I want to share some insights I have received over recent years in my spiritual meditations with respect to questions we all have about the nature of reality and the universe, what we are doing here, and what does it all mean, etc. Please write back to me and let me know if you are aware of anyone else who is writing about anything similar to some of the specifics I’m going to share here – and I mean beyond just an observation that the universe is alive. I’m going to detail some specific things I have come to understand about this combined physical and spiritual experience here that we call “life”.

First of all, it was exciting to me when I first realized that we are in eternity RIGHT NOW. Eternity isn’t something that only begins after we die with religious “consequences” of heaven or hell. I realized one day, that when you look up into the night sky and the stars, you are actually looking into eternity in REAL TIME (pun intended as eternity has no “time”). 

You are also experiencing and contemplating eternity when you think about say, the tip of a pen, and you wonder, “How small can things get before they can’t get any smaller?” The micro and macro go on for eternity…there is not a thing that can’t get smaller. That will blow your mind if you think about it for more than a few seconds.

Now, how does this relate to the nature of the universe? Religion has harmed human kind’s spiritual growth in a serious way. It has arrested most people’s spiritual understanding by teaching them the dogmatic lie that “God” is SEPARATE from them…and that they are not a part of the Divine.

They are taught that they are just a separate, sinful creation, and only if they believe in XYZ religion can they “change into” a “Child of God”. This is a very sick fear tactic used by men with designs of controlling the masses over history. If I were to preach what I’m going to share with you here back a thousand years ago, I’d probably be burned at the stake. I’d probably risk that even 400 years ago!

The truth about what you are is that you are NOT SEPARATE from the eternal Divine Designer. You ARE what “God” is for lack of a better word. Therefore, you need not worry about anything. The truth is also that the world DOES revolve around you. Everyone reading this right now, let me ask you, how can the world NOT revolve around you? The world depends on you and your thought to experience it.

Not only that, it depends on you and I to CO-CREATE it. That is what we are doing here. But it gets more interesting, so hang on to your seat. You are living on a living being, because the earth is alive. Earth is a living being. It is part of the eternal “chain” of where we come from. We are made up of elements from the earth. But it gets even more interesting.

The solar system, including the sun, is also alive. It is a living being. And this brings me to my ultimate point that most people have not learned, having been hamstrung spiritually by false religious teaching from the Bible.


The UNIVERSE ITSELF is also a LIVING BEING! As I mentioned to start this article, the universe goes on forever, and you are a part of it. As such, you will have no choice but to go on forever. Sorry if that cramps atheists’ style. In my meditations over the years, I have been relentlessly seeking understanding about the universe, and our part within it. This knowledge finally began to come to me as a result.

You and I are important small micro elements within the universe – just like cells, atoms, and molecules are very important micro elements within our bodies. Did you know that a cell does everything that we do, but on a micro level? Cells breathe, they eat, they pro-create, they are social living beings that are constantly interacting and mating with other cells. They even urinate/defecate like we have to do.

Cells actually have a consciousness on their level just like ours, and one that our consciousness depends on. They communicate with one another, form communities inside your body, have intricate functions or jobs just like us, and they form your immune system. Accordingly they sometimes fight wars against dangerous tribes of invading antibodies and bacteria that try to invade and destroy those healthy communities. Heck, they probably even have their own pop culture with their own little “Justin Biebers” that they simultaneously adore and mock among themselves.

One of the reasons you want to live a healthy life, and make sure you don’t do “recreational drugs” and abuse alcohol, or even engage in too much “casual sex”(I never understood how sex could be seen as ‘casual’ when it is the most non-casual,  most invasive thing you can do with someone else) is because of the risk of unnecessary disease, from damage to the immune system due to messing up the proper healthy “homeostasis” or balance and harmony of your body’s healthy “inner universe”.

When one is spiritually healthy, one naturally understands such things are abusive and destructive physically, mentally and emotionally to your body’s “universe”.   There are amazing constant parallels and similarities within our bodies that compare to outer space and what space exploration has shown us about how planets revolve around stars and solar systems. We have the SAME THING in our bodies.

Think about it. The electrons, protons and neutrons that rotate around an atom, and the gravity that is clearly part of that equation is the same thing happening, but on a micro level. The communities and often warring factions of cells inside of us are just like the communities and often warring factions of people on the planet.

Just like the earth is host to trillions and trillions of micro organisms living inside it and on top of it that depend on it for their existence, scientists have discovered something that many of us absolutely don’t want to contemplate: We have trillions of tiny micro organisms and bacteria life forms that we are host to, that depend on us for their existence. These are life forms totally different than what we are, with their own individual intelligence, but that are also a part of us and depend on us in and on our bodies, as we depend on the earth and the sun.

Which brings me to one more controversial realization that came to me: I don’t believe anyone else is writing about many of these specific observations yet, but if you have seen this written about somewhere else, I’d love to know about it. We often wonder about the source of our planet…where it came from…how did it come into existence, etc, and all the planets in our solar system for that matter.


In my meditations, I was contemplating the fact that the planets all have an order they are in as they rotate around the sun, and the random theory postulated by astronomy scientists that the planets just formed from random matter and gases by happenstance seems ridiculous to me. After all, if you’ll recall from your Astronomy 101 class,  everywhere you see planets in the universe, what do they all depend on and have in common? Planets do not EVER exist without what? A STAR!

