TrumpClspWith the recent shocking events involving Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey in the MIDDLE of the FBI’s huge investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Putin and Russia, we are witnessing the self destruction of a dishonest President who likely will not last one full year in office.

In his most recent interview on the NBC Nightly News, Trump contradicted the reason for firing Comey, given by Vice President Pence, Sean Spicer and other key members of his administration, who had said Trump simply “followed the recommendations” of the Deputy Attorney General.

TrumpNBCIntHe revealed in the NBC Nightly News interview that in fact, he was angry about what he called a “hoax” of an FBI investigation into his campaign, and that he had ALREADY decided to fire Director Comey long before that recommendation (which by the way, Trump had specifically asked his Deputy Attorney General to draft a letter about).

At a minimum, this reveals two very corrupt things…One being that Trump was caught in a huge lie here, having instructed his top administration members and key spokesperson to tell the world one story, then letting the truth slip out during the NBC interview that the reason the White House had initially given was absolutely not the case.

TrumpComeySecondly, Trump revealed in that NBC interview that his reason absolutely was motivated primarily by his anger regarding what he tried to call a “hoax” of an investigation into his campaign’s possible connections to Russia.  Amazingly, this is an admission of committing what is called “obstruction of justice”.

Understand this important point: When you admit that your fundamental reason behind firing the top law enforcement investigator who is investigating you is that you didn’t like what he was investigating and considered it bull sh#t or a ‘hoax’, you have admitted that you obstructed justice. Republicans continue to just ignore this truth, which is simply unbelievable.

Now we hear the news that in addition to Director Comey being fired by Trump, there is another corrupt similarity now being revealed with respect to Trump’s firing of well respected US Attorney for the New York District, Preet Barara…

PreetBhararaWe are now hearing from sources in the FBI that US Atty Bararra was in fact pursuing an active investigation into possible MONEY LAUNDERING by Russian individuals using TRUMP BUSINESSES. And what happened there? Trump also fired Bharara, which seems like ancient news now, doesn’t it? Yet it was only about a month ago.

Trump has taken to saying recently that “I don’t have any investments in Russia”…This is likely a matter of ‘semantics’ or word play…While he may not technically have investments currently in Russia, Russian individuals easily could have made huge investments in Trump businesses.

As a matter of fact, recently there was a business man names James Dodson interviewed in the news in which he recounted a specific conversation that surprised him when he was riding in the same golf cart with Trump’s son Eric.

EricTrumpHe said that when he asked what banks were funding their Trump developments, Eric had no reservation in informing him that they did not depend on any banks, but saying: “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”
(Here is the link:…/eric-trump-russia-investment-go…)

TrumpJrAnd let’s not forget the now fairly well known comment made by Donald Trump Jr. in 2008, saying that the Russians represent a ‘disproportionate cross section of investment in our businesses in Dubai and abroad’.

Those ignoring this avalanche of corruption and dishonesty we are all witnessing, and refusing to acknowledge it are shameful hypocrites beyond comprehension. If this behavior were happening from a Democrat President, i.e. Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, they’d see it clearly and plainly.

So make no mistake, what makes them gigantic shameful hypocrites is precisely because they DO see it, yet they are more than willing to play the same Trump game, pretending they love the “emperor’s new clothes,” while the rest of us have seen from the beginning the ugly orange shade of ‘naked’ the con artist really is.

Connie Bryan

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