The Great Deception of Judeo/Christianity, The Roman Catholic Church and the Bible Exposed…

In this article, I am going to show you the fundamental man-made lie the rest of the Bible is built upon like a house of cards, and I am going to expose this monumental lie from the FIRST story in the Bible about Adam and Eve.

At a certain point in the early fabricating of the ‘Christian mythology’, the Roman Catholic church realized they had a ‘game over’ problem, ironically with the very first story that had originally been fabricated by the Jews with their early creation of their culture’s religious mythology.

At a certain point it dawned on the early crafters of Christianity, as it did to me, that the ‘original sin’ and ‘sinful nature’ label they wanted to accuse all of mankind of having, and upon which ALL the rest of the Bible’s ‘guilt trips’ are predicated, ABSOLUTELY DEPENDS on Adam and Eve ALREADY HAVING the knowledge of good and evil, which we clearly are told at the beginning of the story that they DID NOT!

So the early crafters of the ‘Christian mythology’ resorted to CRAFTY DECEPTION, inserting a ‘church doctrine’ taught from the pulpit and the Vatican, found NOWHERE in the scripture of the Bible or the creation story itself.

After figuring this out for myself with common sense that a ‘church doctrine’ was manufactured to cover for this, I have since learned the exact point in history when that in fact did take place, at ‘The Council of Carthage’ in 419 A.D. by the Roman Catholic Church. The Council of Carthage was held for the specific purpose of inserting the Roman Catholic church doctrine that all mankind is sinful/evil by nature, using the Adam and Eve story as the alleged proof of mankind’s INTENTIONAL ‘original sin’.

As I will show you, this is of course ABSURD if you take the time to read the full story of what happened to Adam and Eve.

This ‘decree’ by the church or ‘church doctrine’ tells you that Adam and Eve committed ‘original sin’ because they had ‘free will’. And accordingly, church priests, pastors and Sunday school teachers all through the ages tell their members, and ESPECIALLY their innocent children not to what? NOT TO QUESTION ANY OF THEIR TEACHING OR ‘CHURCH DOCTRINE’.

But that teaching/doctrine, we can clearly see, IS A BLATANT LIE BASED ON THE STORY IN THE SO-CALLED ‘SCRIPTURE’ ITSELF!

Like I said above, the church saw that too… This is why the church inserted this ‘doctrine’ because they realized the Creation/Garden story didn’t hold water, since on its face it makes it clear Adam and Eve DID NOT already have the knowledge of good and evil, necessary for already having ‘free will’!

Adam and Eve are clearly described as completely blameless and innocent, and that is OF COURSE WHY they were easily deceived by Satan, who God ALLOWED in to what they trusted was their safe garden home, and ALLOWED them to be placed in such dire danger, completely unbeknownst to them due to their childish innocence. (Yes, I know, it is a man made fable…But many if not most Christians take many parts of it literally, especially evangelical fundamentalists, and the church uses it to lie to you about who and what ‘God’ is, and to teach you a lie about both your nature and the nature of ‘God’.)

Now remember, ‘God’ and ‘Satan’ as introduced in this very first Bible story DID have the knowledge of good and evil, and with that knowledge, and without Adam and Eve having it to be prepared, God placed them in such danger, and did not deliver them from evil.

So where is the original sin coming from here? Innocent Adam and Eve with ZERO concept of ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and evil’ still? Or this supposedly all knowing God, who knowingly allowed his unequipped, unprepared innocent creation to be placed in such harm’s way by Satan the ‘master deceiver’??

If I as a parent ALLOW my innocent child to be deceived by a predator, and they engage in some act of fornication under the deceit of that predator, WHO WAS THE CRIMINAL SINNER? Clearly it would be me the parent, not the innocent child who had no concept yet of ‘good and evil’!

Just as in that simple above example, and to put this HUGE CHURCH DECEPTION in very simple terms… First – You absolutely positively CANNOT already have free will to ‘choose to sin’ BEFORE you have the KNOWLEDGE OF SIN – synonymous with the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL!

And second, You absolutely positively CANNOT commit ‘original sin’without the ‘INTENT’, which entirely DEPENDS on already having the knowledge of ‘RIGHT AND WRONG’ or ‘GOOD AND EVIL’, which according to the actual story in Genesis chapter 2, Adam and Eve did not at the time God allowed Satan the ‘master deceiver’ to do just that to his completely unsuspecting innocent children.

The shameful, GREAT DECEPTION by the organized religions of Judeo/Christianity is that you are bad and sinful by nature, when you are the OPPOSITE…
You are by nature an innocent Holy part of what ‘God’ is. And so were Adam and Eve, in this monstrous Jewish ‘fairy tale’.

But when the church or the synagogue traumatizes you at such an innocent early age, telling you over and over from a child that you are bad and sinful by nature, you are going to develop a ‘learned delusion’ and think that you are.
And with that ‘deceived’ delusion and mentality will come behavior that is bad, because you have been so conditioned that you are bad. (Garbage IN, Garbage OUT, as the saying goes)

It’s time to wake up to these longstanding institutional religious lies…the ‘GARBAGE’ standing in the way of final healing for mankind.

Connie Bryan /

The Connie Bryan Show

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