Connie Bryan delivers another of her strongest episodes to date in PART FIVE of her current ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ emergency special series…In this episode, Connie covers the details of the very disturbing story that federal & state authorities have now been exposed trying to cover up, and that the mainstream news media has deliberately not covered, that being the recent shocking discovery of a covert ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED, apparently Chinese-owned bio lab in FRESNO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, that was found to be in possession of deadly viruses including HIV, Covid-19, Ecoli and many others, along with 900 genetically modified mice bred to easily contract & carry Covid-19, with 200 of these lab mice found dead…Connie plays the very brief local news coverage revealing the actual emails showing the evidence that the FBI along with ‘state authorities’ directed local city officials NOT to inform the local community about the details of the illegal lab for OVER 6 MONTHS after discovering it! Connie plays clips of the one City Councilman who held a local news conference to FINALLY inform the community at the end of July, after the dangerous illegal bio lab had been discovered back in DECEMBER of 2022! Then to show how this should be a huge national story due to the red flags it raises about such covert illegal Chinese labs potentially existing all over the country, Connie plays a powerful clip of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy stating the SAME CONCERNS about the lab’s discovery in a brief Q&A by an alternative media journalist, still with no mainstream national news coverage on the matter. Also in this powerful episode, Connie begins the show by breaking down WHO & WHAT ‘The New World Order’ & ‘The Deep State’ are, and plays powerful clips of evidence showing that their admitted agenda is to create a global CORPORATE WORLD STATE DICTATORSHIP modeled on the current Chinese Communist Party system in China…This is the “MUST SEE TV” that NBC doesn’t want you to see! (Please share where you can)