Let’s begin with the FALSE Danger…And in doing so, let me first say that judging by the heavy THANKSGIVING WEEKEND TRAFFIC to celebrate this patriotic holiday of thanks with MANY of our friends and family IN PERSON in our homes across the nation, that is a very POSITIVE sign that a growing number of Americans are waking up to the FALSE danger…

That said, the FALSE danger is the MEDIA DRIVEN, UNNECESSARY MASS PANIC & FEAR of Covid-19… Notice I said ‘the PANIC & FEAR of it’.

That is NOT to say there isn’t a virus that is on the order of another version of the cold and/or the flu, and that for a select few ‘at risk’ individuals can become deadly in rare cases…The same has ALWAYS been true with the common cold and the flu, and it is critical to remember that every cold virus IS a ‘coronavirus’.( Did you know that there are THOUSANDS of coronaviruses? It’s true, and they are mutating all the time just like the flu virus does.)

As I have been reporting to you on my show ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ and writing about for months, a huge and growing number of top doctors and scientists have been saying this for months now, but the mainstream media you are addicted to (CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, and to some extent even Fox News) is intentionally hiding this from you, being bought and controlled by the global corporate elite behind this PANIC-DEMIC agenda.

As I have steadfastly told you, OVER 15000 top M.D.s, physicians, epidemiologists and medical scientists have added their signatures to a recent powerful declaration from three of our nation’s top doctors from three of our nation’s top universities, those being Harvard, Oxford and Stanford…

Their jointly released document is called ‘THE GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION’ (emanating from Great Barrington, Massachusetts) and it states the same thing I have been writing to you about, and telling you about on my show for months now.

So remember, I said the FALSE danger is ‘the unnecessary PANIC & FEAR of Covid-19’. Now for the REAL danger…

The REAL Danger Is YOUR FEARFUL OBEDIENT, SHEEP-LIKE AQUIESCENCE…The REAL danger is your irresponsibly abandoning your own independent COMMON SENSE, and fearfully and obediently giving up your precious American civil liberties to such obvious massive abuse of power by GLOBAL CORPORATION CONTROLLED POLITICIANS who are behind this fear-based, media-manipulated PANIC-DEMIC.

Their more and more openly admitted agenda envisions an END to our strong ‘Western culture’ of individual freedom and independence, replaced by a new ‘GREAT RESET’ design to make us entirely DEPENDENT on these global corporations, and on a world government they envision themselves entirely controlling.

Understand this: Freedom and Liberty require ONE thing above all, even above courage and bravery to fight for it…and that is RESPONSIBILITY!

Therefore, the biggest CANCER and threat to our precious freedom and liberty, even above Marxism and Communism, is IRRESPONSIBILITY!

The insane Marxism and Communist behavior we now see taking over the Democratic party, and that is threatening to destroy our American Republic and ‘The American Dream’, is a result of DECADES of DUMBING DOWN and MASSIVE IRRESPONSIBILITY, mainly from the Left.

In all fairness of course, I must say there has surely been a lot of dumbing down on the Right and in the Republican party, but not NEARLY to the degree of the mind-blowing, GROSSLY IMMORAL and UNAMERICAN dumbing down on the Left with the Democratic party…a party I have gradually become utterly ashamed of, and probably will not remain a member of much longer as a result!

Just keep in mind if you are a Republican, that there are a lot of ‘traditional Liberals’ like me who are just as patriotic as you are…

There are many traditional, moderate Liberals like myself, who are veterans of the armed forces and prior law enforcement, who are intellectually honest, and who will fight to the death to stop the threat our nation is now facing from the globalist corporations aligned with China, and that have compromised and taken over the Democratic party.

Let me list just a few brief examples of the immoral, shameful, and utterly bewildering ‘DUMB-ASSERY’ we are seeing today from the Left in the Democratic party:

(Insert Radical Liberal ‘AOC’ type voice for the following examples)

“Well, it is just a given that children WILL be having sex, so the SCHOOL DISTRICTS need to make sure that the children are provided with CONDOMS, so they can have sex SAFELY”

(The truth…Generally speaking, children with SH#TTY PARENTS are ‘going to have sex’…Genrally speaking, children with GOOD PARENTS who teach them the right healthy boundaries and the ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES and DANGERS that come with sexual promiscuity are not the children who are ‘just going to have sex’)

Next example of monumental ‘DUMB-ASSERY’ from the Left:

“Well, Dr. Fauci changed his mind after telling us masks do not stop a virus, and has now said we should wear masks IF we are in a setting where we can’t social distance…So, I am making my 4 year old child wear a mask OUTSIDE, ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE WE GO, especially if we go the local PLAYGROUND where there might be other children playing. “

(The truth…You are abusing your child, restricting their oxygen making them wear a mask, ESPECIALLY when they are outside in the fresh air. Their little developing bodies and brains are harmed by the restriction of oxygen caused by having to wear a mask, and it lowers their immune system, just as it lowers the immune system of adults! Besides, it says on the box of surgical masks: “This mask will not protect you from the coronavirus or any other virus”. TAKE THE MASK OFF YOUR CHILD AND GET THEM BACK IN THE CLASSROOM, just as 15000 and more other top M.D.s and medical scientists have said as they signed on to ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’!)

