This is a MUST SEE blockbuster EMERGENCY SPECIAL REPORT! Connie Bryan discusses a new very disturbing & deadly development that appears to be primarily affecting those who have received the experimental gene therapy ‘Covid shots’. In this one and a half hour EMERGENCY SPECIAL REPORT, Connie puts together a very shocking & eye opening compilation of the many doctors, pathologists, funeral directors and embalmers ACROSS THE ENTIRE GLOBE who have courageously come forward to sound the alarm about a horrible NEW trend they have never seen before, starting in 2021 just after the Covid shots were pushed on the world population…Thanks to recent great coverage by Dr. John Campbell and Del Bigtree from ‘The Highwire’, Connie shows powerful evidence with extensive clips from some of those recent ‘whistle blower’ interviews, as these doctors, funeral home directors and embalmers risk their careers to expose and describe these deadly white structures that they have begun to routinely find, pulling them out of the veins and arteries of the vaccinated deceased in order to simply complete the embalming process. Please share this content wherever you can to help us get around the constant ‘shadow banning’ this kind of truth to power content is targeted with by Big Tech in collusion with the corruption of Big Pharma.