As we open the door to 2020 together, I want to once again remind everyone of one of the biggest lies human kind has ever been sold, perpetuated to this very day by the elite political and religious empires seeking to maintain tight power and control over everything. That fundamental lie they have sold you is that ‘by nature’, you as a human being are selfish and bad (sinful).

IRONICALLY, it is because of this giant lie we have been brainwashed with since early childhood, that we have lost our TRUE human nature, which is loving and kind.

We come into this world as a loving, innocent child. We don’t have bigotry or animus toward other children. We want to make friends and play and share. But we are all systematically conditioned and told over and over again from childhood that our nature is bad and ‘sinful’, and that there is nothing good about our nature, and that we are somehow ‘separate’ from what is Divine. When we are brainwashed with this manipulative, institutional agenda, it is OF COURSE a given that we will begin believing it and ACTING that way.

Furthermore, this is a complete and total shirking of personal responsibility. You begin accepting that you ‘just can’t help it’, and you can feel just fine about it, even though you engage in bad, irresponsible behavior the church calls ‘sin’, because hey, the ‘BLOOD'(??) of this human sacrifice they call ‘Jesus’ CLEANSES you.

It doesn’t make you STOP behaving badly – you are told you CAN’T STOP, and that as long as you just ‘believe’ the way this sick religious institution is telling you to believe, in this sick concept of a God who needs first ANIMAL BLOOD SACRIFICES in the ‘Old Testament’, then a HUMAN BLOOD SACRIFICE in the ‘New Testament’ to satisfy his blood lust, and who requires your monthly MONEY/TITHE (tax free for them by the way) then you keep getting a TOTAL PASS for ALL of your bad behavior.

You are conditioned to think you couldn’t be good by nature if you wanted to be, and this is the ‘cop out’ that prevents you from taking responsibility on your own. “The Devil” or “Satan” is not at the root of all of the growing violence, selfishness and irresponsibility of our society, it is this ‘organized lie’ of the church, who then tries to blame it on the fairy tale of “The Devil”.

But the truth ALWAYS catches up to the lie, and that is what motivates me to write the articles I write, and produce the cable television program I produce on a monthly basis (airing now in 14 markets nationwide)…It is to help bring that truth to your awareness.

The truth is that the church has lied to you about your nature. The truth is the OPPOSITE of what they have brainwashed you with. The truth is you have NEVER been SEPARATE from what “God” is…That is to say, your consciousness IS A PART OF GOD’S consciousness, and you are by nature a loving, holy and Divine part of what “God” is.

Instead of ‘irony’ as I mentioned above, here’s the healing beauty: When you wake up to this truth, it isn’t an EGO thing…it is a HUMBLING thing, and you realize as a PART of what “God” is, you have an obligation to BE the love and healing of God that others need…


You have an obligation to LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF OTHERS EQUALLY, recognizing they too are an EQUAL DIVINE PART of what “God” is… Not placing religious ‘conditions’ on your ‘inclusion’ of them, or on their ‘worthiness’ of being included as a son or daughter of God just as you are.

I write about these critical truths, so needed by the masses more than ever in our present time, yet they are so often just ignored.

So many of you keep choosing to remain obsessed with CONFORMING to the status quo in pursuit of money, consumerism, material gain, recreational drugs, casual and irresponsible sex that is rarely if at all based on monogamy with the soul mate it was meant to be shared with, and/or your bigoted beliefs that you are saved because of your beliefs, while all others are condemned who don’t hold your religious beliefs, etc, etc.

ALL of that last paragraph doesn’t just speak to, but SCREAMS about a chronic lack of understanding regarding WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE… Accordingly, that results in the systematic destruction of proper human and community values, getting exponentially worse year by year, and month by month.

You see it all around you, but you haven’t yet decided to stop conforming and BE THE CHANGE that is needed.

The level of selfishness and artificial, fake behavior is at a chronic level now, and is destroying our communities. It contributes to a huge level of anger, hate and aggression because of its upside down, lack of human values at its core. It leads to more and more violence and mass shootings that we have seen, etc, etc.

All of this is making the elite 1% who created this sick system wealthy beyond description, but it is all at the expense of our purpose here to begin with.

What is that purpose? It is to wake up and BE THE LOVE AND HEALING OF GOD THAT OTHERS NEED.

