The gift I want to give my readers as we begin this New Year 2015 is the gift of healing…everywhere that you need it in your life. I want to give you the gift of “light” if you will receive it. People toss around the word “light” all the time, especially people caught up in the man-made teachings of organized religion. But what the term really means is not found in Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any of those man-made religions that are based on fear of a God that would condemn his creation unless he receives a “blood sacrifice” etc.

What the term light means is simply “the correction of mistaken thought”. The term “light” is synonymous with “peace”. It is also synonymous with “healing”.

Healing cannot come to anyone who is caught up in mistaken thought. Why is that? Because “thought” is WHAT YOU ARE at your essence. And your body reacts to the thought of your mind. Notice I didn’t say your “brain”. Your brain is your body…but your mind is your soul, or your spirit…your true eternal essence.

The “mistaken thought” that most people are suffering from is ironically caused by organized religion…that being the false fear-based teaching of the Big Three religions that you are separate from what “God” is, and that you are at your essence “evil”, requiring first a “human or animal blood sacrifice” and certain other conditions by which God might then “save” you from eternal damnation. Stephen King novels don’t even get that sick…I think I know where Stephen King got his early inspiration for his novels as a kid…SUNDAY SCHOOL!

The gift I wish to give you as we begin this new year is the gift of healing and eternal peace in the “now” that comes from the correction of “mistaken thought” that you are separate from what is Divine. Once you begin to realize that you are part of what “God” is, healing begins to come into your life as the old mistaken illusions you were conditioned to believe begin to fall away like a very bad dream.

As you begin to realize that you are not a “sinner” at your essence, but that you are a part of God, you realize you are eternally holy, and what happens as you begin to realize that is that your mind begins to correct the physical problems and even the problematic circumstances you have become encumbered with in your life while you were engaging in all the mistaken thought before.

Sometimes when people first hear this spiritual truth that contradicts the “false gospel” they were taught by the church, they misinterpret it to be an ego trip to say that we are what God is. But the truth is the absolute opposite. It is very humbling to realize this, because it dawns on your mind for the first time in your life like a light bulb going on, that we have a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY to live holy by example, not just for ourselves, but as “God’s light” for all others…ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE.

One realizes that it is the ultimate cop out to believe that a “savior” other than ourselves is going to come riding a white horse on a cloud and “fix” everything after killing all those who don’t believe just like us. If you don’t readily understand what I mean by a “cop out” to believe that, I mean to say it is avoiding responsibility.

One who thinks that way is engaging in the epitome of mistaken thought, not realizing that all of our diverse brothers and sisters are our SPIRITUAL brothers and sisters, and we have the responsibility to “save” each other by recognizing the holiness of God in everyone, regardless of their diverse beliefs and philosophies. God is not a “male” figure out in space…God is not limited to either male or female – obviously God is a combination of both, and we are all collectively a part of God.

One of the other major mistaken thoughts that must be corrected for healing to come into your life where ever it is needed is the mistaken thought that people are only “saved” on “certain conditions”…the mistaken thought that God will condemn your brothers and sisters on this planet who don’t believe just like you.

As long as you hold such sick beliefs in a God who would condemn, you are going to cause serious problems for yourself in life, and you are not going to find the healing you need in most cases, all because you have been conditioned not to offer and give “unconditional” forgiveness to your diverse brothers and sisters. The forgiveness if you offer any, is always “conditional”. That is the wrong thinking that must change.

On a more specific note, think about anyone in your life right now that you have a grievance toward. Let’s not worry about any thoughts of condemnation, maybe this person is of your same religious belief, but the issue I want to focus on right now is the mistaken thought of holding ANY GRIEVANCE toward anyone who you perceive has wronged you, hurt you, betrayed you…Believe me, I know your pain!

I can’t believe how often lately, people I thought were my friends were just “fake friends”…I don’t know if there’s something in the air, but it seems like it is at an all time high right now, where people you think you can trust end up betraying you when you least expect it. But, even if you must part company with them in your daily activities, it is necessary that you forgive them unconditionally and completely. This means you don’t hold a grievance toward them, and you send them sincere loving wishes for their overall well being DESPITE their perceived hurtful actions.

Most people are not living their lives this way, and that is largely why they are having so many problems, both physically and with life circumstances overall. Your mind at the level of your Higher Self, and as a holy part of what God is, knows that everyone else (also a holy part of what God is) are forgiven unconditionally. So, you cannot heal yourself or heal others as long as you are engaging in the mistaken thought practice of harboring grievances and grudges toward anyone, and especially as long as you are caught up the huge false teaching of organized religion that your belief is the only correct one, and all others are worthy of condemnation by the “God” you believe in.

