On this powerful PART TWO in Connie Bryan’s emergency special edition ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, stuff gets even more real as Connie continues to showcase the shocking diabolical EVIDENCE of the deliberate crime against humanity that was behind the corruption of ‘Covid19’, its GAIN OF FUNCTION research ‘leak’ from the Wuhan bio weapons Lab in China FUNDED BY DR. FAUCI, now confirmed by the FBI Director Chris Rey and former CDC Director Robert Redfield. Connie begins with a clip of Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer, blowing the whistle on his own former company telling the world that the Pfizer ‘Covid shots’ were KNOWN by Pfizer to be ‘toxic by design’ and they did it anyway. This evidence is then further amplified when Connie plays a clip from Del Bigtree’s ‘The Highwire Jaxen Report’ as they show the evidence that Pfizer KNEW that the toxic spike protein does not remain at the ‘injection site’ but goes all through the body, and they show Big Pharma’s impending plans to use this dangerous experimental MRNA gene-editing technology on the unsuspecting public with many other coming ‘vaccines’ including FLU SHOTS. Connie includes a powerful clip from investigative journalist Naomi Wolf breaking down how Pfizer in partnership with the FDA colluded to try to hide from the general public FOR 75 YEARS, their knowledge of the known harmful and deadly side effects of the MRNA spike protein-based experimental shots, and thankfully due to a lawsuit by attorney Aaron Siri, the judge in the case forced Pfizer to reveal those internal docs. Connie then showcases one of the most well respected cardiologists in the nation, Dr. Peter McCullough, echoing Naomi Wolf’s comments by adding that those documents that Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide from the public reveal that Pfizer KNEW Of 1223 DEATHS from the experimental shots within only THE FIRST 90 DAYS of its release on the public! Finally, Connie plays a jaw dropping clip of a DARPA (military intelligence) neuroscientist speaking to a WEST POINT ACADEMY CLASS, casually describing the Army’s development of ‘nano particle skin penetrating STROKE EPIDEMIC agents’ and gain of function viruses in order to be used not just in war time against the enemy, but against the general population, and he proceeds to describe a scenario in many ways virtually identical to what we witnessed as a result of what has been called ‘Covid-19’. This is the MUST SEE TV that NBC does not want you to see.