You will find stars that don’t have planets yet, but that’s sort of like an adult couple you meet who don’t have kids yet. Maybe they will never have kids, but often they will at some point. The same is the case we are discovering in outer space with respect to planets and stars. The Hubble telescope is showing us that there are countless numbers of planets, and countless numbers of stars…trillions as a matter of fact, JUST LIKE the trillions of cells, atoms, molecules and such inside our bodies. Carl Sagan once said counting the stars in the universe is like trying to number the grains of sand on the beach.

Think about this: If someone could be shrunk down so small that they could exist on an atom inside your body – in other words, that atom was now like the earth is to us now, they would look up with a telescope, and the inside of your body would of course not be discernible to them.

They would think they were looking at something very similar to what we call outer space and the cosmos. They would realize they are alive. They might at some point realize the atom they called their planet was also alive. But they would not likely realize what they were looking up into was just as alive and a living being as they are within it!

Back to my theory about the sun:  Don’t forget that just like the earth, the sun is alive. Matter of fact, my theory about the sun is that it gave birth to our solar system, meaning it is the mother of the earth and our planets. It was a smaller sort of “big bang” that gave birth to the planets in our solar system, just like scientists believe the cosmos was “birthed” by a much larger such event. That makes sense, as there is something in eternity that had to “initiate” or “design” or “give birth” to the universe as we are coming to understand it. After all, as mentioned at the start of this article, the universe does not have a point at which there is nothing else beyond it.

And the good news is, you don’t need to be afraid of death, because you are an eternal part of this “creation”. You, as a part of something that is eternal, are also eternal. You are not something separate from a whimsical, vengeful “man in the sky” with conditions on whether or not he, as a “loving” God, will or won’t condemn you to burn in hell, etc. What ridiculous nonsense.

Sometimes when religious people point down at the ground as they like to talk about how God will send everyone to hell who doesn’t believe like them, I love to ask them:  “Do you really believe hell is down in the ground and heaven is up in the sky somewhere?” “Don’t you understand that when you point down, you are actually pointing back into outer space, because you’d not only eventually come out in China (as the saying goes) but you’d then be continuing into outer space?” 


It isn’t so important to understand the ‘ins and outs’ and intricate details of quantum physics, as much as it is important to understand there absolutely IS a “unified field” that you and I and everyone are “one” with. More and more, quantum physics and string theory are showing scientists that this is true.

They are discovering that the smallest particles they have been able to see of what we are, which they call “quarks”, are both here and not here at the SAME TIME! They seem to be coming in and out of this dimension. A better way to describe this would be to say these “quarks” within us appear to be going back and forth between the physical and the spiritual nature of our “unified field”.

I have a standup comedy routine that I do about the crazy game of golf, and how I have a love/hate relationship with the game. I hate golf, yet the more I hate it the more I want to play it! I finally realized why. It’s because golfers all have one thing in common. We are all people who share a huge fascination with quantum physics, which teaches that objects at their tiniest core are both HERE and NOT HERE at the same time…And we’ve actually witnessed that phenomenon with our own eyes, trying to hit that F*#King GOLF BALL!

Let me close by saying this knowledge is crucial for us to learn as brothers and sisters on this planet, especially with the ability we now have to blow the earth up 10 times over with our horrible nuclear weapons. The reason mankind has been at war with one another throughout history has always revolved mainly around a lack of understanding regarding what I have written here, that we are all a part of each other…a false understanding of things spiritual.

The reason we don’t have harmony is ironically because of the false teaching of religion, mainly the Bible and the Koran. We can have world peace when we stop such sick insanity, often based just on proud family and tribal “TRADITION”, that ignorantly seeks to condemn others who don’t share the same religious belief.

Such a belief is wrong intrinsically. Through and through to its core, it is wrong and a gross lie. Still, I’m amazed that people love to ask: “Well why are you picking on religion? What harm is there in people’s religious beliefs?” People who ask such stupid questions are living like an ostrich with their head buried in the sand it would seem. They are in major denial, or they are people too afraid to show a ‘backbone’ and stand up for what is right if it will cause any conflict or unpleasantness for anyone whatsoever. Organized religion has been more destructive than anything else in our history.  Religion is not synonymous with true spirituality. Often the two could not be more opposite and mutually exclusive. Fortunately more and more people are waking up to this fact, and making the distinction that they are spiritual, but not religious.

Real spiritual truth is that LOVE can never condemn by nature. Accordingly, forgiveness can never condemn by nature. If “God” is love and forgiveness, why are there SO MANY stories of his anger and homicidal vengeance in the Bible and the Koran? The answer is because those are mythical stories written by ignorant, bigoted men in history, who were seeking to control society through such fear based false teachings.

And look where it has brought us today? It has brought us to the brink of worldwide destruction, instead of real spiritual truth and love for one another unconditionally…Instead of realizing we are all ONE…Instead of realizing we “save each other” by understanding we are all brothers and sisters…Instead of realizing by now that we are co-creators here, all a part of what “God” is, and that OF COURSE there is no ONE RELIGION, or ONE BELIEF one must hold to avoid condemnation. We are “all in this together”, an eternal part of an eternal universe – a universe that is very much alive, just like us!


Connie Bryan

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