In this hard hitting PART SIX of Connie’s series ‘The History of the Globalists and Their Agenda of World Control Exposed’, Connie begins the show with a shocking clip from a 2019 CSPAN panel interview just 2 months before the ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ was announced, where Dr. Fauci and other HHS officials openly discuss plans to fabricate a ‘DISRUPTIVE EVENT’ in order to force new MRNA vaccine technology on the public without having to go through the required long safety trials. Then Connie dives deeper into the dark history of the globalists, exposing the Rockefeller Foundation’s connection to funding the origins of the Nazi eugenics operations and their 1968 annual report in which they openly offer to fund any scientists who will develop ‘anti fertility vaccines’ and ways to reduce fertility and the population. Connie also discusses our true spiritual nature, and the healthy ‘new order’ humanity needs to create, one in which we all come together in recognizing our ONENESS, and the need to stand together AGAINST this global corporate elite agenda, and protect INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, EQUALITY & FREEDOM FOR ALL!