TrumpEvangelicalPosterIf you will recall during the election, Donald Trump was known for exclaiming “How I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED!!” Friends, as I’ve said before using the Alice in Wonderland metaphor, we aren’t down the “rabbit hole” with this corrupt degenerate con artist perverting the highest office of our land…we are down the national “TOILET BOWL”…

maddogmattisIt is nothing short of a sewer full of federal and state investigations of fraud and corruption that this disgrace of a person brings with his Trump “BRAND” to the Presidency. The latest development is his cabinet appointment of James “MAD DOG” Mattis to Secretary of Defense…Because as we all know, a “MAD DOG” is perfectly suited to be in charge of our military and entrusted with the lives of our precious young men and women in the Armed Forces. And tell me, what conceivable reason does any professional military officer have to be quoted in that fashion above?

maddogmattis2Or this quote for that matter?

But his name and how it celebrates unstable recklessness as showcased by his own quotes isn’t even the only issue…James MAD DOG Mattis is also a member of the board of directors for the Theranos corporation, which is, and I’m quoting Wikipedia here: “under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly misleading investors and government officials about its technology”

That is a conservative statement about the level of fraud and corruption that is being investigated by the Federal Government involving Theranos and their alleged fraudulent practices in promoting their supposedly revolutionary and painless blood testing technology.

What business did a retired U.S. Marine General named “MAD DOG” have doing on the board of a medical technology company like Theranos? Good question right? Guess who else was on their board?

kissingerpicNone other than Henry Kissinger himself, branded by many pundits including the late author Christopher Hitchens (“The Trial of Henry Kissinger) as qualifying as a war criminal for his responsibility in ordering the firebombing and mass killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Indo-China, just during the Vietnam conflict years alone.

This is bizarre stuff, and the bizarre nature of it is further amplified by the appointment of Gen. Mattis to Secretary of Defense with impunity by Trump, KNOWING he is so tainted by such a connection to this fraudulent investigation into Theranos.

trumpwhitehatBut of course, why should someone with the low character and legacy of Donald Trump care in the least about this, when he wrote the book on fraud investigations…Actually he wrote “The Art of the Deal”, but looking at his life and business history, it might as well be entitled “How To Get Investigated For Fraud”…

philipbumppostCheck out these bullet points listed in an article by the Washington Post by Philip Bump about Trump’s long history of fraud and criminal investigations including connections with both American and Asian organized crime (keep in mind this is just a conservative, partial list, yet just this partial list is damning beyond belief):

1973: Trump organization sued by the federal government for housing discrimination.

1978: Trump organization accused of violating the ‘consent decree’…The Village Voice reported that “racially discriminatory conduct by Trump agents has occurred with such frequency that it has created a substantial impediment to the full enjoyment of equal opportunity.”

1979: Trump is allegedly investigated for bribery: In a book authored in 1992 by The Voice’s Wayne Barrett reported that Trump was the subject of a bribery investigation in 1979 and a racketeering investigation 2 years later, according to ‘a contemporaneous Associated Press review’.The allegations appear to stem from Trump’s role in the then mob infested world of construction in New York.

1980: Trump subpoenaed by the FBI to discuss his links to a mob-connected Teamsters official

1987: The Federal Trade Commission recommends the Justice Department prosecute Trump…Trump settled with the government for $750,000.

1988:Trump was investigated by the U.S. Attorney General for “money laundering” in connection with alleged mobster “Robert Hopkins”…The Daily News reported this case was dropped after Trump announced he would raise money for the mayoral campaign of then sitting U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani.

1990: The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated whether Trump violated the law in buying and selling stocks which involved allegation of insider trading between Trump and the bank Bear, Sterns.

1991: Trump’s father is caught ‘buying chips’ in lieu of giving Trump a loan.
Trump’s casino eventually accepted a $65,000 fine and admitted to breaking the law.

