MUST SEE VIEWING! This eye opening episode begins with amazing actual footage proving that the Capitol Police staged and coordinated the shooting of unarmed 14 year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, and shows the shooter, a plain clothes capitol police officer, hiding and lying in wait, unseen by the protesters and Ashli Babbitt…Connie narrates the footage (filmed by an individual who has now been exposed as a well known BLM activist, and who calls himself ‘JAYDENX’ on Youtube) which shows the Capitol police standing in front of the hallway barring entrance, with the crowd completely under control. Then suddenly ON CUE, the three cops decide to just move out of the way to allow a select few at the front who clearly do not fit the profile of Trump supporters, to begin breaking the windows, and within seconds Ashli is killed by the only ‘violent mob’ member, the capitol police shooter lying in wait.