There is a ‘Great Awakening’ happening in the world today, thankfully due to a growing number of humanity finally beginning to awaken to REAL spiritual truth, and abandoning the age old propaganda and bigoted lies rampant in the Bible that I detail in my new book ‘HOLY LIBEL’.

Sadly, we are still seeing a delusional movement on the Christian Conservative Right among which I grew up and spent much of my life, who are trying to also claim a ‘Great Awakening’ ironically while they remain in a state of superstitious, fear based ‘religious hypnosis’ and are in the opposite state…a ‘Great Bad Dream’!

Their divisive beliefs derive from man-made ‘holy libel’ masquerading as “God’s Word”, taught to them in many cases from a very young age, falsely teaching them that they and all of humanity are ‘evil’ by nature, and that they and all of humanity are SEPARATE from what ‘God’ is…

They are brainwashed to believe that ‘God’ is a male entity who needed the blood from animal sacrifices all through the Old Testament to satisfy his bloodlust lest he wipe out all of humanity a SECOND time, after claiming to have wiped out all of humanity with a flood in the monstrous fairy tale of Noah and the Great Flood taught to little children…

And ultimately this false image of God requiring a human blood sacrifice in the New Testament, with the proclamation that he (Jesus, one and the same with this God) would return in the clouds in the End Times with his army of genocidal angels and destroy all of humanity who do not adopt such sick beliefs, in his version of an ultimate ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ that would make Hitler’s pale in comparison,

If you say you are a Christian, and you claim that you do not hold such Bible beliefs, you either

A.) Are flat out lying to yourself and/or ‘gas-lighting’ others or

B.) You haven’t really read your Bible much at all

What I detailed above IS the fundamental definition of Christianity, and if you are saying you don’t hold such beliefs, well I have got some real ‘Good News’ and ‘Gospel’ for you:

You are not a Christian! What you have done is you have chosen to adopt that term falsely thinking it means ‘love’ and ‘unconditional acceptance’ for all…It does not, my friend. It categorically is the OPPOSITE of unconditional love and acceptance of all…It is entirely CONDITIONAL on the beliefs I described above, and the bigoted eternal condemnation of all others.

As such, it is imperative that we stop empowering those lies that are preventing the ‘Great Awakening’ that humanity needs from the Bible induced ‘Great Bad Dream’.

And as we continue to successfully do that, humanity will experience a true ‘GREAT AWAKENING’ …But this requires that we stop holding such fear based beliefs about a SEPARATE EXTERNAL GOD that is poised to condemn and torture for eternity anyone who doesn’t believe the right way, etc..

True spirituality originated with the ancient innocent and all inclusive metaphors and myths of ‘Ra’, the original Holy Trinity of ‘Isis, Osiris & Horus’, having to do with symbolizing the universal understanding of ‘The Law of One’, and the proper UNCONDITIONAL application of ‘The Golden Rule’ and ‘Love’… all of which were never meant to be counterfeited, polluted and weaponized, as the crafters of Judaism and Christianity would do with them thousands of years later!

JudeoChristianity dishonestly and fraudulently tries to claim that ‘The Golden Rule’ was pioneered and practiced by them, which couldn’t be more of a hypocritical assertion! In addition to the known historical facts of ‘The Golden Rule’ predating JudeoChristianity by many thousands of years in much older cultures, we also see the undeniable and abominable ‘fruits’ and legacy of the genocidal and bigoted history of JudeoChristianity (and Islam too, to be fair) throughout the last few thousand years!

As I detail at length in my book ‘Holy Libel’, this was rampant in the Old Testament, with the Jewish writers of the Old Testament repeatedly and frequently portraying God as declaring their race and culture as the ‘CHOSEN ONES’, and not just that but portraying a God that tells them to frequently commit mass genocide of any so-called ‘pagan’ culture they sought to conquer and take their lands. (Pagan in Jewish or Christian parlance, simply meaning either non Jewish or non Christian.)

