting is a dangerous level of incompetency. Trump’s ego tripping, dangerous and unnecessary overreacting threats to the Kim regime in North Korea is an obvious demonstration of why Trump has to be removed from office.

NukeMushCloudThe danger our country faces from the ‘hallmark of constant dishonesty’ and the clear corruption of Donald Trump’s short tenure in the White House is only rivaled by the larger danger we face from his severe level of incompetency, exhibited by his impetuous and irresponsible response yesterday with threats back at North Korea. Trump’s uncalled for hyperbole went so far as to specifically threaten “fire and fury” if North Korea simply continues to make more ‘threats’.

I’m going to use my ‘outside voice’ for a moment, so please excuse me: WE ALL KNOW NORTH KOREA’S PROPAGANDA MACHINE IS ENTIRELY ABOUT “MAKING THREATS”. That’s what North Korea does, and has done for decades. They are doing so because for decades they have been and continue to be extremely afraid that we are their enemy, and that we want to invade them and bring regime change.

North Korea has no desire to attack us. Adults understand that. Donald Trump does not, and we are at risk more than we have been since the Cold War with Russia, simply because of Trump’s seeking to pour kerosene on a harmless lit match, figuratively speaking.

I never thought I would find an opportunity to praise Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but at least to HIS credit, he recently made a public statement that was released in the press in which he stated that North Korea needs to know that we ‘are not their enemy’.

EarthSpacePicThat is the peaceful, honest diplomacy that is needed and direly called for in this circumstance with North Korea, as we are now finding out that in an accelerated time frame, they now have achieved the development of a miniaturized nuclear warhead. It is strongly believed they have not yet reached the point of having them to deploy for use, but that they have developed the technology.

Again, North Korea is recklessly pushing to develop such nuclear weapons technology primarily because they are convinced that their survival depends on that as a DETERRENT.

And again, adults and competent leaders in our government and in our military understand that. Trump’s incompetent threats indicate that he does not, and they reflect the ongoing pattern of incompetence we have seen in other areas. This is one of the biggest dangers our country faces from his incompetency in the White House.

What is needed desperately right now is more communication like that from Secretary Tillerson, reinforcing to North Korea that they have misunderstood the United State’s intentions where they are concerned, and that we are NOT THEIR ENEMY.

But Trump’s ego-maniacal psychology is ironically much similar to the same kind of ego-maniacal psychology seen for years from the Kim regime in North Korea. It is beyond bewildering and mind blowing, the number of Americans who buried their heads in the sand to that unstable, unfit, “anti-presidential” personality of Donald Trump, gladly choosing to pervert the highest office of our country with his incompetency, primarily because of how much they resonated with his anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, hateful “make America WHITE again” rhetoric upon which his entire campaign was built.

MotherOfPeaceThe answer regarding North Korea is a PEACE SUMMIT brokered quickly by the likes of one of our responsible leaders such as Senator John McCain. China would likely help to broker such a peace summit now, in light of the ratcheted up dangerous level of threats on both sides today.

At that summit, the message to North Korea from the U.S. needs to be loud and clear: “Don’t listen to Donald Trump…Listen to America’s real leaders…WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY, and we seek peace and prosperity for both you AND your neighbors in South Korea. We only seek a de-escalation of the longstanding conflict between your two countries. Let’s all work together to achieve that peace and reconciliation.”

That and that alone is the message that will succeed in this dangerous situation, not Trump’s ego-maniacal “NUKE AND NUKER” REALITY SHOW of threats to North Korea of “fire and fury the likes of which this world has never seen before”.

TrumpAngerClspWhat we are seeing is intolerable reckless incompetency from a President like the world has never seen before. I’m not even sure the ‘dumber’ one of the two is Kim Jong Un at this point.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at