Barry Young, The top administrator and designer of New Zealand’s Ministry of Health Covid vaccine national monitoring database, has just turned WHISTLEBLOWER and has risked his career and his life to inform the world of the massive number of documented/recorded deaths of the New Zealand population after receiving the experimental Covid shots.

In his on camera testimony and compelling interview by New Zealand journalist Liz Gunn, (a portion of which I have featured in a SPECIAL REPORT at to accompany this article) Mr. Young clarifies that these internal government documented deaths of individuals not long after receiving the shots have been recorded AFTER the pandemic had been declared over, and are continuing to the present, with an excess mortality rate of at least 6 to 8 percent YEAR OVER YEAR, from New Zealand’s normal national mortality rate of .75%!

In his courageous interview, Mr. Young explains that different ‘batches’ of the shots were showing to have been much more deadly than others…

In the interview, he details a ‘top ten’ list of the most deadly batches, which reflect the number of deaths of individuals receiving doses from those batches. Some showed a death rate as high as between 17 and 21%, though most of the other batches were showing varying mortality rates of between 5 to 10% on average for those injected.

Even a 1% death rate would be a staggering, ‘game over’ number requiring the shots to be recalled immediately…1% would mean one in one hundred deaths of those injected.

For that matter, even a .10% (one tenth of one percent) would be just as staggering and intolerable, as that would mean you would have one in one thousand percent chance of dying if you took the shot…And no one in their right mind would ever take such a chance over a virus we know is on par with a bad flu season, and not a threat like Ebola or small pox.

Mr. Young explains that in the New Zealand Ministry of Public Health database he was the top administrator for, there were a total of 119 total batches he monitored, and he explains that New Zealand contracted almost entirely with Pfizer to provide the Covid mRNA shots to their population.

Though most people will most certainly find this New Zealand government whistleblower’s revelations SHOCKING, I’m not quite as shocked by it only because it is not as shocking to those of us who have been fully aware of the deadly, toxic by design nature of these experimental gene therapy Covid shots, and who have been steadfastly reporting & sounding the alarm from the very BEGINNING of this corruption led by Pfizer, Moderna, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and all of the government health agencies that Big Pharma now controls such as the N.I.H.(Dr. Anthony Fauci), the F.D.A., the C.D.C., The European Union’s ‘EMA’ (European Medicines Agency)etc., etc.

It seems like every day now, more and more devastating evidence like this is being revealed that continues to strongly validate and vindicate EVERYTHING I’ve been reporting on my show since the hyperbolic ‘fear porn’ propaganda and Big Pharma ‘Covid corruption’ was launched by this criminal corporate cabal that has captured our government.

As a matter of fact, back in November of 2020 I received a STRIKE from Youtube, along with a threat to delete my channel, which I talked about on my show at length. I received this strike simply and entirely because I read to my viewers from the FDA’s own October 2020 inner agency memo, in which they ADMITTED , PREDICTED and LISTED IN DETAIL IN A LONG LIST, the very serious & deadly adverse reactions to those Covid Shots that they were EXPECTING to occur!

To repeat, it was NOT my opinions at all that caused me to get censored, and have the episode removed and banned, along with a strike and a threat from Youtube to delete my channel…

They engaged in such censorship as a result of my simply trying to bring to your attention the FDA’s OWN ADMISSION just prior to pushing the shots on the world public, that they KNEW & EXPECTED a large amount of varying serious and deadly adverse side effects, and that October 2020 FDA report was not only describing those specific known deadly side effects, but was describing the VEARS REPORTING SYSTEM (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) they had designed to MONITOR THE REPORTS of those adverse events and deaths!

So Google – Youtube being Google – has not only been shadow banning my content ever since I was one of the early voices bringing the truth to my viewers that we were lied to about the events surrounding 9/11, but in this example they banned an episode of mine from their platform for simply trying to read to you from the government’s own FDA report about their foreknowledge of the danger of the Covid shots.

Again, here’s the link to that report so you can read it for yourself, and to help you skip to the most important part to see the known side effects list, scroll down to page 16 of the report:
(Evidence from FDA’s own Oct22nd CBER report of their foreknowledge of potential death and serious harm from new Covid19 vaccine (See slide 16 for list)

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