One of Connie’s best shows yet, this episode begins with her newest installment in her Art Bell ‘Ghost to Ghost AM’ impersonation series…Art’s guests include JFK assassination investigator Grover Proctor Jr, and a funny segment featuring Chuck Norris and his ‘sidekick apprentice’ actor James Woods, on Chuck’s plan to save the world and get the ‘globalist compromised’ news anchors back to reporting the REAL NEWS…Among other things, Art HAMMERS Tucker Carlson for his frequent bigoted content including his referring to those who are transgender as being ‘Satanic’, and then delves into eviscerating the mainstream news media for not reporting the recent breaking declassified news after 50 years, that the CIA was in fact involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Connie includes powerful evidence throughout this entertaining and hugely eye opening episode, including clips at the end of this episode from the movie ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’ by Nigel Turner…The clips feature among others, an Army Green Beret assassin whistle blower coming clean with his factual knowledge of the CIA admitting in his training that they were part of the JFK assassination, using it as a model to train he and his fellow recruits in the art of assassinating a country’s leader along with the art of the coverup, and after his training was complete, asking him to assassinate an American in charge of the television/audio-visual unit at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who was gathering evidence that would expose the coverup after his retirement. This is the real MUST SEE TV that NBC doesn’t want you to see…Share it far and wide!