We hear many in Israel and Hamas(and other Islamic cultures/nations), echoed by huge numbers of ignorant people all over the world on either side of Israel AND Hamas, calling to genocidally ‘WIPE OUT’ and ‘KILL’ the other, primarily based on their personal ‘faiths’ rooted in either the Bible/Tanakh or the Koran.

If you are keeping up with the daily news, yesterday we heard Benjamin Netanyahu shamefully quote a passage from the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament of the Bible/Tanakh, that has God ordaining genocide against another non-Jewish culture that Netanyahu equated to the Palestinians, after which he invoked this ‘Holy Scripture’ and ‘Godly ordained’ order to not just kill every one of them, man woman and child, but to also kill their farm animals and domestic pets.

As I detail and showcase at great length in my new book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ now available wherever books are sold, such sick man-made portrayals of God seeking to ‘DEIFY’ the Jewish culture (and later to ‘DEIFY’ Rome and Roman Catholicism with Christianity) are RAMPANT all over the Bible.

In my book I show how the Bible is full of bigotry, lies and massive hypocritical fraud falsely in the name of ‘God’, and using their own King James Bible, I show the reader seemingly endless and UNDENIABLE examples of those man made bigoted and tribal oriented lies, FRAUDULENTLY attributed to ‘God’.

It is CRITICAL that we face one undeniable truth right now, that we as a human race have shamefully avoided facing tor too long now…

Let me PREFACE what that truth is that we must face by first emphatically making something crystal clear to ALL those who spout such shameful rhetoric, based either on their religious beliefs or their political leanings:

You cannot ‘KILL’ all of Hamas, you cannot ‘KILL’ all of the Jews…You cannot ‘KILL’ all of the Muslims…You cannot ‘KILL’ all of the Christians.

Those are what are referred to as the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths. And they are ALL in their own right shamefully guilty of believing their own ‘END TIMES’ versions of the same genocidal type Bible/Koran verses, with Christians being EQUALLY guilty!

As I detail in my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’, the New Testament is NOT…I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOT all about universal unconditional love of Jesus. As I show in the book, the Bible makes it clear over and over that Jesus is telling his disciples, and later also Paul is telling the churches he is allegedly writing to (allegedly because most of the writings attributed to Paul have been determined to be forgeries)…

But as I detail in my book, the New Testament is rampant with teachings from Jesus, his disciples and Paul, all frequently decreeing mass world extinction genocide by Jesus and his genocidal army of angels upon his so called ‘2nd Coming’ in the ‘End Times’…KILLING ALL NON BELIEVERS.

That is a fundamental ‘belief’ that the New Testament of the Bible DEFINES regarding what it means to be a ‘Christian’…If you think otherwise, you haven’t read your Bible my friend, and you are lying to yourself.

It is all of those SICK, SUPERSTITIOUS, TRIBAL-BASED, BIGOTED TEACHINGS IN THE BIBLE & THE KORAN that have caused the majority of all of the warmongering, genocide, slavery, racism, bigotry and oppression of women and other minorities throughout history, more so than ANY other reason!

And yet again, this is what we are seeing unfolding RIGHT NOW SHAMEFULLY, before our very eyes, with both Israel, many Christians in the U.S., and most of the Islamic world advocating it in the names of either ‘God’ or ‘Allah’.


The truth I said above that we must face now, and that we can no longer afford to avoid facing if we care about HEALING for the human race, is that we have to IDENTIFY WHAT WE MUST KILL!

What did I say above? You cannot ‘KILL’ Hamas, you cannot ‘KILL’ the Jews…You cannot ‘KILL’ the Muslims…You cannot ‘KILL’ the Christians. The whole sick vengeful and hateful thought of believing they all deserve to die or be condemned based on your ‘faith’ would reveal to a rational person that such ‘faith’ is NOT HOLY!

And notice I didn’t include all ‘faiths’ in those ‘Abrahamic’ examples…That is for good reason…Such ‘WE are the CHOSEN ONES’, and such weaponized beliefs advocating such ‘END TIMES’ genocide of all ‘non believers’ or ‘non Jews’ or ‘non Muslims’ are NOT held by all the other main world faiths such as the faiths of Native Americans, or of Hindus, or of Buddhists, etc.

So the truth we must face right now, as I discuss at length in ‘HOLY LIBEL’, has everything to do with understanding REAL SPIRITUAL TRUTH, which has been DELIBERATELY BLOCKED from a large majority of humanity’s population still today, BLOCKED by the CORRUPT institutions you thought you have been programmed to believe that you could trust the most.

And if I have to do it SINGLEHANDEDLY, I will bring this healing message through and expose that fraud & corruption, despite Amazon continuing to try to block my ability to advertise ‘HOLY LIBEL’ on their platform.