Next example:

“Well, it is just a given that children WILL be doing drugs and getting high, so it’s NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to be a ROLE MODEL for kids… I want to GET HIGH, and that’s NORMAL.”

(The truth…No, that is NOT NORMAL…You are just a CONFORMING SHEEP TO UNHEALTHY ABNORMAL IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR with your wanting to ‘get high’ and not be a role model for kids. SHAME ON YOU, you sorry excuse for an American! The truth is we need to get back to what IS HEALTHY AND NORMAL, and that is BEING HEALTHY ROLE MODELS FOR KIDS IN OUR DAILY LIVES! That means living by example and NOT SMOKING POT and other drugs, and abusing alcohol, etc. That is basic COMMON SENSE…Once again, freedom isn’t guaranteed and it will be lost to a nation that becomes so irresponsible that it loses its moral responsibility to be a role model for its children!)

Next example:

“Well, the CDC has told us the coronavirus is not a threat to children, and it is really only a threat to a pretty small percentage of old people who have other co-morbidities, but they are telling all of us have to shut down our businesses, lose our jobs, and keep our children out of school…Hmmmm…That doesn’t make sense, but I’m going to be scared because CNN and PBS are telling me I could easily die, and that I should keep my children away from other kids and out of school…So I am just going to OBEY EVERYTHING they say, and not question the authority of the media…They wouldn’t lie to me”

(The truth…There is no virus that is going to kill you! That isn’t to say there isn’t a virus, it just IS NOT GOING TO HOSPITALIZE OR KILL YOU! It is NOT an existential threat to you or your kids, and your kids need to be IN THE CLASSROOM NOW!

(The truth…The mainstream media IS lying to you in their non-stop gross EXAGGERATION of this virus. You know better, deep down inside, than to live in such fear, and to acquiesce and give in to this insanity! YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THAT!)

Those are just a few of many examples I could list here, of the REAL danger, that being such ignorant and fearful acquiescence to what is a mind-blowing degree of abuse of power from our politicians, coupled with the simultaneous mind-blowing degree of fear-mongering and manipulation by the Leftwing media to needlessly create mass panic.

As I have said and will continue to say until people finally wake up, this is not a true ‘pandemic’, it is a media driven ‘PANIC-DEMIC’.

You don’t have anything to fear, unless – and this would be the case when it comes to FLU season EVERY YEAR – You don’t have anything to fear unless you are in the very small percentage of people who are in the ‘at risk’ group, in which case you should take ‘normal flu season precautions’.

As I said above, this is not just what I am saying, this is what over 15000 of the world’s leading M.D.’s, epidemiologists, virologists and medical scientists have all said, as they recently signed on to ‘THE GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION’ which came out originally from top doctors at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford University…not exactly CONSERVATIVE universities I might add.

They demanded that we stop this insanity, and that we RETURN OUR CHILDREN TO THE CLASSROOM NOW. They called for all the rest of us who are not in the very small ‘at risk’ group to RETURN TO NORMAL and go about our unrestricted lives, saying that this ‘coronavirus’ is simply comparable to a severe flu season, and that is all!

They called for the proper focus for societal restriction be targeted only for the protection of those in the known ‘at risk’ groups, while the rest of us who ARE NOT AT RISK to get back to normal and gradually reach ‘herd immunity’, at which time the ‘at risk’ groups would be able to return to normal.

That is COMMON SENSE combined with SCIENCE. But many of you have abandoned your faculties of reason and common sense, preferring to replace them with obedient, subservient and DANGEROUS CONFORMITY!

We cannot operate a free society with this level of sheepish WEAK-MINDED stupidity and fearful obedience to such obvious MEDIA MANIPULATION and a Big Tech and Big Pharma ‘agenda of total control’ at the heart of it.

You CAN run a country like CHINA like this, and spoiler alert: THEY DO!!

Take the mask OFF of your children, ESPECIALLY when they are in the fresh air!…


ASK ANY PEDIATRICIAN…Children need the unrestricted oxygen as their brains and immune system is still developing, and any restriction of normal oxygen levels for them is damaging their development.

For that matter, ALL of us need to take the masks off, because even adults significantly harm and lower our immune system when we wear a mask for any length of time. Also, you are BREATHING BACK IN a fair amount of the carbon dioxide you exhale, and that is also unhealthy for your body and immune system.

In addition, there is mounting evidence pointing to the increased likelihood of causing bacterial pneumonia from extended mask wearing, because the mask begins quickly to collect and hold on to the bacteria you expel into it as you breathe and talk, etc, and then you breathe that bacteria back in day after day.

Also, it says right on the label of most ‘surgical ear loop’ mask boxes: “WARNING: This mask will not protect you from THE CORONAVIRUS or any other virus” It actually specifically refers to the coronavirus! So there’s that, LOL!


The FEAR of Covid-19 is the FALSE DANGER for the vast majority…

The REAL DANGER is your un-American, weak and SHEEP-MINDED FEARFUL OBEDIENCE to those who seek to dominate and control you with their global Big Tech and Big Pharma corporate agenda, in a longstanding planned partnership with CHINA.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a veteran of the US Armed Forces-Security Police/USAF… She is a writer in Sacramento, CA, and the producer/host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. The show features provocative discussion of hot topics in politics and the news, with emphasis on exposing media lies. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at conniebryan.com)