Does that sound like they were practicing ‘The Golden Rule’? Of course not.

Then we have the continuing same kind of legacy by Christianity throughout history, with its declaring a Godly ordained ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ to conquer The New World of the Americas, and its resulting horrendous enslavement, holocaust and genocide of Native Americans who would not convert to Christianity, not to mention the resulting African American slavery, sanctioned by the writings of Paul and others, as I showcase in my book, etc, etc.

Just simply as I described above, the fundamental beliefs taught in the New Testament that Christianity is the only true belief, and all others are condemned is the EPITOME of hypocrisy for anyone who claims that ‘The Golden Rule’ is fundamental to their belief system.

I actually had a young Christian male visiting my house on a recent occasion, who when the topic of the legacy of JudeoChristian genocide toward ‘non Jews’ and ‘non Christians’ happened to arise in our discussion, he didn’t try to deny it…

On the contrary he quickly and adamantly insisted that such frequent genocide of humanity was ‘OK’ because it was ordained by God against those who were ‘pagan, sinful and evil’, simply because their nation/culture was not Jewish or Christian. Does that sound like ‘The Golden Rule’ in practice to you?

When I of course corrected this young Christian male, he began to accuse me of being a ‘Liberal snowflake’, meaning of course one and the same with such ‘evil pagans’, and his bigotry was on such flagrant display based on his Christian beliefs, that I unfortunately had to ask him to leave the nice music jam I lead, and in which I had invited him to participate at my home.

Back to the ancient spiritual truth myth origins…

‘Ra’, for example, is one of many metaphorical myths that used the Sun as the most prominent symbol of the Divine in the universe, because it was seen as the source of all life…’Ra’ was one of the earliest spiritual myths created by the earliest teachers of true spirituality. They were the ancient civilization that PIONEERED civilization overall, that being the ancient people who occupied the Nile Valley in what later was named Egypt by the Greeks.  But it was always known as Kemet before that.

LONG before Judaism and the Old Testament, let alone the New Testament, it is an established historical fact that Kemet pioneered the original myths of the ‘SAVIOR GOD-MAN’, ‘THE VIRGIN BIRTH’, ‘THE RESURRECTION’ and ‘THE HOLY TRINITY’, just to name but a few!

It is critical that you understand that those myths are NOT ORIGINAL to Christianity.

And the shocking reality is that while many Christians including pastors are still ignorant of this fact, many leaders of the Christian church at the highest levels are aware of this fraud, and the admission that they are not original to Christianity is actually included in the curriculum of many Christian seminaries…

But those so called ‘pastors’ graduating from those many Christian seminaries know all too well to deliberately avoid informing their ‘flock of sheep’ about such facts.

And the unadulterated truth is that those ancient innocent spiritual metaphors and myths were later ripped off, counterfeited, and deliberately weaponized with fear and guilt, in order to launch a deceptive psy-ops propaganda campaign on the masses of humanity, for control and world domination by the Roman Catholic Church.

Another of the ancient, original myth/metaphors never meant to be taken literally was of Osiris, Isis and Horus, with Horus being the first ‘born of a virgin Son of God’…

Just like Ra, Osiris’ mythical character was an anthropomorphized ‘SUN’…The SUN, as I explained earlier, being seen by the ancient Kemet culture (Egyptians) as the most prominent symbol in the universe of the source of all life.

It is critical that the reader understand that this is where the ‘SUN/SON of God’ metaphor/myth originates from.

And it is equally critical that you understand that the concept of the ‘Son of God’ was bastardized by Christianity. What do I mean by ‘bastardized’? I mean that it was never meant to be taken literally!

It was always a term originating from those earliest ancient spiritual myths meant to symbolize that we ALL are ‘Sons/Daughters’ of the Sun… again precisely because they saw the sun as the biggest symbol of God, recognizing it as the source of all life in the universe.

