No doubt one of her funniest episodes to date, this episode of the Connie Bryan Show opens with Connie’s latest very funny installment in her series of impersonations of late night talk radio legend Art Bell and ‘Ghost to Ghost AM’…Connie features a variety of her best impressions in one of her best sketches yet, including William Shatner, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and Leonard Nimoy as ‘Spock’…followed by some of Connie’s standup comedy including her very funny hard hitting set in San Francisco, with the help of her super sized condom, calling out the dumbed down, unacceptable level of vulgarity & massive lack of comedy writing from those who claim to be ‘stand up comedians’ today, after which Connie does her Bob Dylan impersonation with her very funny parody of his iconic classic ‘Like a Rolling Stone’…Connie’s version, ‘Life With No Cell Phone’, followed by Connie’s comedy sketch impersonating Donald Trump calling 911 from the oval office to declare a ‘national emergency’ because he claims that Mexican immigrants who work at KFC are changing the ‘original recipe’ . MUST SEE TV!