Happy Valentines Day! Probably the most powerful episode to date, this is the February 2024 edition of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’…In addition to being PART SIX in her cutting edge ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series (Don’t worry if you haven’t yet seen parts 1 thru 5, the series is designed so you can watch them out of order) Connie covers many areas of critical news including China’s recent shocking announcement that they have developed a Covid-related ‘brain virus’ in the lab that produced a 100% kill rate of humanized lab mice…Connie shares some short MUST SEE video clips, including ‘Her Majesty Queen Maxima’ of the Netherlands (one of the globalist elite’s wealthiest families) in a recent World Economic Forum panel discussion, admitting the global elite’s agenda to force a GLOBAL DIGITAL ID on the world population tied to everything including your banking/financial and ‘vaccination status’/health records. Connie also shares a clip from ‘The Highwire’ focusing on the mainstream medias recent news coverage admitting the alarming numbers of excess deaths from ALL CAUSE MORTALITY beginning AFTER the Covid pandemic ended, and largely affecting younger working age adults…And also related to her ‘Game of Genomes’ series, Connie discusses the shocking revelation from a growing number of top intelligence sources that ‘RACE SPECIFIC’ bio weapon artificially created viruses are more and more becoming the emphasis of the alarming surge in artificial ‘gain of function’ lab research by the top industrialized nations including the United States, China and Russia.  This is the REAL MUST SEE TV…Please share wherever you can to help us overcome the growing amount of shadow banning we are seeing across all Big Tech monopoly platforms targeting such ‘truth to power’ content.