They have not prevented me from listing it on Amazon for purchase, but their dishonestly and deliberately blocking me from advertising it to their readers is a ‘proxy ban’ or a ‘shadow ban’, because it buries the book so that it is hard to be found in normal searches unless you type in the exact title and/or my name.

And if a new author cannot promote their book and advertise it on Amazon, it is hardly ever seen by readers…so that amounts to a ‘proxy ban’ even though they don’t technically prevent you from listing it for sale on Amazon.

So WHAT IS the critical truth that must be faced right now without further delay?

It is that we have to KILL THE ‘FALSE FAITH’.

We have to KILL THE FALSE BELIEF that is at the root of such shameful teachings that these ‘Abrahamic’ faiths of JudeoChristianity and Islam are shamefully perpetuating shamefully programming into the innocent minds of their children, often as soon as they can barely walk as toddlers.

We cannot be hypocrites who claim we understand that racism of any kind must be called out for how shameful it is in all corners of the world, while hypocritically saying it’s PERFECTLY OK for Jews, Muslims and Christians to hold the sick, weaponized beliefs they hold, with the scriptures of the Bible and the Koran being the PRIMARY ROOTS AND FOUNDATION of all bigotry and racism worldwide!

Again, see my book for countless examples of those false racist teachings in the Bible, where I even show not one but TWO passages in Paul’s writings where he decrees that anyone who denounces the institution of slavery is guilty of BLASPHEMING THE GOSPEL OF GOD, and for slaves to view their masters with the respect they would ascribe to JESUS!

That is precisely WHY the denomination of the Southern Baptists was where the Ku Klux Klan originated!…Because the Bible is the primary foundation of bigotry, white superiority and racism. And the Koran is in second place right behind it!

I have been called to expose these man made lies about God, and to bring this message of spiritual truth to the forefront of our collective consciousness to the best of my ability, and that is what my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ does very effectively.

We cannot continue to allow these man made lies fraudulently in the name of God to continue without worldwide COLLECTIVE REBUKE.

No more calling to ‘KILL JEWS’, or ‘KILL HAMAS’, or ‘LEVEL PALESTINE’ as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently called for in an interview that I played a clip of on the current episode of my TV show ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ now airing in 21 cable markets nationwide. (All episodes available to watch on demand on my website at www.conniebryan..com. )

But we must now face the undeniable SPIRITUAL TRUTH that their BELIEFS are what have to die.

In the name of healing for humanity, and in the name of unconditional love, and in the name of finally removing what has been BLOCKING HEALING and SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING for humanity for over 2 THOUSAND YEARS NOW, we must KILL THOSE SHAMEFUL FALSE TEACHINGS once and for all, just the same as we are doing that to anyone who holds racist beliefs toward others.

Why are we here?

We are NOT here to adopt such beliefs that OUR culture or OUR belief is ‘DEIFIED’ and PREFERRED by God over others, and that those of OUR beliefs are the ‘CHOSEN ONES’, with all others being worthy of genocide or condemnation because they are outside of our ‘faith’. ENOUGH!


We are here to learn the REAL spiritual truth that EACH of us in ALL of our various beautiful diversities and ethnicities…each and every one of us ARE the physical manifestation of ‘GOD’ here in this temporary physical incarnation!

We are here to TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER, NOT CONDEMN ONE ANOTHER with such false beliefs in the name of ‘God’ or ‘Allah’! We are here to HELP AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER!

We are here to learn that each and every of us ARE THE HANDS OF GOD…

We are the PHYSICAL HANDS OF GOD, meant to HEAL one another…We are meant to SEE OURSELVES in one another, not to see others as ‘animals’ or ‘infidels’ because they are not of our ‘belief’.

Such sick beliefs are what have to DIE NOW!

Because when we wake up to this truth and when we finally learn what we have been kept from learning about who and what we are, and about our shared ONENESS, we will realize how absurd and shameful it is that we are so divided, and that we have thousands of thermo-nuclear warheads pointed at each other, and that we ever thought that some ‘End Times’ holocaust of all others who believed differently than us was ‘God’s Will’!

It’s time for what I call an emergency ‘HUMANITY SUMMIT’…The first of its kind, to discuss what has to change immediately in the interest of bringing world peace, healing and true spiritual understanding to our shared home we call earth.

This is UNDENIABLY LONG OVERDUE…Now is the time we are meant to wake up to these truths, as uncomfortable as they will be to many. But that’s what we call ‘GROWING PAINS’ đŸ™‚

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA and the author of her first book ‘HOLY LIBEL’. She is also the producer/host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, now airing in 21 cable markets nationwide, now celebrating 20 YEARS of ‘REAL TALK’ broadcasting…Check out episodes of the show ON DEMAND, and find ALL of Connie’s material on her website and blog at ConnieBryan.com.)