Probably her most powerful and eye-opening episode to date, The April 2024 edition is PART FOUR in Connie’s blockbuster “LIES OF CONTROL” series (don’t worry if you haven’t yet seen parts 1, 2 & 3, they are designed to be watched in any order). This episode begins with Connie’s SPECIAL REPORT on ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT ELON MUSK’, exposing his own words admitting his plan to use artificial intelligence to create a GROUP MIND (HIVE MIND) with Twitter and social media overall, as well as his actual quote admitting his plan to make Twitter another financial ‘EVERYTHING APP’ like China’s ‘WeChat’. Connie also discusses the truth about the large number of monkeys who have died during Elon Musk’s NEURALINK lab experiments implanting ‘chips’ in their brains, and Elon’s own stated goal to ‘merge humans with artificial intelligence’. Connie talks about the powerful congressional testimony from two whistleblowers, one in the 1990s by a former CIA agent, CONFIRMING everything Connie has been reporting about the fact that we are dealing with a deadly & corrupt elite corporate/banking cartel engaging in international organized crime, with an agenda to create a totalitarian CORPORATE WORLD STATE. In the final segment of this episode, Connie talks about the many different areas humanity is being poisoned with from these corrupt monopolies like Big Pharma & Big Agriculture, and she includes a MUST SEE clip of former CIA Director John Brennan at the Council on Foreign Relations, in which he not only admits WEATHER MODIFICATION is a REAL THING, and that it has been being used & perfected for many decades now, but he also refers to the use of ‘STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION’, that being the injecting (spraying) of millions of tons of aluminum and other very tiny metallic particles into the very high stratosphere all over the world, in order to try to ‘REFLECT THE SUNS RAYS’ back into space…Of course Brennan conveniently refrains from addressing the highly toxic deadly fallout experienced by humans who end up breathing such particles as they slowly fall back to earth, as well as their toxic and polluting effect on all soil and plant life. This is absolutely a MUST SEE episode. Please share wherever you can to help us deal with ongoing shadow banning by Big Tech.