This past September we reached the 20th anniversary of the ‘false flag’ events of Sept. 11th, 2001. In reverent memory of the many innocent lives lost on 9/11, and given that in coming parts of this series, we will soon be delving into the dark truth about the not uncommon use of ‘false flag’ contrived acts of terror by the globalists, “The History of the Globalists & Their Agenda of World Control Exposed PART FIVE” will be a re-broadcast of my classic 9/11 Truth episode and interview of Eric Hufschmid, author of ‘Painful Questions’…Also, please seek out and watch my related episode on ‘The 28 Pages’ redacted from the Congressional 9/11 investigation report, declassified in 2015, and identifying the evidence of those who financed the attacks on our nation, in covert cooperation with key members of our own government, the CIA and the FBI, featuring Senator Bob Graham, co-chairman of that 9/11 Congressional investigation, as a key whistleblower.