I am sensing a special narrow window of opportunity developing right now, for what I call the ‘Spiritual Renaissance’ that the world has needed for a very long time, up to now so shamefully impeded by the ‘Big Three’ organized religions and their age old fear based ‘mass media propaganda’.

Healing comes from a CORRECTION OF INSANE THINKING…It is as simple as that. And the truth of what humanity needs, both here in America and globally as well, is found in the MIDDLE, not on the ‘Radical Left’ or the ‘Extreme Fundamentalist Right’.

We are seeing a monumental degree of un-American, insane thinking coming from BOTH of those extremes.

The Radical Left is brainwashed like sheep with the insane un-American thinking that is embracing TREASONOUS Marxist propaganda from the mainstream media, which is entirely owned and controlled by global corporations aligned with Communist China, seeking a one world corporate dictatorship.

The Christian Fundamentalist Right is brainwashed like sheep with their insane thinking that this is the ‘Book of Revelation’ being played out as prophesied in the Bible, and who believe that God needed a human blood sacrifice to satisfy His bloodlust because everyone is ‘evil by nature’, and going to Hell if they don’t become a Christian, and that this is a ‘Christian nation’, etc., etc., etc.

The HEALING CORRECTIVE TRUTH that can ‘save’ humanity, and that I have been trying to share for many years now, is NOT FOUND IN EITHER OF THOSE INSANE GROUPS.

All this unhealthy, insane division and ‘tribalism’ on both sides of the political aisle has needed to come to a head, but not to usher in a ‘civil war’ or a violent clash!  

It has needed to come to a head to help people wake up to the REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH that can not only ENSURE LIBERTY, but can truly unite and heal humanity across the globe…something that the condemning Bible based dogma of Christianity and Islam CAN NEVER DO, as evidenced by the longstanding genocidal history of war and violence in the name of that ‘concept of God’ by the Big Three man-made religions, those of course being Judaism, Christianity and Islam’. 

It is very important for you to understand that the oldest and earliest form of ‘MASS MEDIA’ and fear based psychological propaganda to control the masses was the Bible and ORGANIZED RELIGION. 

As I am on the front lines here in Sacramento, producing a lot more content for my show and my blog than ever before to save our precious free Republic as an American patriot and a veteran of the Armed Forces,  I am always going to be ‘intellectually honest’ with you. 

Part of the reason the Radical Left has become so hateful toward America, is partly because the Fundamentalist Christian Right has been SO INCREDIBLY HYPOCRITICAL with their bigotry, racism and general overall elitism while quoting from their Bibles and proclaiming our country a ‘Christian nation’. 

The hypocrisy is implicit just in that last characterization of our country being a ‘Christian nation’, as it is well documented that our founding fathers went out of their way to state in the very FIRST article of the Bill of Rights in the  U.S. Constitution, that there must be total SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE as a foundation of our free Republic, in order to guard against any one religion becoming the nation’s religion.

As we are trying to save our precious free Republic from these insane radicals on the Left who are trying to enable those global powers including Communist China who are trying to overthrow our free democracy, those on our ‘patriotic side’ only LOSE ALL THEIR CREDIBILITY when they refer to Liberals and those on the Left as ‘SATANIC’ and ‘DEMON POSSESSED’, and refer to this as being only a ‘CHRISTIAN NATION’ as I said above.

That is part of the ‘insane thinking’ that has to change, and that is coming from a similar manipulative mass media propaganda narrative from long ago, that was used by men who were in a much more barbaric era, and were using such infantile but fear based concepts of ‘God’ to control their people, and justify their efforts at empire building for their respective cultures, i.e. the Jews, the Muslims, the Roman Catholics and the Protestant Christians.

Part of the Left’s insane thinking is that all of us who call ourselves ‘patriots’ are RACIST and ‘right wing extremists’, which is of course ridiculous. However, there is still a long way to go to clear out a lot of remaining racism deeply entrenched on the Right.

And it is important for you to understand that racism for white people on the Right has virtually ALL of its origins IN THE BIBLE!

The Ku Klux Klan was created by the Southern Baptists!  The Bible is replete with ‘holy scriptures’ of God ordaining racist thinking, supposedly declaring the Jews as His ‘CHOSEN RACE’, and Jesus and his disciples declaring that they only came to save the ‘Tribes of Israel’…Later all the fraudulent writings attributed to a fabricated figure named the ‘Apostle Paul’ would be added by the Roman Catholic church into the New Testament, as God’s ‘NEW’ plan to open ‘salvation’ up to the lower races and bloodlines. 

There are so many passages in the Old Testament where God is depicted by the Jews ordaining their acts of genocide in killing any race and culture they encountered, every man, woman and child, just because they were ‘Pagans’, meaning non Jews.

The commandments the Jews claimed they received from God did not apply to ‘Pagans’ of course, so they could kill them without remorse. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and all the others was truly meant for application only among the 12 Tribes of Israel’. The hypocrisy is INSANE to say the least, and I could go on and on with example after example.

The bottom line is that we are long overdue for a healing RENNAISSANCE of SPIRITUAL TRUTH that is the only thing that can truly unify humanity as we were intended to be unified!