In order to be liberated from all of the lies taught by corrupt institutions and religion, you have to understand WHO YOU ARE, and that is what the organized religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have kept you from understanding in order to DEIFY their respective cultures with a forced empire building elitist agenda at its core, not a LOVE and PEACE building, ‘equality agenda’ concerned first and foremost with the sustained welfare FOR ALL at its core.




That is because this sick, selfish empire building religious hybrid with what I call ‘corporatism’ is all built on lies, and as I said above, all built on an agenda that does not have LOVE, HEALING and PEACE equally for ALL humanity, as its purpose and guiding principle.

It’s time to wake up and stop conforming to this lie. HAPPINESS IS NOT FOUND THERE.

Happiness is not found in being artificial and putting on an act every day, just so you can ‘get ahead’ on the job. Most people are entirely putting on an act every day just to make ‘friends’, but the truth is we have lost understanding of what it means to BE a true friend to others.

We are reaching what I believe is an unsustainable degree of selfishness and material/consumer obsession, causing mind blowing levels of toxic pollution and irresponsible destruction to Mother Earth.

But a miracle happens when we wake up to the truth I’ve been writing about for so long now, and when we realize WHO WE ARE. THAT IS WHERE YOUR HAPPINESS, YOUR HEALING AND YOUR TRUE FREEDOM LIES!

That is where the healing changes you need in your life begin to happen naturally, when you wake up from the lies of ‘the church’ and understand YOUR NATURE IS HOLY AND GOOD, because your nature IS THE SPIRIT OF WHAT “GOD” IS. The body you are walking around in is not WHO YOU ARE…It is just a physical vehicle.

You and EVERYONE AROUND YOU are all EQUALLY a holy aspect of what “God” is, temporarily inhabiting this physical realm we call ‘human’, and with an obligation to treat all others as your spiritual brothers and sisters, with the same love and respect YOU want from them, IRRESPECTIVE of their differing diversities or sexual orientation.

And that understanding brings a RESPONSIBILITY with it…a responsibility to SET THE RIGHT EXAMPLE for young people around you ALL THE TIME. That means you don’t abuse alcohol, and you don’t do ‘recreational drugs’ period, including marijuana, because you know you don’t want your children or grandchildren (or nieces/nephews/cousins, etc) to begin down such a destructive unhealthy path of behavior.

The same applies to your sexual behavior. It needs to reflect a responsible monogamy with your soul mate, and not reflect your body as a walking ‘carnival ride’ for young people to see.

Our country and our society is at an all time low with respect to community values and common sense morals…Notice I didn’t say ‘religious morals’. Community morals need have nothing to do with religion.

Just as true spiritual morals have everything to do simply with “The Golden Rule”, community morals have everything to do with something I have coined “THE SILVER RULE”, which is: “Do only the things and behave only the way you would want your children and grandchildren to behave”.

Freedom and real happiness comes from learning who you are as a PART of what is holy and Divine…But never forget that freedom does not exist WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY.

This is all at the root of why our society, and more specifically our respective communities, have virtually lost their moral compass today.

In closing, it is critical now that ‘We the People’, we the 99%, awakening to our true good and ethical spiritual nature, need to take our country and our communities back from the 1% of corrupt individuals, corporate conglomerates and lobbyists, (and fraudulent religious institutions) that have ‘hijacked’ it as a ‘team effort’ for so long!

We need to stop electing their dutiful Ivy League puppets and career politicians who serve only their interests, and carefully cultivate COMMON WOMEN & MEN…not wealthy Harvard attorneys, or rich CEO’s, or former governors or military generals, etc…BUT COMMON WOMEN & MEN who sign a pledge that they WILL NOT BE BOUGHT, and that they understand the corruption that has to be REMOVED like the cancerous tumor that it is in our country.

I’m talking about a sort of ‘circle of trust’ that we need to delineate and define, and seek individuals among us who we know are within that circle of trust, who we elect to the office of President, the Senate, The House of Representatives, and of course, just as importantly, to the office of governor of our respective states, and ALL of our state and local elected offices.

Conversely, here’s what we CANNOT DO…We cannot make the mistake many are making of engaging in just another form of ‘copping out’ and shirking personal responsibility, that being those who love to say “I don’t care anymore” and they don’t vote. That had a lot to do with 2016’s result of electing the most corrupt President in our nation’s history, Donald Trump.

With the primary healing focus on all of the above, I am working to develop a local community fellowship called “The United Earth Fellowship” in Sacramento. If you would like more info, you can find it on the website

As I like to put it: “HINDSIGHT IS 2020!!”

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable access markets nationwide. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at