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Connie opens the show with a reprise of her ‘Wayne’s World’ parody sketch, featuring her very funny impersonations of Mike Myers & Howard Stern. Then Connie gets hard and heavy into what the ‘Covid PANIC-DEMIC’ was REALLY about, including the mind blowing level of fraud on the part of the mainstream media, owned by Big Pharma, who tried to hide the truth that the ‘vaccines’ are in FACT not traditional vaccines, but are actually experimental ‘gene modification therapies’ using the long known & often deadly toxic ‘spike protein’ in their experimental ingredients. Connie features clips of leading doctors exposing this truth, as well as a shocking 2019 CSPAN clip only a few months before ‘Covid’ was announced, where Dr. Fauci and colleagues admit their plans to ‘blow up the system’ with a ‘disruptive event’ in order to force this MRNA gene therapy on the public and bypass the FDA’s long safety testing requirements.