I have been trying for a long time now to bring that healing through, but healing will only happen where others are WILLING TO RECEIVE IT.

I have a mother who is so deeply entrenched in her condemning beliefs as a Christian fundamentalist. Her sick concept of such a condemning God DEPENDS on her seeing all others who believe differently as going to Hell.

As you can see, that belief system is nothing but ugly bigotry, which is synonymous with racism, at its fundamental core.  And that is why humanity is still dangerously on the edge of destroying itself, because a large portion of you have been UNWILLING TO RECEIVE CORRECTIVE HEALING to your very insane, sick concepts of God that you teach your little children at such a young age in Sunday School, traumatizing them and brainwashing them for life, unnecessarily.

Spiritual truth is simple…It is all about unconditional love and forgiveness. Put another way, it is all about the ‘Golden Rule’…Accepting ALL OTHERS as an EQUAL PART OF WHAT GOD IS, WITHOUT CONDITIONS!

You can’t have spiritual truth without FREEDOM AND LIBERTY…And there is also NO SUCH THING as spiritual truth that embraces any form of ‘DAMNATION or CONDEMNATION’. It is as simple as that.

This is where we need to get to as a human race, and NOW is the time for a critical mass concerted effort to get there.

Organized religion has been the fundamental dangerous roadblock to world peace for humanity for thousands of years. It was entirely crafted by the VERY SAME NEFARIOUS power driven motives of men to dominate the world using propaganda and fear that we are seeing today from these global corporations and elitists who are aligned with Communist China in their efforts to create their ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’.

Again, spiritual truth is not found in EITHER GROUP…Not those on the Christian Conservative RIGHT that have hi-jacked much of the Republican Party, nor the DOPE ADDICTED, Marxism, Corporatism and Communist China loving LEFT, that has currently hi-jacked the Democratic Party…

This SPIRITUAL RENNAISSANCE we are overdue to have, that will AWAKEN humanity to our TRUE NATURE AS ONE WITH EACH OTHER, this awakening will DESTROY this longstanding chokehold of control by the global elite who are trying desperately to hold on to their power over us using propaganda and fear… And that awakening to our true spiritual nature REQUIRES the preservation of our constitutionally guaranteed personal sovereignty and liberty EQUALLY FOR ALL, but it is not found from the evangelical Christian Right, any more than it is found from the growing violent hate coming from the Marxist loving LEFT…

It is found where I have always been coming to you from, that being from the MIDDLE GROUND of UNIVERSAL, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for one another,  not based on ANY one religious or political dogma!

Simply based on the age old teaching of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ‘SHARED ONENESS’ that predates CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM, ISLAM, BUDAISM, HINDUISM…

That being ‘The Golden Rule’, which the radical Left AND the evangelical Right routinely IGNORE LIKE HYPOCRITES with their dogmatic CONDITIONAL rules for valuing one another…

Those fraudulent ‘conditional rules’ have been deliberately crafted to DISTRACT US from our true EQUAL & HOLY nature of personal, self determining sovereignty…With that deliberate distraction consistently coming from the mass media lies and fear based propaganda of religious and political institutions… 

This age old nefarious practice of using mass media propaganda of ‘conditional rules’ defining how and when we ‘SELECTIVELY VALUE’ others, has been created and gradually perfected more and more over time by Kings, Queens, Popes and dictators, all PROPPED UP by the FEW UBER WEALTHY ELITES like we have to this very day, continuing with their shared agenda of control to dominate and enslave humanity for the last 2 thousand years.  

Now they are trying to take their agenda of control of humanity to the next level, beyond just the fear based lies of organized religion which they can see that many are finally waking up to, and they are trying to establish once and for all a New World Order of TECHNOCRACY…A complete  global blend of corporatism, communism and artificial intelligence surveillance in which all humanity loses all hope for personal freedom and sovereignty as they were spiritually meant to have, and becomes entirely dependent on the system, which sees them as a ‘captured corporate commodity’ and nothing more.

Many of us are waking up to this threat, but many of you are still asleep, caught up in your dangerous, unhealthy addictions that those behind this agenda are counting on you remaining addicted to.

Those behind this nefarious New World Order see the United States and our shining example of personal liberty to the world as the last primary thing standing in the way of their world corporate dictatorship. They intend for the U.S. to become the “U.C.”  

‘The United CORPORATIONS of America’  

They seek to change our Bill of Rights in the Constitution from its opening phrase ‘We the People, in order to form a more perfect union’…To ‘WE THE CORPORATIONS, in order to form a more PROFITABLE UNION!’

It’s time for We the People in the MODERATE MIDDLE, not the loud but very minority radical Left or the loud but very minority evangelical Right, to stand up like the strong AMERICAN WOLVES our grandparents and great grandparents were, to this attack on our PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY and our PRECIOUS FREE REPUBLIC…

To stand up like AMERICAN WOLVES to this deliberate attack on what our true free spiritual nature as human beings truly is…


Connie Bryan

CThe Connie Bryan Show

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 16 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C.  Check out all of Connie’s material on her website and blog, and watch “The Connie Bryan Show” on demand at conniebryan.com)