On this very hard-hitting PART THREE in Connie Bryan’s emergency special edition ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series, Connie continues to showcase the powerful evidence coming to light of the ‘Covid-19’ crime against humanity, and its deliberate, artificial ‘gain of function’ creation in the Chinese Wuhan Lab, FUNDED BY & IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Dr. Anthony Fauci. Connie begins the program showing powerful validation of what she revealed in PART ONE…That part of this ‘criminal experiment’ on humanity WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT, using the known to be toxic spike protein based gene therapy shot, was in order to see what ‘collateral damage’ might ensue from using the spike protein as a ‘viral cellular syringe’ to deliver the ‘payload’ of the experimental MRNA shots into human cells…Connie begins PART THREE showcasing a huge announcement just in the last month by Google, that its artificial intelligence algorithm ‘ALPHA FOLD’ has just helped life extension researchers at M.I.T./Harvard University to discover a new ‘MOLECULAR SYRINGE’, this time instead of being a ‘viral syringe’ like the spike protein, it is bacterial. And just as Connie described and revealed in PART ONE of this series, Google explains this ‘bacterial syringe’ is also intended to be used in experimental MRNA delivery of life extension cancer treatment drugs into human cells. Connie also discusses the recent use of the Trump indictments and so-called ‘ALIEN DISCLOSURE’ as desperate efforts by the Deep State to DISTRACT the world public from the recent admissions by our top officials that Covid-19’s origin was a ‘leak’ from gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab. Connie also plays a powerful clip of 2024 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in which RFK Jr. reveals that the C.I.A. and rogue elements within our nation’s intelligence agencies are seeking to use the artificially created ‘pandemic’ for advancing a bio-security mass ‘surveillance state’, and revealing the C.I.A.’s funding & corrupt covert control of Big Tech & Silicon Valley. This is the ‘MUST SEE TV’ that NBC doesn’t want you to see! Please share it where you can and help me overcome the Big Tech algorithms that continue to try to hold my content back online.