Think about this: It is just that very mistaken thought and religious belief that has been at the root of most of the genocide and wars throughout mankind’s history. It is what is at the root right now of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Islamic extremism that we see constantly rearing its ugly head in the world because of teachings that are all over the Koran that encourage it.

And just because Christians aren’t currently engaging in such terrorism and genocide doesn’t mean their mistaken thought and beliefs are any less dangerous and destructive…after all, Christians share the same beliefs as Muslims that God is coming back to destroy everyone else who doesn’t believe like them. The very same kinds of verses that encourage condemnation of other beliefs in the Koran, are found and taught all over the Old and New Testament of the Bible, especially in the book of Revelations.

The problem is that when people get conditioned to believe such mistaken thoughts by such false man-made teachings, it usually becomes a “self fulfilling prophecy” as we’ve already seen over thousands of years of Jews, Christians and Muslims committing acts of genocide and wars against one another, and against many other indigenous people of varying and diverse faiths such as Native Americans, at various points along the timeline of history.

When one’s religion results in such historical genocide, violence and thoughts of condemnation toward “unbelievers”, as Christianity, Judaism and Islam have repeatedly shown, one needs to take a step back and realize such beliefs do not represent unconditional love and forgiveness by any means.

The gift I would like to give my readers today, if you would receive it, is the gift of healing through the resolving of mistaken thought. If there is anyone who you are not willing to forgive right now in your life, you need to realize that is what is standing in the way of healing in your life in every area where you need it.

You have to forgive all others, with no conditions. Part of correcting and resolving mistaken thought is to see your fellow man, no matter their diversity, as equal to you, and therefore equally a part of what God is along with you. You can’t harbor a belief that you are “saved” and they are not.

If you do engage in such thinking, you are going to constantly be creating serious unhealthy problems and situations in your life, and the dreams that are “highest wisdom” for you will not be achieved. Trust me, those are the desires you want…the desires of your holy “Higher Self”, which knows that all must be forgiven and there is no condemnation of anyone.

Part of correcting mistaken thought is to realize that your only function here in this current, temporary and physical experience is to BE the love and healing of God that others need – REGARDLESS of their diverse beliefs! See, that is the key…no conditions on the offering of the love, forgiveness and healing. As long as you resist doing so, you will be engaging in mistaken thought that will not only prevent healing and joy in your life, but will prevent you from giving healing and joy to others as you were meant to do.

This is the final thing I want to add in describing the process of correcting mistaken thought: As our function is to be the love and healing of God for others here on this earth, and create heaven on earth so to speak as opposed to waiting for a “savior” to arrive from the sky to do it for us, we must GIVE what we would receive.

Don’t think that when you look at a person and offer them unconditional forgiveness if they have hurt you, or wish for them to have all their wildest dreams coming true, that you are somehow losing while you are giving that to them or intending it for them. When you give to them with your intentions, as is your intended holy function here, you are also giving it to yourself! It isn’t a “zero sum game”. And this is in your Higher Self’s best interest. This is the way all your dreams come true in your best interest according to “God’s will”, that we are all a part of at our essence.

Part of correcting the mistaken thought that comes from the lies of organized religion is that we must always be giving peace, salvation, forgiveness and healing to EVERYONE, regardless of how different they are, or how different they believe. THAT IS LOVE, not a “conditional” belief that either they change and think like us or they deserve to burn in Hell for eternity.

To put it bluntly, that is nothing but a man-made concocted lie that has been an injustice perpetrated on mankind for too long now. It is time for it to stop and be exposed for the false teaching that it is. It doesn’t get any sicker than to hold such a belief, which is why so many are sick and unhappy in this world. They haven’t corrected the mistaken thought that they are separate from what God is.

Please accept the healing where you need it desperately in your life, as we begin 2015, by simply awakening to the knowledge that you are NOT separate from God, and you never have been. Such a ridiculous concept is impossible. On the contrary, you are now and have always been a holy part of what God is. This is the miracle of thought where healing begins in your life, both physically and spiritually.

Don’t forget that as I mentioned above, what you are at your essence is thought, not the body your thought is only temporarily inhabiting. Your thought is an eternal part of God, and God is not sinful. What we think of as “sin” is behavior that comes from mistaken thought and ignorance. Once you awake from that false conditioning, you realize you are holy at your essence and you begin living a holy and healed life.

This is to say that your body always reacts to your mind. When your mind is caught up in mistaken thoughts that you are “evil” and “sinful” by nature, and totally separate from what is holy, then your physical body follows suit and begins suffering from those thoughts…But, when your mind is not caught up in mistaken thought, and regains its knowledge that it is an eternal part of what is holy, it naturally begins to bring that holiness and healing to your body and your overall life experience as was originally intended.


Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a freelance writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of Connie’s editorials on her blog at