On this another eye-opening truth to power episode, Connie opens the show with her monologue about the chronic LACK of comedy writing in most ‘standup comedy’ over the last 20 years to the present, mostly replaced by ignorant, vulgar, hateful, bigoted and/or ‘dripping body part’ material to get a SHOCK laugh, and she discusses the mind blowing, irresponsible stupidity of the term ‘RECREATIONAL DRUGS’. Following her monologue, Connie shares her performance of ‘WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER’ by the Police. Then Connie shares a few prophetic quotes from globalist front man Bertrand Russell in his book ‘The Scientific Outlook’, in which he precisely predicts the nefarious eugenics/transhumanist/artificial intelligence agenda to control humanity with a one world govt that we are seeing unfold before our very eyes today, publicly led by Klaus Schwab and his underlings with the World Economic Forum. Then Connie shares a shocking and damning recent clip from professor of the University of New Hampshire and associate of the WEF, openly now calling for a reduction of the world’s population down to ONE BILLION from where we are now at almost eight billion. To conclude the show, Connie touches on why they think they can get away with such a nefarious agenda, and what humanity needs to awaken to, in order to stop this longstanding corporate corruption and finally bring peace and healing to our shared home here on earth. Remember ‘MUST SEE TV’? This is it.