The November 2023 edition of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ begins with Connie’s very funny talk radio sketch and impersonation of late night talk radio legend ‘Art Bell’ hammering Starbucks for their recent unlawful firing of employees who tried to start a union…followed by PART ONE in Connie’s new special series ‘LIES OF CONTROL’…Among many other powerful & hard hitting topics exposing the massive corruption of Google, Amazon and Big Tech in general, Connie gets very personal as she talks about her new book ‘Holy Libel’, and the shocking dishonest targeting of her book by Amazon, blocking her from advertising it on the platform. To close the show, Connie shows shocking evidence of a leaked internal Google training video admitting the artificial intel algorithms they are perfecting in not just predicting users’ behavior, but actually CONTROLLING users’ thinking and behavior, which they actually refer to as ‘BEHAVIORAL SEQUENCING’. This is the real ‘MUST SEE TV’.