The reason why it is true that bigotry is rooted in ‘fear’ is because the primary source of racist and bigoted thinking comes from the wrong-minded, false and dishonest way many choose to identify with ‘safety’. No better example is found than organized religion to demonstrate this fact…

Put another way, the unimaginable degree of ‘gas lighting’ lies by Trump and his dutiful followers largely supported and echoed by many evangelicals, Jews and Catholics, are only eclipsed ironically by the even larger degree of the same kind of bigoted gas lighting in the teachings of organized religion.

A true understanding of real spirituality at its fundamental core is to understand that ALL of us in all our diversity are BROTHERS AND SISTERS…And not just brothers and sisters, but in all our diversity we are each and every one an EQUAL PART OF WHAT “GOD” IS.

No one is of any ‘preferred or chosen race’ as the Old Testament tries to brainwash Christians and Jews to believe over and over. That is the definition of elitism and bigotry, to have a religion that at its foundation conditions its believers to accept that God chose a race of people to be ‘holy’ and preferred/chosen over all others.

This is clearly seen as a bigoted, man-made ‘gas lighting’ teaching, masquerading as ‘God’s word’. It is astounding that it has been embraced by so many for so long. But between this root false teaching in the Bible, and the many other gas lighting false teachings in the Old and New Testaments that repeatedly condition ‘believers’ that all who DON’T believe are going to burn in Hell – between these two main gas lighting, man-made religious lies, we can see one of the main examples of what I referred to above…

That being the bigoted way that predominantly white people over the centuries have been conditioned by those in power, to embrace those elitist beliefs in order to convince themselves that they and their like-minded kind will be ‘safe’.

In other words, xenophobic ‘culture protectionism’ is at the direct root of the origins of such false religious teachings that have ZERO to do with an understanding of real love and real spiritual truth.

And this is largely why we are seeing so many Christians gleefully caught up in this current loathsome Trump disgrace…Make no mistake, it is primarily because they are angered and revolted by the fundamental American values that contribute to our fast growing and racially diverse ‘melting pot’ in the United States, with whites projected by the last census to become the minority in America in a quarter century.

Lest anyone reading this think they can get away with lying and denying that such ‘white tribalism’ is a big part of what is clearly fueling Trump’s base, let me share the following recent quote just this week from Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, a well known, high profile Trump supporter who said this on her show:

“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore… Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. And they’re changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like.”

On its face, as the law would say, this is ‘prima facie’ evidence of the exact OPPOSITE of love. White Trump supporters hate the racial ‘demographic’ changes they see in America, and ironically their evangelical ‘Christianity’ is supporting that disdain. This is beyond shameful.

We are seeing hateful example after hateful example of this white elitism mentality from Trump’s base, wildly supported by Christian evangelicals. I know first hand of this because I have a mother who is of this very sick evangelical Christian mindset, and who hypocritically voted for Trump despite all that we knew of these corrupt, bigoted things about his personality long before the last election.

The concept of love is completely ‘bastardized’…one could even say ‘weaponized’ by organized religion, by stripping it of its fundamental UNCONDITIONAL definition. Instead, Christians and Muslims both replace that unconditional part with their entirely ‘CONDITIONAL’ definition for who they believe is entitled to ‘God’s love’. This is at the root of the man-made bigotry of religion as opposed to real spiritual truth.

First of all, love doesn’t require a sick human or animal ‘blood sacrifice atonement’. How did so many people just accept such a sick ‘gas lighting’ story as the story of Abraham in the Old Testament, trying to ‘sacrifice’ his son Isaac on an altar, all to satisfy a sick God who needed a human or animal blood lust to be satisfied??

The answer of course is partly because CHILDREN have been and continue to be routinely taught this story by Jews and Christians in Sunday School for centuries. If you tried to teach such sick things to a fully grown adult, they’d laugh you out of the room for the 5150 whack job you clearly would be.

Love does not require a human sacrifice or animal sacrifice to satisfy a ‘blood lust’ by some external God. We understand such behavior would be ‘Satanic’ and an example of ‘devil worship’, yet we IGNORE it when it is a fundamental bedrock of Jewish and Christian doctrine??

Real spiritual understanding and love by definition does NOT look at all things as ‘sinful’. Love by definition on the contrary, understands that all things are FORGIVEN. And those who are behaving badly in opposition to love are on their own path and continuum on which they will eventually learn the life lessons they will have no choice but to learn, ultimately finding the healing they need. This is where ‘karma’ comes into play for many.

And the purpose for the rest of us who have already learned these spiritual truths, is to do our best to speak out, live by example and bring CORRECTION and HEALING to those around us who need that correction and healing, always doing so with the understanding as stated above, that there IS NO CONDEMNATION…That ALL THINGS ARE FORGIVEN.

But that doesn’t mean all those who are behaving so badly right now can do so without consequences. There is no condemnation, but there IS ‘karma’, which involves those consequences that the Divine spiritual universe we are all a part of will bring to resistant, hateful minds, in order to ultimately wake them up and bring healing to them.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at