It is utterly disgusting and shameful as a human race, that we haven’t gotten it together by now…that we haven’t embraced one another on this planet as spiritual brothers and sisters, irrespective of ‘styles’ of religious practice and cultures. It is almost 2018, and it is beyond inexcusable that we still haven’t gotten that right, and that we are still held back by tens of millions of ignorant bigoted individuals, often in the name of “JESUS” of all things!

I was raised in a “Christian evangelical” family, and cut my teeth on the Bible. I memorized a lot of it in private Christian school. Early on as a child I couldn’t help but recognize the hate and bigotry throughout the Bible…the constant anti-loving, vengeful fear imagery of God, and I had to constantly force myself to go along with it from the family conditioning that used that man made fear in the Bible to tell me that I would go to Hell if I didn’t believe it…Constant bigoted conditioning that crammed down my throat ‘holy’ beliefs that all other religions/faiths were going to Hell as well, along with gay people, transgender people, etc.

Being transgender myself, despite the horrible societal suffering that accompanies such a condition, was ironically the miracle that brought my TRUE SALVATION from those bigoted religious lies from my family and the ‘church’, fraudulently taught in the name of Jesus.

The fact that we are this far along as a human race, and we STILL have so many who embrace such bigotry in the name of God is beyond inexcusable. It is crucial to understand that this is the PRIMARY thing preventing the achieving of world peace and unity on our shared planet…one could almost say now that it is the ONLY thing…

Because when you get that right…and I’m talking about the understanding that all of us are ASPECTS OF GOD, not separate from what “God” is…when you understand that, a light bulb comes on inside your mind…which is your soul or your spirit…and you suddenly realize your responsibility to love everyone, and not look at them as separate or beneath you in any way.

HOWEVER…and this is really important…When you are fraudulently taught a belief that God is an arbitrary being outside of what you are, who may or may not CONDEMN you for perceived mistakes…and when you are taught the fraudulent teaching of religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism that maintain that you are a condemned sinner by nature, BUT you can be forgiven if you will believe one specific faith, what is the psychology that results from such a belief?

The result is, you then have a gigantic COP-OUT. What do I mean by that?

It is nothing but a huge cop-out to say that you are just a sinner, and as such you can’t help but sin. And if you just align with one ‘faith’, that uncontrollable sinful nature you have is forgiven.

That is a man-made hypocritical excuse of a religious belief. It is the very thing that has ironically held mankind back from real spiritual growth and healing. It condemns the diversity of mankind with fraudulent man-made dogma that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the love of God that we ALL ARE BY NATURE.

When you get that right, as I said above, you understand there is no cop-out or excuse such as you being ‘sinful by nature’…On the contrary…There is an understanding that you have a huge responsibility due to your being HOLY BY NATURE.

It isn’t a lack of humility to recognize that not only YOU, but everyone who shares existence with you…all of us are a PART OF GOD…

And if we are a PART OF GOD, we are HOLY BY NATURE. When we realize we are holy by nature, the result that begins to happen is a healing transformation in our lives that was meant for us. But, that healing and those blessings and miracles are held back with the opposite mindset that you are separate from God, and can’t help the “sin” you commit. That is absolutely untrue.

The huge problem with that kind of fraudulent teaching in the name of God, is that you then don’t realize it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY…OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, TO CREATE HEAVEN FOR ONE ANOTHER HERE AND NOW!

You see, Christians, Jews and Muslims (and I use them as examples because they are the biggest and most popular examples of this man made fraudulent teaching) all have at the core of their belief that “Heaven” is something they have ZERO to do with CREATING…That they each respectively have the primary rights to heaven, being ‘preferred’ above others in the eyes of God, and their ‘heaven’ is controlled by a potentially condemning God, only to be experienced at some imagined time in the future, in some fairy tale place, etc.

That IS the primary, absolutely inexcusable bigotry and sick belief system that is in the way of achieving world peace. If you study history, you will see that this sick kind of divisive man made religion has almost always been at the root of all the major warmongering, genocide and enslavement of other cultures over the centuries.

Many of you reading this may be Catholics. You should be very aware of the history of such behavior by the Catholic church. You should be very aware of the Catholic church’s hugely patriarchal, second class and demeaning treatment of women in the name of Jesus, which is no different than any of the sexually demeaning harassment and constant climate of inequality demonstrated by men today, who are currently being singled out in various other institutions and corporations…

As a Catholic, you should be very aware of that hypocritical institution’s continued turning of a collective blind eye to the epidemic of pedophilia by its sick priests for hundreds of years now…over and over and over again. Yet you continue to practice those beliefs and align yourself with such mind blowing corruption, elitism and bigotry deeply represented by such a history?

As a Catholic, ironically you may have even looked down your nose at the Christian evangelicals who supported accused pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama, while you continue to align yourself with such a hypocritically corrupt institution as the Catholic church.

There is no excuse for such conformity in the face of such a history of hate and bigotry in the name of God.

If you want to know where healing and true happiness comes from, I have an answer for you…The key is simply this: UNLEARNING the religious lies fed to us, and being strong enough not to just conform to them because it is comfortable to do so, and because such beliefs may be popular with those around us.

I can’t believe how many people actively resist this basic truth when I try to share it with them. Healing is meant for you, in every way that you need it. But healing and happiness beyond your wildest dreams will NEVER come unless you remove the bigoted beliefs that you use to think of yourself as ‘preferred’ in the eyes of God…It will NEVER come until you see EVERYONE as forgiven…Until you see EVERYONE as an EQUAL PART OF GOD, despite your differences of faith, sexual preference, etc.

Simply put, as I’ve said in some of my previous articles on this topic, ‘religion’
IS NOT synonymous with spirituality.

Religion, if seen correctly so that healing and happiness WILL come through to you, should be understood to be like everyone’s ‘favorite color’… That is to say, I don’t look down on you and think you are condemned because your religion’s preferred color is RED, while my religion’s preferred color is GREEN.

True spirituality is the understanding that all of the colors are a PART of the rainbow, equally TOGETHER…That is the perfect metaphor to understand our spiritual nature. Put simply, DIVERSITY IS DIVINITY.

When you get that right, you open the pathway up not only to all the healing and happiness you need and were meant to have, that has been held back by fraudulent, elitist beliefs of religion, but it begins to bring healing, happiness and peace across national and cultural boundaries, as was also always MEANT TO BE.

As I began this article at the top, it is absolutely inexcusable that we have resisted these truths, and have not come together as a human race by 2018. What do you say we make a New Year’s Resolution to change that before 2020!

We have to raise our voices collectively not only about the disgrace that Trump supporters have created in the White House, but also about the disgraceful false teaching of the Big Three religions that has created such war, hate and division on our planet for too long.

It’s time for a “spiritual renaissance” that begins to create what we were meant to create as ‘aspects of what God is’…As holy, spiritual brothers and sisters…We were meant to see “God” in all of our diversity, and to act in love and healing in all things toward one another…That is how we CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE AND NOW.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at