One of Connie’s hardest hitting ‘truth to power’ episodes to date…The show opens with a clip of President Biden in 2022 admitting that arming Ukraine with tanks would be “World War 3″…Then Connie continues with another very funny installment in her ongoing ‘Ghost to Ghost AM’ Art Bell impersonation series, this time with ‘Art’ interviewing a top member of both Chinese and American intelligence in trying to get to the truth about the nature of the Chinese spy balloon…after which Connie calls out the corrupt ‘Deep State’ & NATO powers that be, pulling the strings of the Biden administration, for NEEDLESSLY taking the world closer to nuclear holocaust than we have been since the Cuban missile crisis in the 60’s. Connie brings the heat like never before detailing the corrupt nature of this war largely caused by the U.S. and NATO, and how it must STOP NOW! Connie spells out the strong ‘world healing’ leadership, diplomacy and COOPERATION that must replace the current corrupt leaders we have at the present who are owned and controlled by an elite global corporate cartel at the expense of ‘We the People’…This is the ‘MUST SEE TV’ that NBC DOESN’T WANT you to see!