1991: Trump Plaza is fined for discrimination…USA Today reported that Trump Plaza was fined $200,000 for discrimination after it was determined that its pit bosses would rotate craps dealers off the tables who weren’t ‘white men’ when alleged mobster ‘Robert Libutti’ came to play. It was also reported that later that year Trump’s Atlantic City casino’s were also fined for giving alleged mobster Robert Libutti NINE LUXURY CARS.

1992: A congressional report links Trump’s businesses to Asian organized crime…Specifically and among several other alleged connections, Danny Leung was made vice president at Trump Taj Mahal, while being known by law enforcement to be linked to organized crime syndicates.

2000: Trump fined for failing to disclose anti-gaming political ads…In 2000, Trump spent over $300,000 lobbying AGAINST proposed new casinos run by Native American groups, including $150,000 in newspaper ads. Trump had to pay a $250,000 fine for breaking the lobbying laws.

2002: Securities and Exchange Commission took action against Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts for misleading earnings reports. In the first ever SEC action of its kind, the agency “found that Trump hotels, through the conduct of its Chief Executive Officer, its Chief Financial Officer and its Treasurer, violated the ANTI-FRAUD provisions of the knowingly or recklessly releasing a materially misleading press release.”

2010 and 2013: Texas and New York begin fraud investigation of Trump University

2011: A criminal case looking into misrepresentations to Trump SOHO tenants was closed after the tenants settled.

2016: The state of New York opened an investigation into the Trump Foundation.After the Washington Post reported a number of questionable practices, the state of New York opened this investigation.

(I placed a link to this Washington Post article below if you’d like to read it yourself).

AFTER this Washington Post overview listing only some of Trump’s fraud and criminal investigations, a reader posted the following reply in the ‘comments’ section:

“The racketeering case is Cohen v. Trump, 13-cv-02519, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego). The consumer fraud case is Low v. Trump University LLC, 10-cv-00940, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego). There’s a Nov 28 trial date for Low v. Trump University. And how about the civil rape case suit, Jane Doe v. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, that has a status conference set for Dec 16? Why are these dates not in the timeline?”

Now that was a very effective bit of important and very relevant additional information from someone…But then to show the contrast and level of national stupidity beyond description that is responsible for this national disgrace of an election, look at this post from a Trump supporter to this article dated November 3rd, 2016:

“That was then, this is now. What’s your point? No one has died, Benghazi, National Security was not breached, The office Secretary of State was not put up for sale, etc. under Donald Trump. There is no other choice!  TRUMP/Pence 2016”

That was THEN…This is NOW…What’s your point??


redneckconfflagFolks, you don’t get any more stupid than what is reflected in that person’s post, without being under constant care and drinking out of a ‘sippy cup’ in a locked facility. And yet that is the mindset of millions of Americans we share this country with today. If they aren’t angry white racists/bigots to some degree or another, they are just that mind-blowingly dumbed down beyond belief.

notmypresIn EITHER case, as I have written before, it is clearly time for another movement continuing on what Dr. Martin Luther King led with the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. It is now up to honorable Americans like us…we have a moral imperative now to refuse to allow this perversion and corruption of our Presidency to go unchecked, both from a Civil Rights perspective as well as a moral and ethical perspective.

This is far beyond the fraudulent and corrupt concerns we lived through and that embarrassed our nation with former President Nixon, who had engaged in the criminal and fraudulent activities surrounding Watergate…

nixonpicNow just imagine he had engaged in such activities PRIOR to running for President, and had a similar track record with all kinds of fraud investigations and discrimination investigations into his business practices…Imagine if he was STILL elected by millions of bigoted, racist Americans who felt like he ‘REPRESENTED THEIR VALUES’…

The word ‘values’ is an oxymoron…Trump’s character and legacy before he ever steps into the White House is antithetical to our country’s values as set forth by our founding fathers. Friends, we CANNOT tolerate this…we cannot allow it to continue unchecked. This requires another national ‘American Morals Movement’ to address this for the immoral, unconscionable cancer that it is in our country.

Connie Bryan

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