The March 2024 broadcast of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ is undoubtedly one of Connie’s hardest hitting and eye-opening episodes to date. Among many
topics, Connie begins by reading a recent FIVE STAR review of her new book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ by a viewer of the show…Connie also touches briefly on the growing amount of new shocking news & evidence coming out about the white fibrous ‘synthetic-like’ clots/blockages that many funeral home directors & embalmers WORLD WIDE have been finding and reporting in a large number of deceased who had been vaccinated with the Covid experimental gene therapy shots, these embalmers all confirming they have NEVER seen anything like them in their entire careers prior to 2021 when they began to be discovered after the shots rolled out…Also in this episode Connie goes in depth exposing the monopoly corporate corrupt agenda that is aggressively seeking to create a one world system of ‘CORPORATISM’ that is ‘ABOVE GOVERNMENT’…Connie specifically discusses the longstanding primary tactic used to implement that corrupt agenda known as ‘CONTROLLED OPPOSITION’…Related to this, Connie reveals two very powerful things the mainstream media has not covered, that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin revealed in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, one of which being how Putin openly admitting that the world’s governments are NOT controlled by their elected government leaders, and that Putin actually validated what Connie has been reporting for a long time now, that there are not one but at least TWO main factions of the ‘globalist elites’ seeking a corporate world government…While Connie has often referred to them as two sides of the same New World Order coin, she discusses the way Vladimir Putin described them in Tucker’s interview, referring to them being like the ‘two HEMISPHERES of the SAME BRAIN’. This is REAL MUST SEE TV that you won’t find in the corrupt corporate controlled mainstream media. Please share wherever you can to help overcome the continued amount of Big Tech shadow banning.