So the ‘Son of the Sun of God’…or the general concept of the ‘Son of God’ that derived from that, was not meant to be literalized and applied to a later ‘messiah’ who would eventually KILL MOST OF HUMANITY with his army of genocidal angels in the End Times if they weren’t ‘Christians’ as the Bible fraudulently proclaims and prophesies over and over throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

No, this ancient original ‘Sun/Son of God’ analogy always meant as a loving innocent mythical metaphor to teach humanity that we are ALL ‘sons and daughters of God’, and that we are no less Divine, no less a PART OF GOD, than what the Catholic Church later tried to portray only Jesus as being!

‘Set’, another of these ancient metaphor myths, was part of that myth model of ‘Osiris’ and the mythical story had him being a jealous brother, who killed ‘Osiris’, and dismembered him, including Osiris’ genitals, but Isis, also a Goddess anthropomorphized from the Sun was who RESURRECTED the ‘Son of the Sun of God’ and an immaculate conception occurred of their ‘Son of the Sun of God’, that being Horus…And the FAMILY UNIT of  ‘Osiris the father, Isis the mother, and Horus the child, became the original TRINITY…

More and more you will hear Christians and Bible scholars trying to portray ‘Set’ as being ‘Satan’, which is often an example of what I previously referred to, of many Christian Bible scholars being very aware of those early myths not being original to Christianity.

And their seeking to label ‘Set’ as their eventual literal concoction of ‘Satan’, is another example of a deliberate, ongoing fraudulent effort to pollute and weaponize those much older myths to this day, just as they were initially polluted and weaponized at the origin of the Christian religion by the Roman Catholic Church.

Like ‘Ra’, ‘Set’ was only a fable, a fairy tale myth with astrological symbols like Saturn attached to it, but neither Ra nor Set were ever meant by their fable creators to be taken LITERALLY!

Now, in keeping with the important title of this article, let’s address the crafters of Christianity’s counterfeiting and bastardizing of the original ‘Holy Trinity’, which was defined by that ancient Kemetic culture in the Nile Valley as the holy family unit of ‘Father, Mother and Child’…

But look at how sick the patriarchal weaponizing of this holy metaphor was thousands of years later, with the Roman Catholic perversion of this beautiful spiritual truth, as they said NO WAY, we are not having the mother EQUAL to the father in the holy trinity! So they changed it, and took out the equality of the mother, replacing her with what?

That’s right, a ‘GHOST’.

This is one of many examples I discuss in my book ‘Holy Libel’. You see, the ancient Egyptians who pioneered real spiritual truth, that being an understanding that we are ALL ONE, and not the JudeoChristian false, fear based and propagandized teaching of separation from what God is…

That proper understanding that we are ALL ONE was WHY the ancient Egyptians included the mother Isis as EQUAL with the father Osiris, and their ‘Son of the Sun of God’ Horus, with all of them being anthropomorphized versions of the Sun…

In other words, this ancient culture, predating the Jews and the Old Testament of the Bible by ten thousand years or more, understood that WHEREVER they created a male ‘god’ myth metaphor, there must also be an equal female ‘goddess’ myth metaphor.

That was how that ancient Kemetic culture deliberately designed & created their fables and myths, to show the world that ‘God’ is not an external male entity with women being subservient to men, and with men being superior due to their representing the ‘male gender of God’, etc.

So when we refer to a coming ‘Great Awakening’, the term by definition means the exact OPPOSITE of a resurgence of JudeoChristianity…

It means an overdue awakening of humanity to such false weaponized Bible belief concepts of a ‘God’ who is a separate male entity looking down on us, and who would condemn all who don’t believe in a human sacrifice that had to die, in order to satisfy this male God’s need for a blood lust to be satisfied, etc, as I have explained in many of my other articles before, which you can find on my website blog at

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA, and the author of ‘Holy Libel’…She is also the host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, now airing in cable markets nationwide. Check out all of Connie’s material on her website and blog at )